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Vicereine Puissance has ruled as one of Princess Luna's richest and most powerful nobles for fifty years, but not even her uncountable wealth or legions of followers can save her from old age. As her health begins to fail and the doctors tell her there is nothing they can do, she rejects the suggestion of Luna and others that she should retire and spend her remaining time with her family. Instead she decides to solve this problem as she has solved all others: by drawing upon her stupendous resources and vast political power in order to obtain the one remaining thing she wants: the immortal, ageless life of an alicorn. But while she thinks she can afford any price, the journey she sets out on could prove to be far more costly than she had ever anticipated.

Lunaverse story. Setup for Golden Horseshoes.

Chapters (6)

Queen Celestia has a problem. Although her court consists of many mighty beings willing to aid her in the overthrow of her sister and the retaking of her throne they seem unable to work together. In order to try and get her court to bond she decides to organise a Hearth's Warming Helper so that each member needs to provide another with a gift.

A non canon story set in Rainbowdoubledash's Lunaverse AU where Celestia was banished to the sun for a thousand year by Luna.

Chapters have been written by thatguyvex, Rainbowdoubledash and myself and will be released daily leading up to Christmas.

Chapters (10)

Given all the disasters that have recently befallen Ponyville Princess Luna decides that the town could use more fun and introduces a new holiday she learnt of from her alternative universe self, Nightmare Night.

A magical mishap results in most of the mane 6 and many other ponies taking on the personality and characteristics of their costumes.

The chapters can be read in any order, the first lays out the problem and fixes it while the others show what was happening to other characters at the same time.

Two mares and a rabbit walk into a haunted house - Trixie and Twilight have to team up to try and stop the costume spell from destroying Ponyville aided by Pokey whose been turned into a certain wise cracking rabbit.

Heroes - Snips and Snails in the guise of their favourite superheroes have to save Raindrops from a pack of Diamond Dogs.

The Bat the Cat and the Plant - Cheerilee is turned into the jewel thief Catmare and Carrot Top into Poison Ivy can the Dynamic Due of Heavy Roller and Scootaloo stop their villainous rampage?

The Case of the Dangerous Duo - Lyra and Bonbon are changed into the gangsters Bonnie and Clyde, but don't worry Sherclop Holmes and Watson (Ditzy and Dinky Doo) are on the case.

Metal Beyond Words - A quick epilogue I put together because a few people asked for it.

Set in RainbowDoubleDash's Lunaverse.

My entry to the Nightmare Night writing challenge.

Chapters (5)

When Trixie and her friends accept an invitation to celebrate Maredi Gras in Neigh Orleans, they arrive hoping to have a week of carefree fun in the Big Easy. However, when the daughter of a prominent local business pony is pony-napped, it is up to them to find her. Teaming up with Simbi, apprentice to the Voodoo Queen, the gang will on a quest through the city to track down those responsible. They will cross paths with pirates, voodoo, demon gators and more as they do whatever it takes to bring the lost pony home. Set in the Lunaverse.
Co-created with Dmgtitan
Edited by Wolfstorm56

Chapters (2)

For Danielle Richards, the average day in Ponyville can be quite the adventure. So when an alternate-reality Trixie Lulamoon shows up, it's par for the course for her.

This is a crossover between the Lunaverse and what has become known as my Hasbroverse. It's for the April 2013 writing event, which is crossovers. I will try to make this as accessible as possible, but I'm not sure how possible that is. My apologies for that.

Chapters (1)

When The Crime Syndicate's lust for power leads them to search for other universes to conquer, an equipment malfunction causes Owlman to find himself trapped in a world inhabited chiefly by small talking ponies and mythical creatures, a world he considers almost too easy to conquer. When his clandestine activities attract the attention of Ponyville's Night Court Representative and her fellow Knights of the Realm and Elements of Harmony, he may find himself reconsidering.

Written for the Lunaverse Crossover Challenge. As a crossover, this won't fall into official Lunaverse canon, but neither should it contradict it. Reading prior Lunaverse fics or Antimatter Universe DC comics isn't required for the enjoyment of this story, but I would highly recommend it, nonetheless.

Chapters (3)

In an alternate version of the Lunaverse Trixie is roped into the world of professional criminals called "shadowrunners" by an old college acquaintance, Lyra Heartstrings. What could go wrong?

Written as part of Fizzy Orange's April writing event, which is all about crossovers.

Chapters (7)

Neigh Orleans, the city of Trixie Lulamoon's birth. Haunted, full of necromancers and as Trixie knows, it also suffers from a surplus smugglers and body sellers.

And now that the bodies of her mother and grandfather have been stolen, Trixie and the other element bearers must journey in the city over the Nightmare Night celebration to get them back.

But not all is what it seems, and the six will soon find themselves challenged by a dark conspiracy with even darker goals.

A Lunaverse story, for the 2013 Nightmare Night writing event.

Chapters (4)

A Lunaverse fic. In the background of Equestrias throughout the Multiverse there lays a network of ponies in charge of keeping all things timey wimey stable. As well as ensure thst the Multiverse doesn't collapse.

This mini-series follows Royal Pin, twin brotherr of Pokey Pierce, as he and the Terrific Trio work at helping Equestria behind the scenes of the timeline's most horrifying events.

This is a six part miniseries, two chapters posted each week.

Pre-Readers and Editors: Talon and Thorn, RK_Striker_JK_5, and wolfstorm56. These awesome peeps deserve a large round of applause.

Art: img2.wikia.nocookie.net

Chapters (6)

On Hearts and Hooves Day, Sweetie Belle decides that she should be Miss Cheerilee's new very special somepony. Anonymous cards, out-of-control rumours and failed attempts to "help" things along create havoc among Cheerilee's friends.

A story for the Lunaverse Hearts and Hooves Day 2013 event. Now part of the Lunaverse canon!

Chapters (1)