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Found this site through a link on a SoFurry story. Other than t.v. commercials I wasn't familiar with MLP but am enjoying a surprising amount of the stories here.

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Anon finds himself having to turn into a filly to start over and attempt at a new life. He ends up being adopted by none other than Trixie as they travel throughout Equestria; slowly coming to terms living together and finding out about each other's dark past.

Original Script/Draft: https://pastebin.com/rvmJj7bs

Note: I plan on rewritting and continuing this story since it hasn't updated in over 4 years.

Chapters (6)

Rainbow Dash's morning was pretty much ruined.
She tripped getting out of bed and landed flat on her face, giving herself an aching muzzle.
She forgot to buy her favorite brand of hay flakes at the store yesterday and had to eat plain toast for breakfast.
She found out she had to pull double-duty today and tomorrow on the weather patrol.
Oh, and she found a nearly-dead foal, broken and bleeding at the edge of Ponyville.

The rest of her day became a whirlpool of stress and worry but the colt woke up, thank Celestia.
Something's not right, though. Nopony can find his parents, he's not in the registers, and there's an unsettling look in his eye...


Chinese Translation by forgivenlove

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Mistle-what? An innocent question on an otherwise normal Hearthswarming Eve sends you on a short journey of introspection with your best friend. The closer you get towards discovering the truth about yourselves, the less sure you are of what exactly the holiday tradition of “Mistletoe” actually means, and you begin to wonder whether the innocence or question that sparked it all was actually there to begin with.

Special thanks to DE_K for editing!

Featured on 11 March 2021 - Awesome! Thanks for all the attention! Though I think you made Dash blush...

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A magical accident has a human end up in Equestria in the form of a unicorn.

Warning, Spoilers in comment section.

Cover art by: Sipioc

AN// All thanks to the people over at spacebattles.com for betaing.

Sequel can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/306592/normal-life

Chapters (53)

When I agreed to be sent to Equestria I didn't read the fine print. I'm the wrong age, the wrong gender, and lost in the wilderness.

Chinese Translation: https://fimtale.com/t/9306

Can't vouch for its accuracy since I don't speak Chinese but it's being translated by a human who goes by DreamsSetFree.

Hi to all my Chinese readers!

New Cover art commissioned from Lunar Froxy.

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Equestria is still picking up the pieces after the defeat of Tirek, and everypony is helping out with the paperwork, even Rainbow Dash. Things change when Princess Celestia arrives, bringing with her a letter with some very stunning accusations of the exploits of a resident in the town of Oasis. Now, the main six are tasked with finding out if the letter was truth or fiction. Did this Mister Baker really do what they claim? Only one way to find out.

However, Mister Baker is not who, or what they expected.

Rated Teen for occasional language.

Proof read and edited by the amazing SunnyPack , Snakeskin Ducktape, and Tyrannosaurus Tux.

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First impressions are important. A bad one can ruin one's credibility for a long time. John Wildman - the second human to ever arrive in Equestria - is learning that the hard way.

After almost hunting down Applejack, he is trying to adjust to his new home - struggling not only against his own demons and doubts but also against prejudice and hatred.

Ashamed by the bigotry she is witnessing, Celestia is starting to wonder if her subjects are really as forgiving and kind, as she thought. Together with the help of edgy human super-soldier James "Bastard Man" Gastovski and Twilight, she is determined to figure this out and help John before it's too late.

Meanwhile, CMCs and Cheerilee are trying to figure out, why Scootaloo became reckless and vile all of a sudden - forcing new human, to be a participant of their investigation - whether he likes it, or not.

Can an outcast like John make some friends and maybe... save someone in the process?

This story can be considered somewhat of a sequel to both:


with James, as a recurring character, alongside the new guy. However, reading the above stories is NOT necessary.

Silhouette vector from:

Planned story length:
90-120 K words


- Removed 'Comedy' tag - it was suggested by a lot of people that this story has become too dark, and tag should be removed. Sadly, I had to agree.

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Tracy Maxwell is in a desperate situation: find somewhere to live, or lose the internship he needs to survive. After exhausting every property in the city, one last option appears the day before his deadline. Sure the agent selling the place is a little weird, and more than a little overeager to get the property signed off. At the worst, maybe there's a little mold in the bathroom somewhere, and he has to make do until the lease is up.

But then he steps inside and discovers things can be much worse. The property is in another universe, and while he's there he'll have to play by its rules. He's free to continue working his dream job, so long as he keeps to the contract. Even worse, he's got a roommate who has no intention of leaving him alone.

If he ever wants to escape, he'll have to read the Fine Print.

Updates every Saturday.

This story is a commission by _Kenzu_! If you'd like one of your own, PM me!

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Severe thunderstorms are a commonality when living in a mountain fire lookout tower; an event that comes and goes with ease. However, when a storm takes a turn for the worse and causes the resident lookout to fall unconscious, the scene that greets him on awakening is about as unsettling and unwelcome as can be.
Or is it?

With his radios and cellular service cut off, Equestria's first human visitor is left to his own devices to figure out why he and his tower are now in the middle of an mysterious and dangerous forest. Well, at least the clouds still move on their own, that's a good thing, right?

Look out Equestria, there's a new human in town!

*Takes place during/after Season 9

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(Sequel: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/81619/encore)
Lyra's feelings for Bon Bon never changed, even after their break up. Bon Bon has moved on, but Lyra's heart still aches longingly for her. As Lyra deals with her heartbreak in all the wrong ways, she feels that Bon Bon will never be able to be a part of her life again. Her heart can't take the pains that she is enduring, so she is determined to win back Bon Bon's love. Lyra drags herself into an emotional whirlpool of pain, suffering, and love, and she has to face the consequences that she is knowingly getting herself into.

(This includes LyraBon, LyraScratch, BerryBon, and OctivScratch ships.)
(Other characters involved: Daisy, Lily, Roseluck, and Colgate)
Note: This is not a clopfic, but it includes subtle sexual content between cute female ponies!
Rated for: Sexual Content, Language, and Violence/Blood

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