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Luna awakens in the aftermath of the great war in a robotic body that she is unfamiliar with. after being shown what has become of Equestria, She resolves to bring back order and save Equestria's people from themselves.

Let's hope there is even anything left to save.

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Break Point is a simple earth pony that wants a simple, easy, and safe, not dangerous in anyway whatsoever, life. Unfortunately, this is shattered when she accidentally causes the death of the son of Cosa Nostra, a powerful and dangerous crime lord that rules her town with an iron hoof. Now she must find a way to survive in the Equestrian Wasteland, a place that tears weak ponies like her to shreds. Little did she know that she would become the powerful and feared figure known as the Black Cat.

A crossover between MLP, Fallout Equestria, and Jojo's Bizarre Adventure.
Based on Kkat's Fallout Equestria. This is set 50 years before Littlepip started her adventures.

Wonderful cover art by ShimmerKoi.

Thanks to GreyGuardPony , firehawk732, and Starlight Nova for prereading this.

Editing done by the wonderful Starlight Nova.

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Post-war Equestria. Some ponies spend their entire lives fighting the wasteland. Others, are dropped there.

Born and raised above the cloud curtain, the anxious First Lieutenant Sienna has been unwillingly sent to the wasteland by her commanding officers. With Sienna the only survivor of the mission, she must find a way to survive the harsh, deadly environment of a new Equestria. Not only that, she must find a strange treasure known as the Rainbow Pearls and protect her new-found friends from a bigger threat, the Hope Coven. With her new friends, new enemies, and new mission, she will have to get it together to keep Equestria from further harm.

That is, if she doesn't have an anxiety attack!

*****This is a rewrite of my original story, Fallout Equestria: Our will.*****

For Mom. You did help me, even when you think you didn't. I love you.

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The entirety of Equestria has been destroyed. A nuclear war has devastated the land, and the ponies of the land. The once beautiful kingdom is reduced to a toxic, mutated hell that was once a home for all the creatures living there. But, through all of this death and destruction, some ponies still remain. Small settlements grow, some with only one or two houses, and others, with buildings that resemble what used to stand in that spot. No settlements are more impressive than that of New Canterlot. It is built on the old ruins of Canterlot, and many trade caravans are based in it. It has grown wealthy through trade, and because of that, factions try to gain control of it. Full out war erupts between two factions, the Steel Rangers and the Old Kingdom Party. There is war in the wastelands of Equestria, and it is up to one stallion to end it.
Follow for more if you enjoyed it! And please, Enjoy the story!
*Not based on the original Fallout: Equestria story line. Some references in the original fic were made however.

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These stories use the same setting and characters as Fallout Equestria: Wild Wasteland. They are independent of the main plot, and often follow the escapades of individual party members and side characters from previous chapters.

The first story in this compilation, Hot Mess, received second place in the Fallout Equestria group's 300 member writing contest. The second also won third in the 600/700 member contest.

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"Old Equestria's war is not our war..."

These words are law in Stable 61, last bastion of sanity in a world at war. At least according to the folks who live there. Ponies, zebras, griffons, you name it. They all live there in peace.

Peace is... not always easy, especially for people like Snowflake. The ones who don't quite fit in. Don't quite follow the plan.

What's a big sister to do when she's taken away from her brothers, and forced to face who she is without them? Snowflake must answer that question, and live in the process. Those aren't necessarily the same.

Now she's got a psychopathic mare, griffon merc, thieving technophile, and a killer sniper to deal with day-to-day. Quite the increased activity from monitor jockey. And then there's the little sphere tucked away in her gear…

She never had this kind of trouble with her brothers.

Attention! I am not the author of this story. I'm merely the custodian. The author left the fandom and this site a while ago, but they were kind enough to return and repost it so that everyone could enjoy it once again, including posting some previously unlinked content! So, enjoy, everyone. That's why it's here, after all.

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Okay, I'm gonna level with you here.

I have way more ideas with (and without) this character than is reasonable, so I'm just gonna shove em up here so I don't wind up writing a third goddamn full story. Think of it as therapy for the author. Most of these shorts will be set a number of years after the end of Make Love Not War. Knowledge of both prior Atom Smasher stories is not assumed, but will help (and it's also kind of spoilery).

Oh, and I guess you get more Atom Smasher. Lucky you.

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I wrote this story a long time ago. I don't know how to describe it properly. It's filled with the despair of loneliness, the anger of isolation, and the fear of losing one's self in what others want you to be. It follows the narrator who struggles to piece together his own identity while burying a terrible secret from everyone around him who all have their own secrets.

If there is anything I would hope that you, dear reader, would take away from this story, it's that being alone doesn't make anything easier.

It was inspired by Fallout Equestria, but bears little resemblance beyond wasteland and stable and ponies with guns.

Tagged for violence, but not gore, as I don't think I wrote anything quite that graphic. If anyone wants to complain, I will reconsider.

This is the story about a boy who tried to protect his brother by killing their abusive mother.
This is a story about dying in the closet.

This is a story.

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Bellenast: A great city, splendorous and powerful in an age gone by, ruined and lost to rumor in the next, and a flame of order and prosperity risen from the ashes of the old world. It lies in a river valley far to the south of that great mark of the old world, Canterlot. The small Kingdom of Dunn and its fabled capital, Bellenast, are known little beyond this valley, save from word of mouth and radio. A fable. That's how ponies to the north know it: A name in the history books, if they're fortunate enough to have history books, or to have been taught to read them.

It's not quite a fable, though. I had a reason to find it and the desperation to fly blind. The roads that lead there are, under most circumstances, relatively safe... unless, of course, you happen to be me. It isn't that I attract horrible monsters and weird wizard ponies and crazy princes hell-bent on ill-timed schemes of vengeance...

My friends do that for me.

Beware spoilers in the comments!

This story takes place about 15 years before the events of Fallout: Equestria. I highly recommend reading Fallout: Equestria first, if you have not done so already for some inexplicable reason. Having read it is not necessary to understand the events of this story, but doing so will provide context for and explanation of some events and themes in this setting.

Lookie, lookie, I made a map: Clicky da linky!
Lookie Lookie 2: Electric Boogalookiedoo! An adorable painting of Crystal Dew done by Etyco Filly.
Lookie Lookie 3: Pretty Pretty Pretty!
A commission of Blitz, which contains minor spoilers, but oh well. Don’t click if you don’t want to see.

Character and/or cover art (original here)by the fabulous amazing fantastic generally awesome {all-inclusive adjective of infinite praise here}Amarynceus. Amateur title addition by me.

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Hired Gun and Serenity from "Fallout Equestria: Heroes" take a train ride as part of a job and cross paths Citquine and Celly from "Fallout Equestria: Wings" in this fun and completely non-canon stand alone adventure.

This story takes takes place in an alternate time line branching off some point after Chapter 11 of Heroes, so reading to that point would be helpful for understanding who the characters are. This story also takes place some time after the end of Wings, but knowledge of that series isn't too required.

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