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After a good day passed crusading, Scootaloo is napping before returning to her home when a rift suddenly opens before her. Out of the rift comes a strange ruby followed by a bipedal mustachioed being. Scootaloo quickly discovers that the ruby possesses great powers but before she knows it, she accidentally merges with it.

Now, she has to learn to control her new phenomenal powers, fight the mustachioed being who reveals to be a mad scientist who wants to use the power of the ruby to return home (and conquer Equestria on the way), and deal with the spirit of a sicko trapped in the ruby calling himself Infinite.

Perfect setting for the rising of a new, awesome super hero: Zero.

Crossover with Sonic the Hedgehog. Starts during season 4 of My Little Pony and after the events of Sonic Mania Plus.

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Twilight seeks out Sombra's horn after his defeat to study it but quickly finds herself studying with him once she finds the horn. Despite Sombra safely residing inside his own horn, Twilight learns that he is slowly dying.

How will Twilight behave once she learned of Sombra's fate?

The original cover art was done by a friend of mine, Ablaze Emblemier.

The redone cover art was drawn and colored by, Elu.

Thank you both Ablaze and Elu.

This story is a submission to the Dear Love: A Beautiful Discord writing contest.

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