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im asp production live or simply aaron or sweat tart im a youtuber and amnio equastria pony art type on there , if you have queastion about me go to my yt or amnio page

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Cancelled. Horror just isn't my field right now, and I can't bring myself to return to this. Maybe I'll come back to this, maybe I won't, but that's it.

A note to all future readers: no, this isn't going to involve Sonic, or Mobius. Thank you.

Enter Captain Sehn Darksol, a member of a military force, and entire species of upright-standing hedgehog, thought to have disappeared from Equestria's border Mira desert 300 years ago, as a set of nightmares wracks his mind. Visions of a past crime committed by a certain cyan pegasus, as well as a rise in activity at a zone known as 'Ground Zero', has him sent on a mission to Equestria to hunt down and bring back the pegasus.

Rainbow Dash, also wracked by nightmares, awakens one morning shoving aside the dream as she usually does, usually has done for the past month. When she heads out to perform her usual flight maneuvers though, she quickly discovers something is very wrong. Couple that with a strange meeting with a creature she's never even heard of before, and the appearance of a strange silver pony, just how could this day get any stranger?

Silent Ponyville: Duet Of Sorrow is written as a splice-in between Silent Ponyville 2 and 3, both written by jake-heritagu of DeviantART. In order to fully understand all the references, plot points and character motivations, it is recommended that you read these stories first:

Silent Ponyville 1
Silent Ponyville 2
'Too Shy For A Rainbow'

All written by jake-heritagu of deviantART.

References made to Cupcakes.

Chapters (20)

Twilight Sparkle, frustrated by the lack of answers from her friends after treating them with the Mind Delve spell for their traumatic nightmares, seeks another method for finding out the spell's secrets. For this she goes to Ponyville's oldest relative, and learns more than she expected.

This is a non-profit fanfiction created for entertainment purposes only. This story is a continuation to Silent Ponyville and Silent Ponyville 2 by author jake-heritagu. Who also made the cover art for this piece. Please go give him your support if you have not already.


Chapters (4)

Fluttershy awakens to find herself in a strange place that quickly turns into a living nightmare. Completely alone she must try and escape the otherworld and figure out exactly how she arrived here.

Chapters (1)

Twilight is suffering from horrid nightmares. Three nightmares that keep repeating, each time growing in intensity. When she goes to Zecora for help, the zrebra offers her a solution. However, it may not be one that Twilight will like.

Chapters (6)

This story is a sequel to Silent Ponyville 2

Twilight Sparkle has been frustrated with her inability to figure out the inner working of a spell she discovered called the Mind Delve. When her annual evaluation suddenly springs up she finds an opportunity to travel to Canterlot to study this spell. But will she find all the answers she's looking for, and more importantly, will she like them?

Takes place after Silent Ponyville: Reunion: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/14866/Silent-Ponyville%3A-Reunion
Sequel: http://www.fimfiction.net/story/15182/The-Rainbow%27s-Surprise

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Spoilers for Silent Ponyville 1

Two years after Pinkie and Octavia left home, the Pies felt the house had grown too quiet and they missed raising their kids. So when they agreed to have another, they made sure to inform their daughters the moment they could meet her.

Years later, Pinkie is celebrating her baby sister's birthday when her baby sister asks her about their other sister, the sister she never had a chance to meet.

An experimental One-Shot about introducing Maud to the Silent Ponyville universe.

Chapters (1)

Madness lives in all of us. Every animal, plant, rock, and breeze. It can make changes for the better, or worse, and when used in force. The suffering of sins.
Welcome to Silent Ponyville

Chapters (4)

Written with permission form Jake-Heritagu.

Applejack returns from Canterlot after having gone there to raise money to help rebuild Ponyville after a fire rages through the town. Upon returning home, she finds the town abandoned and covered in a thick fog, and ventured into town.
This is my first fanfiction, so any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Chapters (2)

Applejack suffers constantly from the same nightmares of being chased by the same monsters, with the occasional differing nightmare where she is instead drowned by a mysterious masked white pony. She goes to Twilight for help, but instead, an unexpected pony decides to tackle the problem of helping her.

Chapters (10)

Skybridge attempts to start a new life for himself by moving to the quiet little town of Ponyville. Things take a turn for the worse however as his new apartment begins to change. Will Sky be able to escape the room and the nightmare it contains?

Unofficial side story to Silent Ponyville
Credit for cover image goes to Robipony

You do not need to read any other S.P. stories to read this one.

Chapters (8)
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