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It is the year 2038, and the Earth is slowly being consumed by a space-borne monstrosity dubbed the Black Tide, which is using nanotechnology to remake the planet into something hideously alien.

Erin Olsen works for Project Harmonics, humanity's last-ditch effort to find a new world before the Tide can wipe them out. But when that world is found, and it turns out to be occupied, Erin will need to find the courage to face the unknown in order to save the inhabitants of both worlds.

(Many thanks to Easteu for the fantastic cover image for this story!)

Now with its own TV Tropes page

There is now a follow-up to this story: Sunflower - Side Projects
Sequel: Project Sunflower: Harmony

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Sunset's friends ask her for help with a lot of things. Pretending to be Rarity's boyfriend at her cousin's wedding is a new one. It can't be that hard, right? A sharp suit, some expertly applied makeup, and a good backstory and she'll be charming the pants off of the bridesmaids in no time.

But just what is Rarity hoping to get out of this subterfuge in the first place?

Russian translation

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After bumping into a rude pony from flight school, Rainbow tells a rather large lie to save face.

Shouldn't have did that, Dashie.

A two part story.

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Equestria is saved again, and, as usual, a party is thrown to celebrate. But, while singers sing and dancers dance, Twilight, the Princess of Friendship, realises that there's somepony here who has a few things to say to her, and that she has a few things to say to her too.

Warning: This story will contain spoilers for the MLP movie.

Chapters (1)

The Festival of Friendship is in full swing, and Tempest Shadow should be languishing in a prison cell, waiting for her punishment. Instead Twilight asks if she’d like to stay with her for the night.
This whole friendship thing might be more confusing than she thought.

(Now with bonus chapter)

Chapters (2)

While relaxing after a performance, the Rainbooms discover Sunset has scars that she definitely didn't have before the Fall Formal.

As of 9/14/2015, this story has a dramatic reading by Goombasa. Give it a listen!

7/7/2016: Now with cover art designed by the very generous Novel-Idea! Thank you so much!

7/23/2016: This story has a reading by Gabriel C Media. Give it a listen!

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One of the positive things about being enlisted in the Solar Guard is all the mares Rainbow Dash could possibly chase after.

A negative? The one she's really after is in the Lunar Guard, and she's pretty… batty.

Cover art by silbersternenlicht on Derpibooru.
Pre-read by Not Enough Coffee.
Proofread and edited by Dreams of Ponies and AAIQU.
Winner in the 2017 Thestral Writing Competition and 2nd place in the 4th Flutter-Dash Contest.
Featured 10/20/17 - 10/24/17.
With an audio reading!

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Dear Celestia,

If you're reading this it means my infiltrators are better than your guards. Boom! Point to Chrysalis. But seriously, don't take it too hard. Changelings are just naturally better than ponies at so many things. That being true, wouldn't it be a lot easier to work with us instead of against us? Don't worry, I'm not talking about another coup. I'm talking about a real partnership, an opportunity that you just can't afford to pass up.

Art by: NCMares

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Curious about Five Score? Come check out the story that inspired so many side fics that FimFic had to make a rule banning any more of them!

Even though MLP:FiM ended a few years ago, my friends and I still loved the show. Stories, merch, fan art, I loved it all. Things started to get a weird though when I found myself with a cutie mark appearing on my leg. Humans aren't supposed to get cutie marks, so where the heck did this come from? And what's going on with my hair?

There is also a Mature rated version of this story. People who want to read the Mature version (which has more colorful language, nudity, and occasional light clop) may do so by clicking here. It's not a clopfic by any means, but it does have some explicit sex scenes.

Look what random people on the internet are saying about Five Score, Divided by Four

-Shadow Reaper

I'll probably never be able to clop again if this keeps up.
-Dash Attack

One of the best things to come out of this fandom.

This made me change how I think about fictional worlds, imagination, and even reality

The only story on FimFiction to have me literally shaking with excitement.

Five Score master editor:

Five Score proofreaders:
Comrade Sparkle
Rustle my Jimmies

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Upon gaining access to the multiverse, some people go on fantastic adventures: rewriting history or exploring the vast unknowns of time and space.

Twilight Sparkle had another idea.

Featured by Equestria Daily on 3/17/17

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