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"You don't forgive someone because they need it, you forgive someone because you need it," -Asura Kraken

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  • 3/10 2 stories
    Created by Orrm
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Taking place 4 months after the Anon a Miss incident, Twilight Sparkle starts to get worried as she hadn't heard from Sunset ever since she cut ties with the Rainbooms and had gone solo. But when she suddenly gets a message from Sunset after the camp Everfree trip telling her that she's having a fun time with the Rainbooms , Twilight at first thinks she's forgiven them but soon after becomes suspicious, so she goes trough the portal to have a chat with the humanized version of her friends, but what they are about to tell her what they did to Sunset during their trip will send our princess into a downright spiral of shock and confusion.

(Also this does not take place during Dainn's Anon A Miss story, this is my own universe.)

Chapters (3)
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