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Anon has been in Equestria for 5 years, working under Celestia as a Minister of Foreign Affairs. His tactics were seen as dishonest at best and unethical at worst. But when Celestia leaves suddenly, she names Anon as her temporary replacement to the throne. With internal bickering over whether Anon deserves this position and heightened tension with the Griffons, Anon must choose carefully. Will he become a tyrant or a fair king? And how far will he go to preserve Equestria?

A fully rewritten version of a greentext I wrote back in 2019. Could be a bit dated with tropes that I thought was good writing at the time, but I’m still proud of it.

For the Second Person tag you should note that sections from Anons POV are in first person, everyone else is in second person.

Romance tag is there because of a romance I included that I think was poorly handled, but half the story wouldn’t make sense if I just removed it so I had to keep it in.

Gore and Violence are self explanatory. It’s not there abundantly, but it is there.

Also don’t read the comments if you don’t want spoilers. Story discussion happens in them and that might ruin the reading experience.

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Featured on 1/11/23! Thank you all.
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Featured on 1/16/23. This makes me wonder if there’s a limit to how many times I can announce a featured slot.
Featured on 2/2/23. Also marks the day I officially finished the story, so hooray.

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"In the beginning, there was nothing but all encompassing darkness that claimed all of existence within the void.
Yet even in this darkness, there was light.
A single speck of light that defied the shadows and slowly grew to encompass the known universe, bringing light to a once dark and dreary realm.
The being had wrested control from the void, yet it was not content.
With its power, it created the stars and planets that dot the seemingly infinite expanse of the universe.
This, was how the universe had truly come to be."
Creation of the universe according to the Church of Primis
Long ago, before the times of the princess's, the world stood divided. The father of the universe saw the hatred between the races of the planet, and sought to rectify his mistake of abandoning his creation, choosing to live amongst them once more.
This is where our story begins.

*Tags will be added as needed, or when the story. calls for it.*

Been featured like seven times now...wow, that's awesome, didn't think I'd even get it once.

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This story is a sequel to Serpent of the south

It is amazing how someone in high position of power and authority can make mistakes. Whether it is lowering your guard in an official Trial, trusting justice to happen. Or using an archaic privilege to over rule the courts final ruling in front of so many beings witnessing it, all because of fears caused by some vision. Leading to a cold frozen prison to one, and a political sh*tstorm and potentially burned bridges to other, who still hopes that things will calm down in the long run...

But fate has other plans. And marilith Naja's forced hibernation has come to an early end. And with the help from a familiar face and from the native folks from the lands of the north, she will slither her way back to the south. With the intention of giving some promised payback to a certain pony sitting upon a throne with her cake filled bottom...

Edit: Whuuut? Got featured on on its first day (8.7.2020)??? Even got hot...:derpyderp2:

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“We, the Royals of Equestria and the Crystal Empire, hereby find you guilty on all counts.”

After years of being a treasured friend, the human they thought they knew was revealed as a mass murderer. He never showed the slightest remorse after being caught.

Days later, Celestia has unanswered questions that cannot be denied.

Small extra note: Appearances can be deceiving...
Pre-readers: JimboTex and BikerPon3
Featured 9/4/2018
Oh bloody hell... :facehoof:

Chance's theme: Two Steps From Hell - Star Sky

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I was known as Frank DeFontaine. I was going to a Halloween party. I was a pretty intelligent kid, starting my first college term, and decided a little dress-up couldn't hurt.
My buddy Richard got involved, though. And like everything, he took it a bit too far. This time, I didn't say no, though. I really should have.
Next thing I know, we're going all-out on making my Dullahan costume. Because he's my favorite optional boss, and all.
Really shoulda known something was up when that guy behind the counter just so happened to have a sword that fit our specifications perfectly.
Next thing I know, I'm in Equestria. And I'm missing a head.
Sakes, I could use a drink. And a neck.
Featured on 2/19/2014.
I'd like to leave it at "Holy mother of-!" but that doesn't capture what I'm feeling!

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Find a picture based on the story drawn by Shinodage here!

Find a reading done by ScarlettBlade here!

Sometimes it takes a literal thunderbolt to make you realize just how wrong things have been going in your life, especially when it comes to interpersonal relationships.

After a long night at a bar, and with an unexpected visitor awaiting her at home, Delta Vee is about to experience just that.

This story is entirely based on Shinodage's ask blog telling the story of Delta Vee and her family.
Needless to say, all credit for the characters and places used in this story (as well as the cover image) goes to Shino himself. This story is merely an attempt to delve deeper into the events and relationships hinted at in the blog's storyline.

In case anyone is wondering about the title...

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Anon likes his life to be simple. He wakes up, goes to work and sometimes gets himself a good book to read while he is home. It's a routine that he likes to follow, it makes him feel like he has a bit of normality with his life in Equestria. The fact that having Celestia come crashing into his home as part of his routine should prove that his life is anything but normal.

(Thanks to PeerImagination for editing!)

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This story is a sequel to Equestrian Border Checkpoint

Hi, I’m Anon. I’m the asshole in the booth at the Checkpoint. See, ever since I came to the Equestrian Border Checkpoint of Manehatten, I’ve done two things. Stamp papers, and yell at people. I do both of these things really well. Now, without further ado, get your shit and get out, you’re holding up the line.

Papers Please does NOT belong to me, but there isn’t a tag for it. Sex tag is for references to sex. Also, there’s a shizzle ton of swear words. It get heckin hectic.

Amazing Cover art by LazyHooves
Chapters 1-14: The Human Arc
Chapters 15-28: The War Arc

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How long have I been here? I don't know and am not sure I want to. All I know is that my old "friend" Discord is free and he is saying that I can be free too. Why would he want that? Doesn't he remember what I promised I would do if I got free? He causes chaos for fun. Me... I cause chaos to destroy. Celestia and Luna will pay for what they did, or so help me I will cause this entire planet to pay!

Meet Allison, a young girl transported to another world over one thousand years ago. Armed with incredible powers, she attempted to be a hero of this new world, but was shunned and feared by its leaders. After a particular incident, she was sealed in stone by the Elements of Harmony. Now that she has been freed, will revenge be her goal or will she focus on returning to a home that may no longer exist?

Rated teen for use of strong language, intense violence, and death. You have been warned.

Based of the PlayStation Vita exclusive: Gravity Rush.
Holy Crap my first featured story! Woohoo! Featured on May 8, 2014
Featured again on June 16, 2014!
And again on August 5! I'm gonna stop here, but man it's great to have such amazing fans!

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Greetings weary traveler/bored reader. Let me regale you with my tale. The tale of a mere mortal, with nothing particularly special to his name, brought to a magical land of dragons, minotaurs, griffins, and of course ponies. But he came as no mere human. He came as the epic warrior, the manliest of swordsmen, that most dashing of multiverse travelers, the mighty Gilgamesh! What adventures will this powerful and magnificent warrior find in his travels? HELL IF I KNOW! LET'S STRAP IN AND SEE WHERE THIS GOES!

Looking for cover art if anyone's interested.

Crossovers with:
The life and times of Xante, Baron of the Frozen Wastelands, First among Liches, Lord of the Dead, and Fabulous Rainbow Magic User

Golden Graces, Headless Headaches

I Will Hunt You Down

A Thousand Tortured Souls Scream My Name

Gravity of the Situation

Land of Friendship and Magic

And Then There Were 10… Er… 67

Son of Invention

Ten Against One

Time Ticks On

Let's Just Say That Umbra Really Needs to Put a Lock On His Diary



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