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Grumpy barista Johanna Waters has had it with the real world: her job, her insufferably repetitive day-to-day routine, and now her fandom's unappreciation for the incredibly sexy Pipp Petals. The next five mornings after that lead to one surprise after another, completely turning Johanna's life upside down in the most wonderful way possible.

Contest entry for the Woman X Mare Shipping Contest.
Cover art by pfeffaroo!
Contains Pipp X Human OC romance, Zipp/Human OC friendship, a pinch of Izzyscout, drinking contests, waking up married, sexy mother-in-laws, Starbucks commentary based on Reddit posts, and more pony shenanigans and wholesomeness.

Chapters (4)

This story is a sequel to War Gone Cold

After months of being separated, Lyra and Abstraction were reunited, taking the next step in their life. But another, unexpected challenge is at hoof. Helping ponies from another universe. And a cybernetic species from the edges of space.

A non-canon sequel to War Gone Cold, being a gift to my friend midnightwolfGX

Chapters (13)

Twilight stumbles home and to the scene of a murder. Spike stands before a corpse. When she asks him what happened, all he can ask her is: "What do you mean?"

This work of insanity was inspired by... YourNeighborhoodAlicorn!

(Or, Harmonic)

[Cover by Swagstapiece!]

Chapters (1)

On an unfortunate business trip, Rarity is subjected to a very obnoxious mare with a very beautifully green bracelet. She then finds a strange, uncooperative trunk.

Things do get better from there.

Chapters (1)

Limestone Pie. The family grumpy gus. The ruthless dictatrix of the Pie family rock farm.

Hard as rock, because that’s what the job needs.

But once in a while, the facade cracks, and shows the real mare beneath the stone.

CW: Pie family angst, depression, suicidal ideation, dissociative episodes

Cover art by the exceptionally patient and understanding Snow Quill.

Chapters (4)

A new fertilizer was my dad's biggest obsession when I woke up. He was going on about how it's the next big innovation in farming technology and that it's my future. I was happy for my daddy who is a proud farmer and everything!

But... Something feels... weird.

Based off of a dream I had earlier this week. Gave me a night terror.

No image because...well no image is close to my thoughts

This is part of my prose practice

Chapters (1)

What does one get for the pony who's lost everything?

For Glimmer, it's the chance to revisit her ruination on the six that smashed her sanctum.

Pic credit goes to Artificialstupidity3.

Thanks to Flashgen and The Red Parade for reading/reviewing.

UPDATE, 7/1/2020-7/2/2020: Second of my fics in the feature box in one week? I can't thank you all enough.

WARNING: Glim-Glam's got a gun gripe

Chapters (1)

After conquering yet another ancient evil, Twilight returns to her library. There, she encounters the ghost of King Sombra, who delivers a terrible warning about the dangers of helping emopones.

A touching, heartfelt tragedy, except it was written by Fiddlebottoms, so it is not.

Chapters (1)

Sunset Shimmer and Fluttershy have been streaming games together for years. After one particular stream, the two relax...

Cover art by catgomez

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You've just moved into a new house in a new neighborhood, and as you unload some boxes, a sexy, purple-haired girl calls you over and asks for help. You'd seen her a few times as you've come and gone, but you'd never asked her out. Now, she's asking if you'd help her with some groceries. You say yes, of course, but something tells you she wants more than just a little assistance . . . .

The first installment of "The Steam Collection". Second-person present-tense perspective set in the EG universe, based on a random scenario I saw and replied to on Facebook. Rated 'Teen' for some steamy moments—as close to sex as you can get and still keep it clean.

Chapters (1)