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Izzy Moonbow has always felt alone. Bridlewood was quiet, and its people quieter still.

Then one day, she comes across a moonlit garden, hidden deep amongst the trees. Its caretaker is a strange mare who speaks of the days of old when friends were plentiful and the nights were beautiful.

Her name is Luna.

Received an Honourable Mention / Judge's Pick for the 2022 May Pairings Contest.

Rated Excellent by Mike Cartoon Pony!

5/5 Stars from Loganberry's Louder Yay!

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio. Stay tuned!

Now translated into Chinese!

Edited by VoxAdam, proofread by The Sleepless Beholder, SockPuppet, Bicyclette, and Grace. Thanks, everyone :twilightsmile:

Cover by Plainoasis.

Featured on 25/06/22-31/05/22, reaching the #1 spot in the Featured Box on the first day.

Chapters (5)

This story is a sequel to Forgotten

Sunny Starscout's ongoing search for Equestria's ancient past sends her up to the northern arctic, where it is written that a city protected by love once stood.

Cover art by: Little Tigress

Chapters (22)

Eager for more answers about Equestria's ancient history, Sunny Starscout uses one of her dad's maps to venture into a long-untouched forest in search of the past.

Cover by HeavySplatter@deviantart.com

Newcomers, welcome! Confused on the order of this story series? Look no further!

Part 1 (You are here):

Part 2:
Forgotten: The Frozen North

From here the story divides into two separate versions, no spoilers aside from what can be gleamed from the titles.

Part 3a:
Forgotten: Sunrise
Forgotten: Mists of Bridlewood (Currently in progress)

Part 3b:
Forgotten: The Crystal Princess (Currently in progress)

Chapters (18)

Peace has been restored and all is well in Maretime Bay once again. But that doesn't mean things have gone completely back to how they were, some things still need to be addressed.

Among them is Sprout's actions as emperor, and Hitch wants to make sure Sprout learns his lesson. To that end, he has his former deputy arrested and put in jail, much to Sprout's shock.

But Sprout will be even more surprised when Sunny of all ponies comes to visit him. Yet Sunny's reason for the visit is not what Sprout will be expecting. There's something very important Sunny wants to teach the stallion who used to be a childhood friend of hers.

(Featured from 1/17/22 to 1/18/22. Has an audio reading on YouTube which can be viewed here.)

Chapters (1)

(Spoilers for those who still haven't seen My Little Pony: A New Generation yet. Featured from 11/09/21 to 11/10/21.)

Sunny Starscout and her friends have managed to restore magic to Equestria by getting the three pony tribes to unite again. It seems like all is right with the world as far as most ponies are concerned.

But Sunny still wonders what could've caused the bright future Princess Twilight Sparkle had planned for Equestria to fall apart, and how the ponies could've grown to fear and hate each other. And her search for answers yields an unusual result in the form of Princess Twilight herself.

Being brought into an Equestria so different from her own, Twilight is confronted with a horrifying fact: Her legacy has been tainted, defined by the collapse of harmony between ponies after her time. And Sunny will soon learn just what it is that Princess Twilight was trying to do to keep the ponies together.

Chapters (1)

Whilst refurbishing her lighthouse, Sunny stumbles upon an old and very unique kind of canned food.

One that is guaranteed to be preserved forever in her memories.

Chapters (1)

A few years after retiring, Celestia and Luna went on an extended vacation to see the world and broaden their experiences. Now, almost forty years later, they have returned to their roots in Equestria, at least for a while.

Four decades is a long time, so Twilight and Celestia decide to catch up over tea. However, it seems that Twilight has changed more than Celestia expected.

Cover by Nnaly.

Chapters (1)

Autumn Blaze will do whatever it takes to win Applejack’s heart. Unfortunately, she’s not alone: Ponyville is filled with others determined to do the same, with no trick too low in the pursuit of victory.

But when a new contender arrives to claim Applejack as her own, can Autumn and her rivals band together and save Equestria? Or is Autumn destined to lose Applejack to a mare who doesn’t love her half as much as she deserves?

Chapters (4)

Two weeks have passed since Sunny convinced the pony races to work together. Two weeks since magic returned to Equestria and ponies began learning about friendship.

Now, a strange weather phenomenon calls for an urgent meeting, and the five friends, along with every pony in Equestria, meet a pony that came to answer some questions and kickstart a new adventure. Turns out, activating the three pony crystals was just the beginning and there's a lot more to do.

As they travel to complete their quest, they will meet new friends and new dangers. Turns out Ancient Equestria was a lot more dangerous than they thought.

This is my first adventure fic! Any and all feedback will be greatly appreciated!

Proofreading since chapter 2 by Arbarano.

Cover art made by whizmi. This is temporary while I get a new cover art. I can't draw ponies to save my life, so I'll be looking for an artist.

11/11/21 - Featured! Holy wacamole! Thanks a lot!

Chapters (5)

Thanks to the heroics of Sunny Starscout, Hitch Trailblazer, Izzy Moonbow, Zipp Storm and Pipp Petals, magic has at long last returned to the land, and after many many years apart, earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi no longer live in abject fear of each other. However, there’s still one big loose end Sunny has to tie up. All it took was one little question from her new friends about her old foalhood friend Sprout Cloverleaf.

(Additional character tag: Sprout Cloverleaf)

Edited by: James Fire

10/3/21 Now with a live read courtesy of StraightToThePointStudio! Check it out along with reads they've done of other fics!

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