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Everypony knows Fluttershy as Fluttershy. She has the softest, sweetest, meekest little squeals of fearful shock whenever a leaf touches her, she often doesn't leave her property for days, and her animals hear her voice far more often than her pony friends do. Her friends don't really mind her quirks. After all, they all have their differences; it's part of why they work so well together!

But Fluttershy's "shyness" isn't just a character trait. She has something to tell them, and although mental health isn't a topic that's ever really come up amongst her closest friends, she's quite literally saved all of Equestria with them. Several times. Surely that must mean that they have a strong enough bond for her worst-case fantasies to be absolutely untrue and disproportionately bad?

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An Asylum Tale

Broadhoof Memorial Psychiatric Hospital is a short and long-term care facility for some of Equestria's most vulnerable ponies. For them, every day is a struggle with their illnesses, be it intense bouts of depression or violent outbursts. Whatever the patient's condition, there is one thing they all hold in common. Everypony gets lonely sometimes.

For the panic-prone Lily Valley, her stay at Broadhoof marks the first Hearth's Warming without her sisters at her side. With all of the side effects of her medication, being moved to a higher security wing, and the lack of support from her family, it'll take a Hearth's Warming miracle to prevent this from being the worst Hearth's Warming ever.

Edited by Kaidan and ReFro.

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Three hundred years after Luna's banishment, Equestria is at a shaky peace, its borders protected by the Equestrian Armed Forces from several hostile races, from raiding Diamond Dogs to the increasingly aggressive Gryphons. Incidents are many, and tensions rise as the newly unified Gryphon Empire sets its sights on the lands and riches of its pony neighbors.

In this troubled time, a young pegasus orphan named Firefly comes of age. A born warrior, her name will one day be known as not just the founder of the Wonderbolts, but as one of Equestria's greatest heroes...

Set in the same universe as the Turnabout Storm novelization but taking place seven hundred years before, this is the story of Rainbow Dash's ancestor, the origin of the Wonderbolts, and the coming of the Great Pony/Gryphon War. Also referenced by multiple stories in the Gentlemanverse.

Writers: Leo Archon and Firesight
Prereaders: AJ_Aficionado, SilentWoodFire, JamesCyberlink, Denim_Blue

Cover Art by Equestria Prevails, classified as creative-commons/share-alike: http://equestria-prevails.deviantart.com/art/Firefly-351657539

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I hope that you’ve opened this particular tome looking for a guide to the life of a traveling hero, presented through the story of a young unicorn rising up to defeat the disembodied spirit of a powerful and evil archmage.

If you’re not interested, you’re in the wrong section of the library for cookbooks, and for the record, I’m very sorry for the life you must live.

My name is Mortal Coil, and this is the beginning of the most important story in the history of Equestria.

A Price of Loyalty story.

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The first day of school always sucks. It's particularly sucky when you're normally nocturnal.

Now an expanding anthology of one-shots due to popular demand for MOAR!

Featured on Fimfic: 10/1/2017
Featured on Equestria Daily
Now with several chapters in audio: link!
Now with commisioned music: link!

Cover Art Source

Dreams of Ponies
Level Dasher

Submission for the Bat Ponies and Thestrals 2017 Competition

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Everypony has a story. Some tell of heroic feats and grand adventure. Others tell of villainy against the forces of Harmony. The story of an average guard, however, is one of obscurity. They live in the background, unnoticed but ever-present.

Silent Knight assumed his tale would be like that of his father's: join the Royal Guard and serve Equestria. He would be just another helmet and spear, part of the rank and file. And that was all he ever wanted.

However, when Captain Shining Armor asked for volunteers to form a House Guard for the recently returned Princess Luna, it was Silent's hooves that stepped forwards to set his new life in motion.

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Annoyed that the nobles keep taking up all of princess Celestia's time filly Twilight vents the only way she knows how. By writing an essay! However she wrote this essay on the blank bottom of the scroll containing the speech Princess Celestia was to read to her little ponies. And once the speech ends, Celestia doesn't stop. Much to the horror of some of the nobles in the crowd.

Proof read by Cobalt Comet

Edited by Dark Chocolate

This story now has a Youtube reading.

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It's been nine years since Twilight's ascension, and her relationship with her friends has never been stronger. While many things have changed about their respective lives, Twilight and her friends remain very close.

Unfortunately, their heroism will need to be called upon again, but this time, they may not be enough. The Nightmare Moon Incident had one more complication, one final loose end. One pony, thought forever lost to the passage of time, returns. And she will have her mother free... or die trying.

Now featured on Equestria Daily! Eeyup :eeyup:

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The history of war may be written by the winner, but the Royal Historian is the one who provides the notes and background to the writer. The recent events that some have called ‘Mare Wars’ or ‘The Invasion of the Barracks’ are no exception. The Royal Historian has painstakingly compiled this folder of notes and background material on what should more accurately be called, ‘The Opening of the Guard.’

Please remember to return the folder back to the Royal Historian when you have completed reading, in the event we gather more material that needs to be included.

Musty Pages, Royal Historian

Source for inside photo
Featured on Equestria Daily and the Royal Canterlot Library
With sequel, The Night Guard - Night Mares
And an interview by Benman

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There are no new cadets being trained, the big annual Wonderbolts party extravaganza isn't until this weekend, and Spitfire will only be away from the Academy for three days.

Fleetfoot is definitely ready for this responsibility.

Except she's not.

Somepony is totally getting fired.

A just-for-fun exercise in correspondence. Reading on a small screen is not recommended.
Preread by the ever-so-talented Ponky.

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