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Detective jakkid166 is the greatest detective in the world who always solve the cases and solve the bad guys. However, today becomes his biggest challenge yet as he gets trapped in Ponyville and he has to solve a mystery. Can he do it and can he also get a pay raise from the Chief of Police who might be the murderer! Well dont turn off your TV or you won't find out in Detective jakkid166 Go Equestria Now.

Chapters (6)

Starlight be long. But WHY?

I figured, why are we limiting the meme to just artwork? This is probably the stupidest thing I've ever written, honestly. Coverart by Searchlight Mid. The meme originates from LBRCloud. I was introduced to the madness by Round Trip's video. Maniacs, all of them.

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When Wallflower Blush's girlfriend has her purse stolen, she swiftly gets it back. With rocket launchers.

Cover art by Scampy

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Headless Pony Expresses His Opinions
Local princess is outraged by the fact

"It's nonsense," the Princess states, "he can't think, how is he allowed to have an opinion?"
After numerous editorials published on The Broken Knot, the headless author seems to have incurred the wrath of Ponyville's local purple alicorn. She claims he cannot form an opinion, being a being deprived of a brain and therefore incapable of thought, and that the statements made in his articles are always wrong, and often-times harmful. No official response has come yet. <full story inside>

In this number:

  • Spiders: Helpful Arachnids or Mind-Controlling Extra-dimensional Invaders?
  • Robots From The Future Announce The Singularity Is Near; Collapse of Society Imminent
  • Exclusive: Interview With God Herself on Page 9
  • Author Completely Loses His Mind, Writes About Stairs

Due to unforeseen complications, this issue will not contain the Sports section. We hope our readers will understand.

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Shining Armor is a complicated stallion. One would not believe that a pony of the Royal Guard would have such refined taste beyond simply 'food'. Unfortunately, his parents do not share his palate for the exotic.
But as chance would have it, his parents are going away for the weekend, leaving him with the perfect opportunity to eat something that he really loves.

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A voice is telling Twilight to build a cottage cheese laser.

But she's not having any of it.

Edited by PegasusMesa!

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The Apple family reunion got really awkward this year.

Special thanks goes to MagnetBolt for assistance!

Entry in the Sunset Shipping Contest!

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This story is a sequel to The Sauce Must Flow

There was no two ways about it. That fish had to die. And Raindrops had to watch.

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