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Duchess Chrysalis is Princess Celestia’s personal student. Friendship comes easily, except when the recipient doesn’t want to be friends. Or of course, when the recipient has been replaced by a changeling.
An entry for Secrets: A Swapped Roles Contest
A universe where Twilight Sparkle is Queen of the Changelings and Chrysalis is Princess Celestia's unicorn pupil.

Chapters (1)

When Macintosh was a teenager, him and Applejack both tried to take charge of the farm once their parents had left it to them.

Macintosh succeeded, and now Applejack lives a more carefree life whilst Macintosh shoulders the stress of the harvest, the bills, and keeping his family together alone.

It's not easy.

Editing help provided by Red Parade. Art by kenket. An entry to 2020's 'Secrets' Roleswap contest.

Chapters (1)

A famous author and the captain of the Wonderbolts meet again for the last time.

A very last minute entry for the Summer 2020 Role Swap Contest.

Thanks to HapHazred, wishcometrue, and Vis-a-Viscera for short-notice editing.

Chapters (1)

As a filly, Twilight Sparkle used her incredible magic to hatch a dragon egg. That dragon then became her lifelong companion, friend, and even sibling: Smolder.

Now Smolder has a chance to learn more about her own kind by meeting a dragon born and raised in the Dragon Lands. She has to figure out what to do next and what that could mean for her--and her family.

A one-shot contest submission for Secrets: A Swapped Roles Contest

Chapters (1)

On the day that Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara would have gotten their cutie marks, Scootaloo performed an amazing sonic rainboom. It caused Scootaloo and her two best friends, Apple Bloom and Sweetie Belle, to get their cutie marks. But, while the rainboom helped some ponies to get their cutie marks, it also prevented Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon from getting theirs. How did Scootaloo manage to do a sonic rainboom? Only she knows the answer.

Written for Secrets - A Swapped Roles Contest (linked below)


Chapters (1)

The Element of Magic, Octavia Melody, needs help to defeat a monster that threatens all of Equestria. When only one of her friends can be there, she turns outside to bring others to her aid.

Fate (and the guidance of the Princesses) brings her the assistance of virtuoso cellist Twilight Sparkle and her wubtastic marefriend, DJ Rar-👁-T.

Of course, Princess tasks are rarely without their own unspoken machinations...

An Alt-U of one of the most unlikely Elements with a dash of gratuitous RariTwi.

Brought to you by: Secrets: A Swapped Roles Contest. Where it won!

Chapters (3)

Twilight is cleaning some books and a loud explosion happens. She and Spike go to investigate and two unexpected visitors arrive to her home. Who would those be...?

Written for Secrets - A Swapped Roles Contest

Chapters (1)

Maud Pie's tried to balance her family, friends and bearing the Element of Laughter for so long. But now, in Las Pegasus's biggest casino, her house of cards starts tumbling down.

This entry is for both NitroIndigo's Secrets: A Swapped Roles Contest and the Quills and Sofas Speedwriting Group's 'Hot off the Press II' speedwrite.

Pic credit goes to bakki.

Thanks to TheHatMan, PearlescentTT, Snow Quill, and Speccer for proofreading/editing.

WARNING: Maud's good at craps, but crappy at being good.

Chapters (1)

A story set in an Equestria that could have been...

Rarity, the personal student of Princess Luna, defeated Daybreaker with her new friends and reawakened the lost Elements of Harmony. With Princess Celestia's return, the long-lost tradition of the Summer Sun Celebration is going to be revived for the first time in a thousand years - but first Celestia will need to reclaim her power over the Sun!


Don't worry, there's no previous story you missed that explains the setting. I was thinking of which characters could have their roles swapped, and I got to thinking - what if I just switched everyone? Depending on how people like this, I might write stories centered around other swapped pairings.

Written for the Secrets: A Swapped Roles Contest

Thank you to all my readers! I couldn't do it without you.

Chapters (1)

Sometimes ruling a kingdom comes with difficult decisions, like who will lead once you're gone.

Celestia has someone in mind, she just needs to fire Luna first.

Chapters (1)
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