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Book I
Meet Dusk Noir, a unicorn stallion from Canterlot. He attends Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns, has a liking to learning and reading and has a unique magical talent. He seems like he would be happy, but there's just one problem: he doesn't have any friends. It's not that he doesn't want them, but he just feels that he wouldn't be worth the time of anypony. He sees himself as unremarkable, a waste of space and not much to bother with. There's only one pony he'd even consider being good enough as a friend for and he doesn't even know how to say the first word to her. It seems like he will always be alone.
Until one night, when he discovered by the Princess of the Sun and is sent to Ponyville to meet her at last. Can he achieve the goal of earning her friendship and much more besides or will he be simply left alone?
This is a story that I began as a sort of creativity outlet when I discovered how much of a fan I was of the series. From there, it just kind of grew and I enjoyed continuing it. Doubtless, you probably know what it's going to be about before you even read it and would even be tempted to point it out. I won't try and change what you think, all I ask is that you give it a chance.
There are two more stories following this, both of which along with the fuller version of this one, can be found on my fanfiction account. Just search my username and you'll find them, if you really want to read more that is. I'll try posting on as regular a basis as I can. That is, if it's received well.
This first one isn't my best, I'll admit that much, but I certainly did try my best with this one and what I had planned for it. I hope you enjoy it.
The cover was by Quillin Words and he did a fantastic job, thanks dude!

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Book V
It seems like a perfect day for a wedding. With the sun shining its brightest in the sky, birds singing their ballads in the trees and emotions running high, nopony could even begin to argue with that assessment. When Dusk and his friends are called in to help with the preparations, it looks like it could be even better. A time for celebration and for merriment.
Yet all of this is calm before a storm and it will be a great one. Underneath all the cake and the flowers and a gowns, a threat looms over the kingdom. A threat of invasion, which will soon be realised on this happy day. Sparked by greed and hatred, Chrysalis and her hive are coming, their numbers great and their sights set on conquest. First, Canterlot, then all of Equestria.
When they descend, it is the Elements of Harmony who must rise to defend their home. Dusk must take up arms against those who would do them harm. But after the scars that still plague his mind, can he bring himself to hurt another being, even an enemy? Will he be able to take up the banner and stand up to the Changelings or will he succumb to his lingering fears? And why can't he shake the feeling there might be something more to this, that his lurking foes might be orchestrating this?
All that is known is that Equestria will soon darken for a warring Dusk.
Cover done once more by the irrepressible Quillin Words.

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[Featured 2/2/2015! Oh yes!]
Book VI
A month has passed since the Invasion of Canterlot. In that time, Dusk and his friends have continued to live peacefully in Ponyville. Recent revelations have shaken them, but they stand firm, their friendship and love as strong as ever, if not stronger. They help each other, lend their strength and remain united by the magic they all share. The threat is defeated, as it always is.
But these threats are never truly gone. They wait, they fester, they grow... they rise. Now, they have risen once more. Growing shadows creeping from the North. Vows of vengeance rising from the Pits. Roars of rage echoing across the land. Once again, they must stand together and face them, strengthened by their ever-growing friendship.
But these ancient enemies aren't the only things that need to be contended with. Dusk and Twilight continue to explore their relationship, but what will it lead to? They know of Ray's terrible secret, but how will they ultimately cope? What are these whispers of Twilight's destiny between the Royal Sisters? Can their friendship withstand the trials they will soon face?
However dark the shadows may be, one thing that's certain is that there will always be a Ray of light shining in the Dusk.
Best cover ever by Quillin Words!

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Book IV
Dusk used to think he was the most unimportant, useless pony that had ever lived. He didn't think that anypony would accept him and he would always be alone, save for one. How wrong he was. With the lord of chaos sealed away once again and his true destiny discovered, to say Dusk has come a long way from where he began would be an understatement.
Now he's the Seventh Element, new responsibilities as well as new opportunities have been opened up to him. An education, under one of the most powerful beings in Equestria has begun, allowing him to expand upon his magic, if he can handle it. At long last, he has taken his his friendship with Twilight to the next level, but that was only the first step. Now, they both must learn not only the magic of friendship, but of romance too.
But not everything is as perfect as it appears. Blackhole Doom may be gone, but his deeds and memories remain in Dusk's mind. Can he cope with the scars his darker self has left? Will he and his friends be able to confront them or will he keep them locked away? A story is told of a Fallen Soul, a fallen hero from time long past. But how much of it is actually a story and could it be something more?
With all of this, meeting new ponies, the good and the bad, new lessons to learn and new adventures to be had, it is true to say that Dusk... has finally dawned.
Cover again by the marvellous Quillin Words. Thanks!

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Book II
Brought out of the darkness of solitude and into the light of friendship, Dusk returns once more to see and learn just what magic and wonder friendship has in store for him. Once thinking he was the most useless, pointless pony to ever exist, he has now found those who care for him and appreciate him for who he is, opening up new possibilities never even considered.
He will join the girls on their adventures and experiences with friendship’s magic, helping them along as they go, having a few of his own and learning and discovering new aspects of himself that become open now friendship is known to him. Along the way, he will also make new friends, challenge his own beliefs and convictions once more and just discover how much more wonderful life is with friends as a part of it.
But that’s not all that concerns him here. He needs to do something different about himself, but what? He has his colour magic, but where exactly did it come from and are there others he shares it with? Twilight may be his best friend but… what’s this new feeling that he has when he’s around her now?
All of this will be explored, as Equestria prepares to see a brand new Dusk.
Cover again by Quillin Words.

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Book III
Everything looks to be going well for Dusk. He has great friends, a good life and a mare he would give his heart to. It seems like, after all of this happiness, nothing could possibly go wrong and things can only get better.
But as he learns, things have to get worse before they get better. And they do, for after a thousand years trapped in stone, Discord is freed from his entrapment, to reign chaos over Equestria once more.
The only one not connected the Elements of Harmony, Dusk ends up being left behind for his own safety, seemingly useless in the fight. But that changes when Princess Luna sends him into the Everfree Forest, searching for something that might help them. Can he find this strange artifact, if it even exists? What exactly is it? What is this prophecy about?
Discord also starts to take an interest in him and soon, through the spirit's magic, Dusk must face his greatest challenge yet, an enemy thought to be non-existent: his darker side, created by the spirit of chaos.
Can Dusk survive and discover his destiny or will his darker self take over forever?
Cover again by the great Quillin Words. Thanks man!

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