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Rarely, a Dark Lord can conceal things from their own followers, and conspire in their own death. Perhaps that's why so many video game bosses are so easy to kill.

Similarly rarely, A Dark Lord may be immortal- or have some sort of curse causing him to return.

And very, very extremely rarely is a Dark Lord that falls into both categories- and fights against their own supporters after their own death.

Lord Voldemort was one such Dark Lord. He also had quite a surprise waiting for him when he returned under a new name nobody would ever suspect her under- and learning that Harry wasn't a boy either... wasn't it. As a matter of fact, neither she nor Harry were ordinary by any stretch of the imagination, despite looking the part!

Really too bad she was sick and tired of being powerful. That meant it was a good thing there were so many strange new students about... right?

Possible triggers: Rule 63 of the Internet.

A new story that could potentially be called a rewrite of Accidental Invasion despite focusing on a very different storyline, thanks to certain (major) story elements I'm borrowing from it- and reworking to be a little more realistic, of course. That said, I'm also raiding some concepts from The Boy who Disappeared, and from all over- you could also call it a culmination of all my works.

Updates on Thursdays.

It's worth note that this story is meant to be a lot more... comedic than my other stories. I'll be keeping it "serious", but it's more likely to be "silly-serious" with silly stuff sprinkled in. Not nearly as random as, say, The Gate... but still a bit. You'll get what I mean by the end of the second chapter.

And... I suppose I should say it, shouldn't I? Tags may be updated as the story progresses. Emphasis on may, because I've said that every time but really never gone back to update the tags even when it was warranted.

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(Displace story)

Me, my Girlfriend and my other friends went to a con, you know the drill. While we were in Equestria I decided to give any of the Mane 6, CMC, Spike or Princess's who were killed from other Displace fics a second chance at life while keeping a eye on the other displace.

Image and Characters belong to their rightful owners. Prologue had been proofread by NewUnitedEmpire and Chapter 1 had been proofread by me.

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When the stars aligned to give their power to the Queen of Nightmares, something else over rode that power, sending her to a far off world. Now in the hands of S.H.I.E.L.D., she has a choice. Join the Avengers, or be kept as a science experiment. Seeing the fame Tony Stark and Steve Rogers have, the choice is clear.

Featured May 25th of 2022: Thank you guys so much! I just posted this, and you guys really seem to like it.

Featured May 31st of 2022: Again?! Y'all are insane, thank y'all so much for liking this so much.

Featured June 6th of 2022:
Y'all really like this story that much, huh? Well, as long as y'all keep reading, I'll keep writing.

Featured June 24th of 2022: Why does this keep happening?!

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A nation fractured and surrounded by enemies, a physically weak ruler who struggled daily to maintain an empire that weakened with each passing year. Together with nobles increasingly ambitious and emboldened as the emperor's authority dwindled.

All this added up to a powder fuse for a nation that would explode into conflict with the ambition of the various duchies and counties that already wielded considerable power.

And in the middle of all this chaos, he is born.

An old spirit in a young body. The first and only heir of the Von Greifenstein dynasty and the last hope of a declining Griffin Empire.

Grover the Sixth, Emperor of the Griffons.

This story is based on the mod for Hoi4 Equestria at war. It's really worth checking out. All types of constructive criticism are accepted and very well welcome!

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Exactly what you saw earlier when you clicked on the short description.

Man dies and comes back as the pony of shadows, if you liked Venom and let there be Carnage, This is the story for you!

And if anyone wants to read this, be warned, shit’s about to get real.

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She wasn't born a princess, a pony, or even a she.
He adapted. It was either that, or crumble into dust.
'When in Rome' the phrase went. Even when the proverbial 'Rome' was built by quadruped equines.

The universe had a purpose for him. Or perhaps another universe did, and bartered?

Having escaped the fate that the entire crew met by no actions of his own, there was no going home, only forward. His new life was about to begin again, in so many ways.

This story comprises of the non-anthro ponies of Equestria, and what our main character became, thanks to them...
Though they had no idea he was even there, and had saved his life. At least, in the beginning, they didn't.

In her life she's seen incredible things; A planet of pegasi, A world of alicorns; Connecting the princess sisters to a now-frozen world, and the magic that got them to Equus before it became entombed in ice...
Another space-faring species; That was less than friendly...

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Beginning of rewrite has started. You may read as if this is a completely new story.

I was a human named ?¿?¿ before being reborn as Eris, Discord's twin sister and one of The Chaos Twins, and I get to live a much better life than my previous one. As soon as I get out of this blasted amulet!

Warning: Fluttershy x Discord is the ship that is supported here.

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Sunset Shimmer fled from Equestria in search of the destiny that Celestia sought to deny to her. She dreamed of finding great glory and power in a strange new world. But she emerged on the other side of the mirror in a harsh cruel world beset by demons and troubled by division, conflict and racial animus: the world of Remnant.

Now, years later, Sunset has completed her studies at Canterlot Combat School and is ready to attend Beacon Academy. She hopes that in the more progressive Kingdom of Vale her appearance as a pony faunus will not be held against her the way it was in Atlas, and she can rise as high as her talents permit and seize with both hands the destiny she still yearns for.

Sunset finds herself assigned to lead three fellow freshman at the Huntsman Academy: Jaune Arc, who dreams of becoming a hero elevated above all others; Pyrrha Nikos, a peerless warrior who has everything that Sunset wants and hates everything about it; and Ruby Rose, a simpler and more honest soul who simply wants to save as many people as she can, and who might just light the way to their salvation.

Together they are Team SAPR, and together they are plunged into a world of mysteries, magic, allies and enemies, robot girls and Atlasian black ops experiments. It won't be easy, but if they can work together, teach Jaune how to fight and maybe learn to get along as friends along the way, then they might just save the world.

Original Cover Art by Mix-Up
Current Cover Art by MRK50
Now with a TV Tropes page

Also with a Discord Server

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Nightmare Moon's return was not without incident and injury. Those that were chosen by the Elements suffered and were pained in the attempt to save Celestia's younger sister. While they succeeded, the trial left scars.

Princess Celestia sees this as everything going as planned and is ready to use the new Bearers for anything she needs taken care of.

Princess Luna thinks the group should be protected and only used when the situation is at it's most dire.

A compromise is made and Luna is allowed to form a team to deal with threats that do not require an orbital strike from a friendship canon. Provided she can find those willing.

With the memory of Nightmare Moon still fresh in every ponies mind, Luna is unable to find ponies who are willing to serve her readily.

So what is a Princess of the Night to do?

Not recruit ponies obviously.

[ Story has my usually Lewd jokes and comments but no sex and thus the warning is here. Story not affiliated with TGaP or SiS. It's just yet another idea i had. ]

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This story is a sequel to Twilight Gets a Puppy, Season 2

After the insanity of the Royal Wedding, all Rahs wants to do is relax, and maybe finally make it in theater, and find a girlfriend. His Granny Luna and Sister in law Cadence were really interested in that last one.

Of course as one of the Sparkle siblings, relaxation is often hard to come by, particularly with a neurotic sister, a devious younger brother, and all their insane friends. Then add in a demonic rabbit, the return of a great evil, a pegasi betting pool, TRRRRRRRRRIXIE, a massive sports event, witch wolves, a well chewed chaos god, a mysterious thief from another world, and an ancient curse.

It's going to be a busy year.

Another season in the Puppyverse.

Season 4 is live https://www.fimfiction.net/story/456282/twilight-gets-a-puppy-season-4

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