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Smolder has been sneaking through the School of Friendship, getting wondering looks from her friends and her teachers. Then one night, when Smolder thought that everyone was asleep, Smolder's friends, Starlight, Rainbow Dash, Rarity, Fluttershy, Applejack and Pinkie Pie followed Smolder to the catacombs, where they find Smolder with another dragon. And to surprise them all, the dragon she's with was once a human boy named Aaron Blazer.

The group wanted to know how Aaron got to Equestria in the first place. And they even wanted to know why Smolder was keeping Aaron hidden from her friends and the teachers. And, eventually, they're gonna have to find a way to get Aaron back to his home before his family starts to worry. They contacted new High Princess, Twilight Sparkle, to see if they can find a way to get Aaron back to his world.

But it would take time for Twilight to find the right spell to send Aaron home, so Smolder spent as much time with Aaron, trying to teach him how to fly like a dragon, and avoid causing fire damage with the fire breath he now has. And maybe, the two hang out.

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All her life, a certain girl always believed that she didn't need friends. She studied for years to master the awesome powers within her. She turned to books to escape the world she lived in and the destiny that awaited her. That girl isn't Twilight Sparkle, her name is Raven. And now, she's in Ponyville... although, why is she waking up as a rabbit?

(I'll be honest, this idea came to me mostly because Tara Strong voices both characters. However as I took it into my mind and developed the idea, it just struck me that it might actually be a more interesting story than I'm giving it credit for. Also, if anyone can find a good cover-art for this story I'd appreciate it. The cover-art for this story was drawn by me!)

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cover art from here

My day started out great. my work week just finished and I chose to use my first day off to finally go watch the MLP movie in the cinema and the movie was a great experience.


But my day went from great to WTF when I was passing a sushi resturant on the way out of the cinema and suddenly I'm Haku from Spirited Away and I'm in season 2 Equestria... but things are not all as they seem and now I've gotta figure out how to get home... if that's even possible.

Please not that, despite the romance tag, Haku will not have romantic relations with anyone living in Ponyville.

Holy hayburger! Featured 29/2/2020?

Thanks, guys. The date makes this pretty dang cool

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When all hope is lost there is always something that comes and makes things right. Like an act of god. These are the stories of monsters that come to right the wrongs of the evil that defeated our heroes.

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I just can not believe it.

I was waking up from bed thinking its another tuesday until I realized my house becomes a pocket dimension.

Trying to understand what's going on I open my front door and was shock to find out my front door is a portal to Equestria.

Now you may wonder what's Eque- nope not going to bother explaining, this adventure of mine is probably being written by some random kid and being posted on a mlp fanfic website.

Now I may be a brony and for most people it would be a dream come true.

Honestly when I found out, I was angry and scared.

I am angry because I was taken away from my home, my friends, and my family. And also the fact that out of anyone it could've happen to, it happened to be me.

And I am scared, which I do not show on the outside. Because unlike others who portrait ponies as loving and understanding with very little flaws.

Like any living beings there's no such things as flawless, I am forced to live in a pony's world that freaks out on anything outside of their species and understandings, and since I am the first human in equestria it is not a good sign. Who knows? I will probably be accepted but I will most likely become an outcast at best or a monster that needs to be destroyed at worst.

That doesn't mean I am going to stay cooped up at my home. I wanna live, I wanna explore, I wanna understand where I live. Because 9 times out of 10, most likely I can't get back home.

If I can't get back home then I'll have to adjust living here.

Who knows what I can do here? maybe I can help teach these ponies how to interact with other species.

If there's hope for them anyways...

Somehow this random story I daydreamed got featured on 12/8/23. Well I am putting it here as a trophy like other writers do.

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Stink Beatle, or drone 007, was a changeling of the Badlands Hive! Well, was, you see, his Queen is an idiot and a bit of a psycho. So instead of partaking in a stupid idea, like invading the capital of the strongest nation that Equus has ever seen, he left the Hive to live amongst ponies in peace… Yeah no, that didn’t happen either. He somehow winds up in Canterlot shortly after the invasion… In the castle, under a Princess’s wing.

Doesn’t this just put a hole in your leg?

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So there I was, minding my own business and helping my buddy out as a beta tester for one of his coding projects, when all of a sudden—


I got turned into the character I'd been making. More importantly, I got teleported to the middle of nowhere. It sucks that I've been placed in this kind of dangerous situation with nothing but the clothes on my back, but at least I have some superpowers to help me survive.

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Bald Ostrich, was once a human. Now he’s a pegasus, in a land that looks eerily like medieval Europe. Will he find a way home? Will he even survive past a week? How will becoming the consort of the Princess of Night go?

And why is the Day Princess so wary of him? Also some old guy with a Beard is a massive asshole. What a dick.

Now it has a sequel

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On that fateful night on the moon, the princess of night is truly no more, and from those ashes, rises a new entity that is forced to take over her mantle, all her good and her sin.

Destiny weaved by the harmony itself laid before her. A part of the grand story, to be a tutorial villain, to be an exposition giver's sidekick, and to be slaved away beside the golden throne, then retired to a hut in god knows where, lost in history.

"Fuck that I'm out"

And so begin a new tale.

  1. Half of "dark" tags are there as precaution because i will skimps over a bit but very rarely. for example Non-consensual will be use one time on no-name one-time oc character in a flashback. as far as i planned currently.
  2. This is my first time writing a long novel. I promised to post the full plot outline somewhere if I somehow unable to finish it.
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One Punch Man x My Little Pony fan fiction. Mostly just a single action and comedy scene made into a shortfic. Trigger warning for blood and character death.

Please check out my other work, and have a great day. PLUS ULTRA or something.

Fully Featured and HOT on 02/6/23, 02/7/23 you crazy bastards really wanted a chapter two.

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