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Twilight Sparkle is a successful mare - it's hard to do better than a pair of alicorn wings and a crown! Which leads her to wonder - why is she still single? Perhaps Rarity, connoisseur of all things romantic, will hold the answer?

Now has a reading!

Top spot in the Featured box 1/2/20 - 1/5/20!

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Space! It's big. You can find things in it.

Or so is the hope, at least. Nova Flare - Twilight's best pupil, at least right this moment - has been put forward as the first pony Captain of a Hegemony science vessel and so she really is aiming to find something out there in the inky black.

She does, obviously, though what she finds comes as something of a surprise to everyone...

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What do you do when an old enemy comes knocking in the middle of the night?
Change your clothes, grab your shoes, and go on a crime spree.

Cover art by 89.

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I never expected I'd be able to convince my entire family to emigrate to Equestria. By the time it was inevitable, it was too late. He was gone.

Do I really believe that a godlike AI can bring my father back?

Do I really want it to?

It seems like a silly question. In a perfect world created by a literal god, why wouldn't you want to meet the loved ones you'd lost?

DISCLAIMER: This story is canon-compatible with the Optimalverse, and thus reading Friendship is Optimal, or alternatively this synopsis, is pretty much required to understand the setting.

Chapters (2)

When a confrontation with a new magical enemy goes horribly wrong, Twilight and Rarity find themselves trapped under rubble and dirt and twisted metal together. There is no light, no more air, and perhaps also no hope of rescue.

This story is part of the First and Only Raritwi Bomb. A week's worth of stories and art all centered around Rarity and Twilight. If you liked it, the previous story posted is [CW, rated M!] https://www.fimfiction.net/story/450701/city-of-lights, and you can find a master list of all Raritwi Bomb content here, https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/873741/the-raritwi-bomb-masterpost.

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Love is supposed to be able to save the world. Twilight Sparkle and Sunset Shimmer discover that the opposite is also true.

An entry into honourable mention in Oroboro's third Sunset Shipping Contest! Read the other entries here.

Special thanks (and apologies) to: Undome Tinwe and Lofty Withers for prereading, and Marcibel for advice.

The cover art was made by me! But it was laid out and referenced off of the vector work of Twimix, Uponia, Stinkehund, and Imperfectxiii, who are all quite talented people.

Continuity note: I have not seen the latest Equestria Girls special, so if this breaks from canon, that's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

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Out for a pleasant walk through the woods, Princess Celestia takes a break from dealing with Earth politics and finds herself exiting next to a long, black road. As it just so happens, a native comes by and hits her with roughly two tons of steel, plastic, and glass.

Luckily, the vehicle's occupant carries lots of napkins and bandages.


Now translated into Chinese thanks to Nova Twinkle!

This story is based on true events. Written for my good friend, Admiral Biscuit, as a commission/payment for a set of rear wheel bearing puller heads for a slide hammer. He also pre-read and edited it, because that's how he rolls.

Box of Shame second position 12/25. Bah humbug.

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Ten years is a long time, so Sunset Shimmer thinks. Ten years since she was last a pony. Ten years since she started her life anew as a citizen of Canterlot City. Ten years since making a group of wonderful friends. Ten years of absence from Equestria.

She's perfectly fine with that absence continuing for many years to come.

Twilight Sparkle doesn't appreciate Sunset's reluctance to talk about the past. She's been studying the strange activities surrounding Shimmer since they were teenagers, and has only found further questions. But a murder with ties to Equestria gives Twilight the chance to learn the truth about magic. To stop a terrible enemy from rising again, they must both journey through the mirror. Enlightenment is at Twilight's fingertips.

She doesn't quite know what to think when she meets Princess Twilight Sparkle.

Written before Friendship Games was released.

Rated Teen for

Existential Drama
Brief Violence

Chapters (14)

This story is a sequel to One Day I Found a Multiverse in My Pajamas

Becoming the Spirit of Harmony has given Sunset Shimmer more senses than she knows what to do with, which is why she keeps most of them out of her mostly-human self. That said, it's an opt-out process; she can't leave out something she didn't know she had.

In all fairness, would anyone expect to be able to detect shifts in nearby timelines?

Part of the Oversaturated World.

Rated Teen for certain bodily functions and worldlines. Graciously edited by themaskedferret.

Chapters (3)

Rarity and Twilight have a nice, simple, delicate lunch with absolutely NO sexual overtones whatsoever.

Written to try and break myself out of my mental block and other struggles related to writing. for the Monochromatic chat.

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