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I am a bisexual furry who loves tempest shadow.

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As a Wonderbolt, Rainbow Dash has an image to maintain. So when she claims to have a boyfriend in the form of a pony named Macintosh, and everypony believes her, the only option for her is to make it true.


Written for (and winner of!) the MacinDash Contest 2.0.

Chapters (16)

Twilight's only had her wings for about a week, only a little shorter than the time since she started dating Rainbow Dash. She's yet to learn how to preen, and Rainbow's willing to help teach her!

Written for One-Shotober.

(As a note, you can get the original source of the picture by clicking it. The original is beautiful and has Fluttershy in it as well, but I had to edit her out (poorly) to fit the story. Please don't hate me for editing her out; she's my second-favorite pone, but she doesn't fit in the story!)

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Twilight had always been a diligent researcher. She would routinely pour over every book she had at her disposal in preparation for every royal assignment. Except, sometimes books can only teach one so much. With this heretical idea in mind, Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash decide to take it upon themselves to make sure Twilight keeps her wings clean, and doesn't embarrass herself in the sky.

Chapters (1)