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The town gets their genders flipped overnight, and Spike is more or less okay with this.

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Rarity discovers a pattern in her relationship with Twilight, and wonders what she may have given up for love.

This story is part of the First and Only Raritwi Bomb. A week's worth of stories and art all centered around Rarity and Twilight. If you liked it, you can find a master list of all Raritwi Bomb content here: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/873741/the-raritwi-bomb-masterpost.

(2019-10-21) Featured by Seattle's Angels!

(2019-11-16) Featured on Equestria Daily!

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Princess Celestia loves Autumn.

For the hues of its leaves, the gentle breezes, and the heralding of the end of summer. As the seasons change, so too does the world. Where once there was certainty for Equestria, now the road ahead is obscure.

Celestia, for one, welcomes it.

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This story is a sequel to Princess Celestia Side Swipes a 2001 Dodge Grand Caravan

After being assaulted by a minivan and then surviving a wild night at a bar with Thomas and his crew, Princess Celestia is ready to return home, peace treaties signed and fun had. As an aside, Celestia made a joke with the President of the United States about bringing a couple of these “minivans” home for herself and her sister.

Luna didn’t know what the massive shipping container that came along with Celestia was for, but upon opening it, realized they could have some fun with this…

Fiat-Chrysler would have been a bit more hesitant in sending off two brand new 2018 Chrysler minivans if they knew neither of them knew how to drive.


Box of Shame 9/7/2019

Unedited, and probably not pre-read, or if it was I didn't listen.

A silly gift for Admiral, a sequel to a commission from him, and inspired by his blog post.

Now translated into Chinese thanks to Nova Twinkle!

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Twilight Sparkle spent most of her life alone. Where others had pictures of friends or family, she hung academic certificates and awards. She wasn't unhappy. She had everything to look forward to and a path to what really mattered in life - tenure.

Sunset Shimmer knocked her life off the rails. She didn't expect to care about anyone else. She never put 'fall in love' on her checklists. It was a surprise, but a welcome one. Hand in hand, they started on a path without knowing where it would lead.

It led here, far off in the brush, the path she'd originally walked only occasionally visible ahead, taunting her with what could have been.

An entry for the third Sunset Shipping Contest.

Thank you to all my Patreons and commissioners for supporting me!

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Rarity often visits the Friendship Castle, hoping to see Twilight despite the many responsibilities pulling them apart. Time may stretch relationships but Rarity keeps the flame ablaze her own way—a very special book she's distractedly left behind.

Proofreaders: ARockRaider, Flashgen, GaraTheAuthor, Petrichord, Pocketbot, R5h, Shortmane, The Hat Man
Thanks to Lofty Withers for the short description.

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Flurry Heart spent most of her foalhood listening to stories of favourite Aunt Twilight Sparkle's many accomplishments.

Now a young mare seeking her place in the world, Flurry has attempted to model herself in Twilight's image. One could even say that Flurry idolizes her aunt.

Twilight wishes she didn't.

It's time for a chat.

*Set 15 years after the end of Friendship is Magic*

Huge thank you to kalash93 and son_of_heaven176 for their tremendous work on editing and proofreading!

*Coverart is not owned by me, all credit goes to kiwi4578 on Derpibooru*

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After losing their magic The Dazzlings are stuck living in a van down by the river. That is, until Sonata delivers some good news.

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Rainbow Dash's dreams are bigger than her wallet.

Rainbow dreams of buying a van, and she's found the perfect one--but she didn't quite realize how bad shape it was actually in until after she'd already spent her savings on it. She needs to get it fixed, but doesn't have the cash or the know-how to do it on her own.

She also dreams about meeting Sylvia, the mysterious girl who owns the black motorcycle that appears in the school parking lot every morning. Sylvia's bike is awesome--and Rainbow is pretty sure that Sylvia herself is pretty awesome, too. She'd love to meet her--but no one knows who she actually is.

Rainbow Dash has no idea that the solution to both her dreams comes from the person that she suspects the least.

Based on an idea by AmtrakBrony.
Composed and edited over the weekend of Bronycon 2019, with the help of Chinchillax and PiratesPlayTrumpets.
Oh, hey! Featured on 8/6/2019

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