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Six months had passed since Spike had vanished during Twilight's ascension. Six months of frantic searching, worry, and finally grief for the Mane 6 and princesses

That is, until a strange object lands during Twilight and Tirek's battle, carrying the lost drake back home...with a few changes and one heck of a story.

(Inspired by Tatsurou's 'Another Hatchling')

Chapters (30)

Twilight thought it was all so real. The ponies, the grass, the air, the shining light of the day. With the breaking of a single connection, everything comes crashing down, leaving a very confused human girl wearing a VR headset.

Good thing she can relog.

Preread by Babroniedad, Twilight Connor, Drakos779966, and Doggyshakespeare.

Now featured in GMBlackjack's The League of Sweetie Belles!

Formerly preread by Silence_EXE, deadpansnarker, TRIBOT 3000, and Naga is alive.
Original fiction spinoff edited by Undyne Devotion, EverfreePony, and RQK.

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Cover art drawn in collaboration between Momoruuu and myself.

Based off of a chapter from What If...?

Read Pony-Me™: Outtakes for scrapped content, sneaky references, and more!

Now with a (somewhat) spinoff story by Undead Equestrian Writer!

Reviewed by The Reviewers' Cafe!
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Table of Contents:
Wake up. - Bonus #2: Epilogue 1: Part 1
...Or go on. - Bonus #5: Epilogue 2: Part 2

The Pony-Me Universal Framework (As of the beginning of Part 3)

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Starlight notices Twilight's fear of a particular style of grilled cheese snack and decides this is a problem she can solve. What could go wrong?

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Celestia has reached the eldest age for an alicorn, and in order to continue lifting the sun for Equestria, she has no choice but to transform herself back into a filly.

She's left herself, and Luna some very detailed notes on what to do next.

*Breaks away from canon events happening in Season Nine. For example, Cozy Glow is still trapped within Tartarus.*

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