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I'm just your everyday dragon of shadows here to write some fics and help people with their stories. I want to write more stories about underrepresented species in the community, because reasons.

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A heavy snowstorm traps a group of ponies in a tiny hamlet far away from any civilization, and while the adults are doing their best to fend away the elements and ration the fading supplies, the foals decide to go out of bounds and figure it out on their own. But only one of them will be able to discover where the cold comes from.

Cover art by one and only, the amazing SkyAircobra (DeviantArt I Patreon)
Whole lot of thanks to Karibela for initially hunting away the typos, misspellings and various other ineptitudes of mine.
Whole lot if awe to the glorious Schattendrache, that scalded all my broken english into submission with his shadow flame.
And thanks to you if you intend to pay it any attention ;)

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The Zebras have long been a secret race that for eons have had little to nothing to do with other races but hopefully after today that will change. The king of the Zebra has agreed to meet 2 of the pillars who will do all they can to convince his people should befriend the ponies of Equestria. With a little help from Rarity.

Edit: Special thanks to EverfreePony and Schattendrache for help editing.

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I have been having weird dreams for as long as I could remember. People normally have weird dreams, but not dreams that warn them about the future. My "dreams" haunt my sleep and give me a constant buzz in my brain when I am awake. One night, however, my "dreams" took a turn for the insane, showing me something that made absolutely no sense, leaving me confused and unsure when I awoke.

Unfortunately, despite the absurdity of the "dream", it was in fact true, and I am now trapped in a world straight out of a children's TV show. I don't entirely know what to make of this situation I have found myself in. I would be helpless right now... If it wasn't for the fact that I had already lived through this only a few hours prior. I must be careful about how I react to my visions, because the choices I make could cause things to change for the better... or for the much, MUCH worse.

In line with the main canon up until the end of Season 8.

Special thanks to Schattendrache for proofreading this story. Without you, this story would be nowhere near as good as it is now.

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Byetkul. once called Equus in the West, Earth in the East, the name means "World we all share." Humans and ponies live on the same world, with humans having a different brand of magic than ponies. With human magitek, the past evils were all dealt with the first time with Great Machines housing the six Elements: Nightmare Moon was cured, Discord reformed, even the Changelings are a friendly power thanks to human intervention. All but a mythical "Great Nothing" were dealt with in full.

9-year-old Kenny Draper, a human boy from the Hominian Frozen North, is terrible at all magic that isn't Water, but is smart for his age: A total nerd. His life is about to change forever when a tragedy brings about a chance meeting to brighten his life forever.

EDIT 5:20 PM MDT 3/24/2019: Popular box! Not quite Featured yet, but yes! Thank you, everyone who has read so far, and especially those of you who left votes. Thank you all so much!

This is a fic based on a dream I once had and the notes I took on it. I tried my best to iron out as much weirdness as I could and produce a properly-flowing story, since I saw the potential for a great fic in that dream. It may start out seeming like a slice of life fic, but I assure you, that time will pass, and we'll get to the adventure parts. The Self-Insert tag is just there as a precaution, as the dreamer (me) was the main character in the dream, but he has some traits I never did, both in strengths and weaknesses. More character tags will be added when other characters become relevant enough to actually be considered part of the main cast.
Special thanks to my co-author, Theboxcatgamer for assisting with this so much. This wouldn't have been possible without you. Thank you so much, man!
Additional thanks to Schattendrache and doomie-22 for the editing, proofreading, and supporting authoring (yes, I just made that term up. No, I'm not getting rid of it) you two have provided thus far. You've also been a big help!

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Ryuuzan, a gryphon, overhears a looming threat and plans against the Equestrian Crown. He sets off to Canterlot to warn the Royal Sisters, but how can he aptly convey the threats when he cannot speak, and without being viewed as a threat as well.

Luna is witness to when the gryphon arrives, and with her court scribe Quill Feather, they attempt to unravel the mystery of the gravely injured gryphon, and the reasons why he risked everything to get to Canterlot Castle.

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A decade or so before the light bringer cleared the skies. The Equestrian wasteland was just as hostile and unforgiving as ever. What would become major factions and warlords were just starting to gain power and spread there influence. Ride along with the train crew of Engine 3133 as they travel the country on the rails of the old Friendship Express. Struggling to balance survival and profit this band of ponies must deal with dangers from abroad as well as with in or become the next victim of the wasteland.

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