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My name is Willight Robinbine. I wished to go to Equestria for real. I've been a brony for 7 years since January 19th, 2013.

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This story is a sequel to Do...You?

Doomie finds it very odd to see his siblings impersonate his marefriend's friends.
and, more importantly, why she's not around.

Author's (sad) Diary: Deeear diary...[Number sign here]Don'tForgetDoomie
Fic might contain season 6 final spoilerzzez too.

Chapters (2)

This story is a sequel to Do...You?

Ever since Pinkie met Doomie on that fateful day in Canterlot, they've never been happier together.
Unfortunately, on that same day, the changelings managed to take over Equestria and force everypony to surrender.
But, despite this, they both find ways to talk.
Whether it's during a battle, late night patrols, or sneaking behind their enemy's lines, they always find a way to be together.
That is, until they finally get caught.

Author's other diary. "DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR Diary, there is not enough DoomiePie fanfics that take place in The Chrysalis Resistance timeline...that is all.
P.S. Same goes with art...

Chapters (6)

Doomie, like most of his brothers, hasn't eaten in a while.
So, when a random pink pony asks for him to "do her"
and intercourse love is the tastiest kind of love out there,
and the pony herself looks pretty pretty:
How could he refuse?

Author's diary: DEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAR diary. There is not enough Doomie pie fanfics out there....That is all.

Chapters (14)
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