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The USS Exeter, still damaged after a recent battle, scans a certain planet and finds evidence of much-needed dilithium crystals on the surface. Scans also show it's a pre-warp civilization, so the Prime Directive is in full force.

But they need those crystals, as the nearest starbase is hundreds of lightyears away. They only need a few pounds of them to repair their warp drive, then they can be back on course. How hard could it be to beam in, get the crystals from the primitives, and beam out?

What they don't know about is the white unicorn who's been using them for her dresses.

Those poor fools...

Story idea stolen BORROWED from Estee's Utterly Mundane Crossovers blog.

Now made into an audio play by Visual Pony!

Also featured on Equestria Daily!

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Schultz has experienced Hogan's monkey business many times before. This time though, jumping out of a plane... it has gone too far. To make matters worse, he is in a new world and Hogan's Heroes are nowhere in sight. His only saving grace is that he happened to land near the pony who makes some of the best sweets he has ever tasted. An after tasting Le Beau's food, that is saying something.

Disclaimer, I do not own any of the rights to Hogan's Heroes. This is merely a fanfiction. All credit goes to CBS for the creation of Hogan's Heroes.

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Shining Armor has become an alicorn for some reason, and with no explanation available ponies assume ascendancy is sexually transmitted. Much to Twilight's irritation.

No actual sexually explicit content here, but there are references and some minor bad language.

This was a request for a patron, and was veiwable earlier for said patrons. Head over here if you want a chance of getting a story like this for just 5$!

Brought to you by the donations for my mom! (Find out more about that here.)

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Takes Place During Friendship is Magic: Part 2

Nightmare Moon has thrown Equestria into an eternal night since returning from her thousand year exile on the moon. Now it's up to a prestigious unicorn named Twilight Sparkle, and a certain group of five other mares to put an end to the tyrant's ruthless regime.

After overcoming every test that Nightmare Moon trialed them with; there seems to be one more before they can reach the castle and retrieve the Elements. They must answer five questions--

Three questions.

Three questions given by a strange looking creature who is apparently blind in one eye. If they succeed in answering the five questions--

Three questions.

Three questions. Then Equestria has hope to restore its harmony. However if they fail in doing so. Then surely the country and all its surrounding continents will be doomed for all eternity.

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