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One day my heart felt heavy so I set it down. Then I lost it, someone stole it because it was made of gold. Yours looks heavy, can I borrow a piece? I'll return it when I find mine.

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A crystal guard pegasus goes mad after following an unknown creature into the artic glacier field, the changelings cut themselves off from the rest of the world for no apparent reason, and the danger is unavoidable even in the human world. A new enemy has arrived and he will test the limits of how powerful friendship really is. Will Twilight and her friends overcome this new adversary or will they fall victim to his tyrannical methods?
You can also read this at Archive of our own: https://archiveofourown.org/works/18675481/chapters/44289397 please check it out

with many thanks to the editor versaceseok, chapter one has been improved and updated.

*The editing of all chapters have been completed with the help of The Fan Without a Face and four days worth of me applying said edits. (like I stated before I'm a little slow:raritydespair:)

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