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This story is a sequel to Rot

After the events in 'Rot', Twilight Sparkle has finally come to terms with her new self. Can she control her new powers? Can she ever have anything close to a 'normal' life again? And what happens when Discord's past mistakes come home to pass judgement on the 'new' Princess of Friendship?

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Spike has had enough of being treated as a slave instead of a friend. He works, cleans, does chores for Twilight and her friends, and gets abandoned. Being sick and tired of being used as a tool, an object for his so-called friends, he wishes for better life without them. Little did he know that his wish was going to grant him the best adventure ever.

While Spike is gone, Discord is going to disguise himself as Spike to see if Twilight and her friends are worthy to be Spike's friends or not.

(Spoilers in the Comments. You have been warned.)

(Takes place before season 8)
Fairy Tail is copyright of Hiro Mashima

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Jim Summers was a normal 14 years old school student, until one day when he was coming back home from school with his 8 years old little sister, Lizzie Summers, both of them got struck by a lighting.

When the siblings woke up they discovered that their bodies have change and that they where not anymore in their world, but now they where in Equestria. together they must find the way to return to their world and turn their bodies back to normal, but will the inhabitants of Equestria become their allies or enemies?

This was inspired by jsk244 story The Black Digi-Knight

The first story that I post here, I have already post the spanish version on fanfiction and now I decide to try to make the translated version here.

I said it before, but this is only for fun, I will try to make the work the most decent way I can do(of course, english is not my mother language so I will do the best I can), I will fix any mistake I do in time. having said that, enjoy it :twilightsmile:

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After the defeat of Kid Buu, the world can be at peace, but a certain Half-Saiyan starts to feel rather inadequate as he thinks of everything his idols have achieved. As a result, Goten starts to think he isn't living up to his potential.

Then, a long gone Saiyan suddenly appears offering him the chance to be a hero in Equestria. What does Goten do? naturally, he runs into the portal where the Saiyan stands. Now, he must come to understand what it means to be a true hero, or he will fail everyone.

(Note: Unless I state otherwise, all episodes that are not written into chapters happened with minimal or no interference from Goten. He's still there just in a minor role that would make writing out the chapter a useless endeavor.

Episodes which serve a purpose to the plot, Goten's development, and/or help him bond with other characters will be the chapters I write. This is all in an effort to ensure this story comes to an end some day.)

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We have all read the stories about a human waking up as N.M.M in the castle of the two sisters heck even I've read a bunch of them. They were always my favorite with a normal guy trying not to get blasted by rainbows for having the same body as some villain.

But never thought that could happen to me!

Now my hair is on fire, I'm most likely 6 years old and this castle I woke up in looks an awful lot like a certain one that located in the magical land of Equestria.

But that's only fiction right?

Well if there is one positive thing about this...I got to keep my hands.

(level 4 anthro)
Previous Cover art from my friend Sonata Dusk951 Send him some Love :heart:

Now with Editors HeBogin and The-Hidden-Fox :heart:

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After waking up in Equestria, Arrow finds himself no longer a human but a rowlet. He doesn’t remember much of his human life, but he came up with the alias ‘Arrow’ after recalling rowlet’s evolutionary line ends with a decidueye, which is an archer of sorts. Arrow quickly finds out that he had somehow injured himself, so he goes off looking for help.

Nearby, a recently reformed Luna walks the garden near midnight as she stumbles across the injured owl. She takes him in and nurses him back to health before adopting him as her pet. Unbeknownst to her, Arrow is far more intelligent that her sister’s Phoenix.

7/16 - Wow, featured on the first day!
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Anon-A-Miss. That's what they called themselves. They had not only destroyed Sunset, but ripped Canterlot High apart in the process...


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Kicked out of her Brother's wedding and betrayed by her friends, Twilight Sparkle is offered a chance by Arceus to go to the world of pokemon and start her life over. As she arrives, she is found by Ash Ketchum and his partner Pikachu and together they will travel through the Hoenn Region to become the very best like no one ever was.

This story will be based on both the anime and Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. So there will be Mega Evolution and some Pokémon from all the regions will be shown.

Cover Art created by: Mr Tech

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Today I was going to Comic-Con, but I only got to enjoy it for an hour. In retrospect though I should have expected to be quite scary after I bought all those items, but hey what ya gunna do

Profanity tag is for cursing, sex tag is for jokes and innuendoes, and random tag is for bullshit luck and excessive craziness.

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While cleaning up the Castle of the Two Sisters, Spike discovers a chest containing twelve magical talismans that grant him special powers. Using these powers Spike shows the girls and anypony else he is no longer the little helpless dragon they make him out to be. Unfortunately the original owner of the talismans has no intention of letting another use them.

Alternate Universe before the events of seasons 6-9

Elements of Jackie Chan Adventures

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