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In a freak accident from the Cloudsdale weather control team, Twilight is struck down by an errant lightning bolt. But the veil of death is relatively thin...

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Celestia has had many friends in her lifetime, with just as many falling outs and arguments as one would suspect to occur in those bonds that simply never stay. Most of the time, she parts ways peacefully with those she has argued with and other times, she must view the aged ponies she loved on their deathbed and the immortal goddess must offer her farewell.

This is not one of those times.

Set before the events of the show.
Proofread by NorrisThePony
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I was reluctant to upload this for a long time since it is a very rushed story and in my opinion not very good. It is, however, the only piece I've written that inspired fanart (multiples, in fact), and so I figured, why not?

Enjoy if you can. I won't blame you if you hate it though.

Original Here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1qpJFUx-_SzDKEy7Ds7RHC-U92M-dWtkT_HgpMLRz-D0/edit#

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Trickle, trickle

Drip, drip

You better beware

Of The Bloody Mare

Inspired by xXMarkingXx's Bloody Marey

Cover Art by xXMarkingXx

SkywardSword's Review

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Finally, after years of begging, Celestia gives Twilight permission to access the Forbidden Wing of the Royal Library, a wing so secret even the other princesses can't access it. Twilight rushes to Canterlot, excited for the research potential.

Then she finds those books…

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