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Personal discovery is a wonderful thing. In Silverstream's case, five words softly uttered from a certain distraught friend was all it took to ignite a furious fire in her heart.

Unfortunately for Grampa Gruff, he was flammable.

*Spoilers for Season 9 Episode: A Horse Shoe-In*

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Time is a neutral party. It takes no sides, only proceeding without a care for those caught in its trap. That is how it should be...
But not all traps are foolproof.

When a pony seeking the Night Princess's counsel intervenes during an assassination attempt, Luna knew there was more to this stallion than met the eye.
However, even her expectations had limits. That, Luna discovered, was a mistake.

One question troubles her thoughts as a new problem presents itself in the form of this stallion; how does a heart and mind cope when one escapes the trap of time? What happens to a good heart when it is worn away, year after year, all stemming from a single mistake, no matter how good the intentions?

Equestria Daily seal of approval: https://www.equestriadaily.com/2019/11/fanfiction-timeless.html

Takes place during/after Season 9.
Sequel: Sunspots

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Captain Galen and his for-hire crew were well known for taking odd and dangerous jobs. Be it mapping dangerous areas to taking emergency distress calls, the crew had seen it all. After a solid two weeks of back to back work, the crew looked forward to dropping off a captured criminal and getting some rest. An urgent request interrupts their plans however, and they are tasked with kidnapping a Princess to keep her out of murderous claws.

But all is not what it seems, and before the dust settles relationships will be forged and tested as the foundations of kingdoms are shaken to their roots. What started as a odd yet straightforward two-week job now has no end in sight, and there are no safe harbors from the storms of war that loom on the horizon.

Highly recommended reading for continuity hints and therefore spoilers for (Gallus and Silverstream Adventure): Stream of Silver, Heart of Gold & Prison of Ice with Silver Keys
(In the description of the first chapter, the key points will be summarized for those who don't wish to read the other stories)

Other Spoilers: Seasons 1-8, MLP Movie, the comic 'The Stormy Road To Canterlot' (And others), and chapter book 'Beyond Equestria: Fluttershy Balances the Scales
Tag Info: Violence/Death/Gore tags for plenty of fight scenes both large and small.

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This story is a sequel to The Second Nice Thing

Takes place a month or two after 'The Lost Treasure of Griffinstone'
Gilda's scone selling business is booming, and is being credited with jump starting the run-down village into a semblance of order. As her business becomes both increasingly popular and important to the town, the griffoness finds life becoming actually easy. With this newfound freedom, Gilda has to tackle another issue, which continues to rear its ugly head. When your only interactions are that of how Griffinstone used to be, harsh, gritty, dismissive, and uncaring, it changes griffins.
Gilda is no exception, and she knows it.
But how do you nurse a heart that has fallen ill due to malnutrition of a different sort?

That's a difficult question on its own, and getting stuck in an old abandoned mining project won't help sort out any of these problems....or could it?

Art used with permission; thank you Kristkc!

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This story is a sequel to Stream of Silver, Heart of Gold

(This story is a direct continuation from the sequel; highly recommend reading it first.)

As Gallus continues to try and explore the uncharted waters of being a special somegriff, the demons from his past rear their collective heads. Thankfully, Gallus has someone who loves him at his side, and she is more than happy to help him wade through a past of painful memories. A lifetime of clawing one's way through life eventually takes its toll though, and the only thing worse than losing everything, is losing it all after coming from nothing.

When a diplomatic meeting at Mount Aris is attacked by an unknown force, Gallus and Silverstream are whisked away behind enemy lines. As a new empire sinks its teeth into peaceful soil, the winds of war begin to howl. With nowhere guaranteed to be safe, Gallus once again has to fight with every fiber of his being;
Only this time it's to protect the he loves, and nothing will stand in his way.

(Season 8 Spoilers)
Tag Information: Violence/Gore tag for intense fighting and rip-roaring action scenes. Sex tag for general topic discussion/jokes/suggestive moments.
Story updates over the weekend (either Friday/Saturday/Sunday)

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A brief slice of life piece; just after the events taking place at GriffonStone. Gilda mulls over the turn around of her business, the restarting of life in Griffonstone, and actually feeling content.

Feedback, criticism, and any and all tips are welcome!

Sequel: The Third Nice Thing

Chapters (1)

Gallus didn't know what it was like to have a home, supportive friends or even a family. Not until coming to Twilight's school did he even consider that having friends could be such a fantastic thing. His friends were now his family; that much was certain.
However, years of living on your own and crying until nothing is left leaves a heart wanting. The last thing he expected was to have frozen tears thawed by one of his closest friends.
Now if only Gallus could figure out how to do this whole 'special somegriff' thing.

A series of fluffy one-shots following the budding relationship between Gallus and Silverstream.
(End of Season 8 Spoilers)

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Sombra was not always the heartless ruler that ruled the Crystal empire with an iron hoof. He once had friends, a home, a lover...
But his thirst for knowledge and power led him down a dangerous road.

By chance or the powers that be, Sombra is deemed worthy of a second chance to correct a thousand year old mistake. History ignores intentions however, only recording actions. Can Sombra find a way to bring peace to his heart and those he cares for, or will the darkness from his past consume him?

Image, story idea and OC used with permission.
Check out her DA Here!
Inspired by StasySolitude's animation. (Watch to provide a bit of clarity/backstory!)
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Art by StasySolitude for this fic;
Chapter 8 Picture:
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