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He's the official Time Keeper of Ponyville. He is the one who keeps the clock tower of Ponyville in working order. He makes clocks and sells them in his shop as well as reparing any clocks that need to be fixed for the citizens of the town. His life is pretty normal, but it may be changing. He has begun to realize that he's attracted to the local mail mare but he's far too nervous to do much about it. Other things also distract him as the clock tower needs minor repairs and he gets a new employee at his shop. Then things go south when the mare he loves has some trouble with her daughter's father.

This story is part of The Equestria Tales series

Pre-story to "Return of the Dark Ponies" story arc.

Unofficial side story to "The story of Tango and Snow Heart"

Has two technical sequels:
Possession in the Crystal Empire

Chapters (15)

The Cutie Mark Crusaders are heading to Manehattan to meet up with Babs Seed. This is their first visit to city since acquiring their cutie marks and they couldn't be more excited to meet their friend.

What they do not know however, is that trouble is brewing as an old employer of the local gang leader has arrived in the city. Some old past mistakes are coming back to haunt him and somehow the Crusaders get caught in the mess.

And all of this is watched by something sinister with its own agenda.

This story is part of The Equestria Tales series.

Second story in the "Barricade's redemption" story arc

Third story of "The story of Tango and Snow Heart" arc.

This story continues some plot points from Tango, The Time Keeper in Ponyville, In the Broad Daylight and Possession in the Crystal Empire.

Chapter 7 onward edited by Hail King Sombra

Chapters (16)

It began as a normal day in Ponyville on the last day of the week, but it quickly changes into drama when a young filly is foalnapped during broad daylight and another one is left injured in the hospital.

Two of the Cutie Mark Crusaders witness the tail end of the crime and become unsure how they should feel about the whole thing, especially when considering who the foalnapped filly is. Should they do something to help or just let the adult ponies handle this?

This story is part of The Equestria Tales series

The first story in "The story of Tango and Snow Heart" arc

Chapters (20)

This story is a sequel to The Time Keeper of Ponyville.

Tango is just trying to live, as much as a pony can live while hating himself for being involved in the biggest foalnapping case in Ponyville history. He's on probation and residing in the more ignored and forgotten part of Manehattan, Hoofington Lane, part of the slightly bigger Hoofington district. He would probably be doing all right if the area wasn't practically controlled by a gang led by one big and mean unicorn named Barricade. A unicorn that Tango has managed to anger. On top of that, a fellow tenant in the building Tango lives in seems to be showing some interest in him.

This story is part of The Equestria Tales series

Second story of "The Story of Tango and Snow Heart" arc

This story has been marked as a sequel to The Time Keeper of Ponyville as it picks up from were Tango was last left in that story. Explanation can be found here: http://www.fimfiction.net/blog/592234/sequel-sort-of

Chapters (8)
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