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This story is a sequel to Royal-Tea for Two

One day while taking the long train ride home from Canterlot, you began to wonder what it would be like to use magic. According to your dear friend Twilight Sparkle, this should be physically impossible. From your perspective, pretty much everything in Equestria is impossible. Sounds like it's time for Equestria's resident human to get cracking.

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This story is a sequel to A Shallow Pool

Princess Celestia has invited you to the Grand Galloping Gala. Formal events were never your strong suit, but you are willing to leave your comfort zone for Tia's sake. Of course, even with your friends' warnings about what happened to them at the last Gala, you probably shouldn't expect everything to go as planned. With any luck, you won't draw too much attention to yourself, even if you are the only human in attendance.

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Wanting to impress his best friend and bolster his own reputation. Discord takes a human from earth and changes him into a colt. But not just any human, a human who knows about the show itself. Thus begins a symbiotic relationship where Anon gets to experience life in Equestria as a young child while Discord can use him for his own plans. Of course, the information of Anon's origins are to remain a secret. And this of course, along with Anon being quite the manchild, creates all sorts of hi-jinks for both him and those around him. Though, considering his adoptive father is Discord. Chaos is all part of the course.

The story is mostly slice of life. Especially at the beginning. But as it goes on, things become more chaotic and life tumbles down into chaos for our good Anon. Everything from dealing with the queen of the changelings to even getting his own chance at soviet Glimmer. All that and more in this story.

This is a reformatted version (reformatted by ShobieShy) of the greentexted "Dadonequus Discord" written during mid season 5 by myself.

Cover Art by "Bunny". made specifically for the story

https://pastebin.com/u/Erf1111 link to the original version

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Join Spike Cynder as he starts high school in a new city. At Canterlot high he'll make friends, rivals, and have all sort of fun and adventures with seven new friends.

*Takes Place in an Alternate version of the Equestria Girls setting*

*Twilight has no pet dog named Spike*

*Rainbooms don't have magical powers*

*No rogue Equestrian Magic or banished magical beings*

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I've always loved my six best friends since we were just kids. But now that we're older they're acting differently to me, and I find myself acting in a similar matter to each of them. Our feelings for each other is becoming much different. Will our friendship remain true as we go on with our lives? I wonder.

Cover art courtesy of Duke Moon II

Tropes Page here: The Girls of My Life

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After finishing work and given the ten day off promotion, you called it a day and begin to head on home. On the way you were stopped by a group of thugs. Just when your life was almost closing curtains, someone comes to the scene…

Written by Bit-By-Bit Studio

[F4M] [Street Fighter] [Young Woman] [Fighter vs thugs] [Fighter saves you] [Kissing and hugging]

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This story is a sequel to The Girls of My Life 2: Old Flames and New Flames

See Spike Drake and the Canterlot Cuties in their childhood days, and how Spike got to know each of the girls and vice versa.

Recommend reading The Girls of My Life, and The Girls of My Life 2 Old Flames and New Flames before this, in this exact order.

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Grammer and spelling mistakes are in this story, You want any explanation go to This chapter

[2nd person]
You were getting tired of living the same old routine and living in a big city. You decide to move to a whole new place. What lies in store for you there?

Your Name is StarGazer

Proofreader for this story is Dakilladj (Or Dak)

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[2nd-Person Fic starring you and Applejack]

With a history of theft and deception behind you, you make the best for yourself through possessions belonging to others. Or, rather, the possessions that once belonged to others. With no need for a steady line of work, you keep yourself afloat through your occupation as a master thief.

But when a heist goes awry, you're left at the mercy of a simple apple farmer...

Author's Note: Alrighty! Here's a new one!

Uh...I really don't know what to say here. Compared to Rejuvenate, I planned this one out WAY more, so hopefully you won't find it as sloppy.

Won't be incredibly saucy. At the most, I'm predicting this one to be about the [Tender] rating.

Enjoy, folks!

Artwork by Graffston of dA.

Chapters (15)

Your parents are famed photographers, passing through to many different places. One of these places happened to be Ponyville. While your parents were busy doing something, you were left in the care of a teenage Applejack.

Over a brief experience of eating Zap Apple Jam, you ended up falling in love with the young woman and eventually she would be the only fruit in your mind. One day, when you were old enough, you'd return to Ponyville, finally ready to reach for that fruit.

A two chapter story based off the cover art you're seeing right now by racoonkun.

Minor Crossover with Kamen Rider Decade and RWBY.

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