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After a thousand years spent trapped on the Moon, Princess Luna is officially back home.

Tired and weary, she would truly like nothing more than a nice, long sleep.

Sadly, Princess Celestia has other plans for her dear sister.

Artwork by MagnaLuna. Thanks for all those that pointed this out!

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Celestia is a princess, elegant, regal, and certainly not secretly trying to mess with everyone around her for her own amusement...

Brought to you by watching Jordanis play Untitled Goose Game a bunch. Plus having Celestia be the goose instead of making Celestia deal with the goose was also his idea, and he edited it super well, so pretty much this is Jordanis' story, I just wrote bits of it.

Story is now complete!

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It took Cadance four meetings to ask for Shining Armor's name and only one to tell him not to fall for her. It took Shining Armor one meeting to realise Cadance was very likely insane and four for him to decide that he was okay with it.

Note: The characters are OOC. My interpretations are of them in their younger years, around their early twenties, perhaps when they are both in University or College.

Cover by guywhodoesart.

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This story is a sequel to Best Hell Ever

Once upon a time, Twilight went to hell. It wasn’t that bad. It was pretty great, actually. It had a library! A big one. Like, bigger-than-the-universe big. But then Twilight went and got herself kicked out of hell, and now she’s depressed.

There’s only one logical solution: with Starlight’s reluctant help, Twilight is going to break into hell and invade its library. Oh, it’ll be tricky — trying to find one specific location in an infinite dimension tends to be a bit hard — but the infinite knowledge it’ll provide is too good to pass up. Twilight will find that library if it kills her (which, since this is hell, isn’t the worst thing ever in the grand scheme of things).

There is absolutely no way this can possibly go wrong.

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Pinkie Pie has a decent life, all things considered. Working at Sugarcube Corner, throwing parties, saving the world, making friends. She had a pretty good run. But when she comes face to face with the Grim Reaper and her own demise, she definitely doesn't want to let go. So she does the only thing she knows to do to avoid death itself, and challenges him to a game for her life.

But even if she wins, did she really escape death, or is she not out of his grasp yet?

The cover art was a commission courtesy of waxraven.

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It had been one year since Twilight Sparkle vanished in the battle against the evil unicorn Xander, and her friends were still trying to overcome the grief of losing her. On the anniversary of her presumed death, her friends gather at her memorial. What was suppose to be a day of remembrance was shattered by a strange metal object that landed right beside them. Their anger quickly turns to shock as a familiar unicorn emerges... and boy does she have a story to tell.

Rated Teen for violence, language, and sexual content. Rating and tags may change in future chapters.

This is not a Halo fic. It IS however loosely inspired by Halo as well as Star Wars, Mass Effect and several other sci-fi movies, books, and games.

Edited by Jack-Pony, HuskSummers, Coldwall, and sadron

Cover art by Sonic Rain

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Twilight Sparkle is facing a crisis greater than Tirek, the Changelings, and King Sombra combined.

She's read every single book in existence.

So it is that she has nothing new to read.

She does not take it well.

Pre-read by The Albinocorn and MythrilMoth.

Review by Gear Tech the Living Robot

Dramatic reading by DRWolf
Reading by Wing T. Spears

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Suddenly finding herself in hell, Twilight is presented with one fact: for the rest of eternity, she's stuck in a library holding every book possible. She's expected to organize them and is allowed to read them.

What makes this hell, again?

Now has a Spanish translation by SPANIARD KIWI.

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Twilight looked over to her dear mentor, Princess Celestia, and found she had once again fallen asleep mid-lesson. Her intense debate on awakening the princess was cut short when the decision was taken out of her hooves.

“Huh? Oh. Twilight, I am so sorry for falling asleep again. I think we need to reschedule this for tomorrow morning.”

Twilight nodded. After all, Princess Celestia was obviously overworked. If only there was something she could do to help.

Now with a dramatic reading courtesy of DRWolf.
Additionally, there’s a Spanish translation by Spaniard Kiwi over on Deviant Art.

Current Episode: Season Zero – Episode One
Next Episode: Twin Twilights

Art created from images by Tim015 and ShilaDaLioness.

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The nation of Equestria has been exploring their little slice of the universe for some time now. From launching probes into deep space, to landing ponies on the moon. Sending things beyond the grasp of their planet has become almost routine. However, with every mission into space, there comes a time when the voyage must end. What happens when Equestria experiences the end of a voyage that they didn't begin?

Updated and Revised on October 5th, 2014

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