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Twilight Sparkle, personal student of Princess Celestia, is sent by her teacher to retrieve a very specific book from the Royal Library. The only problem is, she doesn't know what it's called or where to find it.

Fortunately for her, libraries are the most orderly, most mundane and certainly the safest of places one could possibly be. Or, so she thinks.

Twilight is about to find out how very strange the world of books can truly be.

This story takes place before season 1. Many thanks to Coandco and Ekevoo for editing and pre-reading.
Cover image: Old Book Bindings

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After opening the Golden Oaks Library log book and seeing that it was completely empty, Princess Twilight Sparkle decides to host the First Annual Golden Oaks Library Book Fair with a little help from her friends and number one assistant.

After all, a library with no patrons is, without a doubt, the WORST. POSSIBLE. THING.

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Centuries ago, Clover the Clever recorded in her personal diary the events surrounding the origins and early lives of Celestia and Luna. Now, thanks to the princesses' gracious consent and the scholarship of Twilight Sparkle, this account may now be read by modern Equestrians.

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The book was empty. Purely empty. Each page was as blank as the last. There were no words; there was no title. There was nothing but page after page of blank, white paper.

So Twilight reads it.

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