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This story is a sequel to The Witch of Canterlot

Queen Chrysalis is the most perfect, brilliant, intelligent foe Equestria has ever faced, and in just a few days she's going to unleash her plan to conquer Canterlot, and then Equestria, once and for all. At this late stage, nothing can stop her! She can just sit back and enjoy herself until the moment comes to drop the hammer.

Sunset Shimmer isn't perfect, but she's had once heck of a time in Saddle Arabia and can't wait to tell Princess Cadance all about it!

They'll get along like a house on fire.

A one-shot sequel to The Witch of Canterlot.

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Each of the Bearers of Harmony came to that first Grand Galloping Gala with a dream in her heart and dreadfully few relevant facts in her mind. Rarity dreamt of finding her Prince Charming. She knew his name, appearance, and not much else.

But in this timeline, one of her friends has her back.

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It's the middle of the night. Maybe. Since Sunset Shimmer uses light-blocking curtains and has no bedside clock, it could be noon for all she cares. Still, the buzzing of her transdimensional diary wakes her up. It's Twilight Sparkle, panicking about venturing outside her comfort zone. Sunset does her best to calm her friend down.

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This story is a sequel to Poker Night

After their poker night and finding out about Rarity's crush on her Sunset takes advantage of the time ambushes her soon to be new girlfriend with a kiss. Sunset is very gratified to find her intentions returned, though Rarity is a bit hesitant to admit it openly.

I do like me some meaningless fluff... I promise I'll get back to my on going actual stories soon my faithful readers!... The like... Five of you. ^.^

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She was like the sun. Blinding and bright and bathing everything in her light when she was around. Her gaze made Sunset sweat and flush. And when she left, Sunset was struck by her beauty and stared after her until everything was dark and cold.

How does one choose a gift for a woman when that woman's sense of taste is as exquisite as her beauty? You do it by asking the only person -- or pony -- who might know exactly what she would want.

Written for Jinglemas 2019 for Fillyfoolish

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Twilight Sparkle of Equestria is brave, confident, a capable leader, a powerful wizard, and a princess.

Twilight Sparkle of Earth is none of those things.

So why would an absolute goddess like Sunset Shimmer be interested in her? Because they look similar and share the same name? Because the real Twilight is off in Equestria? That must be it. She's just a placeholder. A low grade knockoff of what Sunset really wants. And sooner or later, she'll end up disappointed. They all will.

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Sunset's friends ask her for help with a lot of things. Pretending to be Rarity's boyfriend at her cousin's wedding is a new one. It can't be that hard, right? A sharp suit, some expertly applied makeup, and a good backstory and she'll be charming the pants off of the bridesmaids in no time.

But just what is Rarity hoping to get out of this subterfuge in the first place?

Russian translation

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Sunset Shimmer was the Spirit of Harmony, preserver of a newly magic-infused universe, unwilling object of worship, and girlfriend of the most brilliant person this side of Equestria.

Until, one day, she wasn't.

Part of the Oversaturated World.

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Sunset Shimmer had everything. Personal protégé of the Sun Princess herself, top marks in the School for Gifted Unicorns, and the honor of being dubbed the greatest arcanist since Starswirl the Bearded.

Until she threw it all away.

In the last moments before leaving Equestria forever, her destiny is snatched away right before her eyes. Once upon a time the story of the lives of herself, Twilight Sparkle, and the path of Equestrian History went one way, a story that we all know well. But in every stand of woods there is a path untrotted, one with a different story and new experiences.

About the deleted comments.

Discussion of this and other works can be found on my Private Discord Server

New cover by DVixie. If someone knows how to contact them I'd be appreciative. It more accurately portrays the current evolution of the story.

Arc One, Filly Steps: Complete.
Arc Two, What Twilight Learned Today: In Progress.

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Sunset Shimmer has lived in the human world for over ten years now. Some of the best and worst days of her life have happened there. When she finds herself no longer having a place in the world she's grown accustomed to she travels back to her homeland of Equestria to figure out who she is and where she belongs. What she finds is a land and people irreversibly changed by time.

Twilight Sparkle now rules over this new Equestria. It is a time of peace and prosperity for the entire world, so why does the Princess seem so sad?
Figuring out her own problems, an entirely different home than the one she grew up in, and her increasingly complicated relationship with Princess Twilight could be the most difficult thing Sunset Shimmer has ever done.
Story takes place post FIM and EG

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