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Equestria is in danger from xenmorphs creating a new hive near the crystal empire, a preatorian becoming a queen. Wayland yutani pmc's, scientist's, and michal wayland himself coming to take the xenomorph specimins back while killing anything that gets in their way, finishing off the crew of the saphora and the last two men of the sulaco. And a predator clan coming to start a great hunt of the xenomorphs, humans, ponies.The only help equestria has is the surviving crew of the saphora, their synthetic and the last two marines of the sulaco.
This story takes place a bit after the latest season ended. Its also after the end of the game aliens colonial marines.
(And becuase this has been bugging me I will remove comments that are mean even if they are to help, they have to be in a nice way or I delete them)

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Midnight Dash, an average day alicorn, gets facehugged, but will the chestbuster kill him????? Please tune in, this is my first story ever, so please bear with me. P.s. for those people who are picky, if you have nothing nice to say then do me the favor of not being a dick and dont say crap..

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Credit goes to CorruptionSolid for the picture! http://corruptionsolid.deviantart.com/

WARNING!!! THIS IS A SEQUEL!!! THE FIRST FIC IS BY FRIENDLY UNCLE AND TITLED, "The Creature that Came to Ponyville". Do NOT read my fic, unless you have read Friendly Uncle's fic first, please.

This sequel takes place four months after the events that transpired in "The Creature that Came to Ponyville".

What's happened since "The Creature that Came to Ponyville"?

Celestia's feeling of unbalance has not dissipated, like she believed that it would when Scuttles was dealt with.

Fluttershy has become slightly, mentally unstable, due to the emotional scarring of Scuttles.

Equestria's relationship with the zebras has grown rocky, concerning coal. (A hint towards Fallout: Equestria's origins but in no way a fan's, unofficial prequel)

Twilight and Spike were called back to Canterlot two weeks after Scuttles was dealt with.

Princess Luna revealed to Celestia that Equestria's energy crisis might be averted with a deus-ex energy source on the moon.

A colony was established on the moon to extract said energy source, with Twilight as the director of the project which is funded by the company, Neighland-Yutani.

Four months later, contact with the colony is lost.

The mane five are assembled to rescue Twilight and any other pony from the possibility of another xenomorph infestation.

Chapters (6)

Aliens: Equestrian Marines
Story by ShadowLeomus
Edited by Jandotrimmer
Pony kind has finally reached the stars and established colonies on many worlds. As far as pony kind was concerned there was no life out there... But they were wrong. Out in the blackness of space there are many secrets that should never be discovered, Xenomorphs being one
The first contact with the Xenomorphs ended in disaster, leaving only one survivor. You would think after this brutal attack the ponies would leave the creatures alone. But alas, no. For some ponies the potential in the Xenomorphs were just too good of a Business. opportunity to pass up.
So soon, Big companies began opening research centres all over the place, Making Xeno hives to study... In most cases the Xenomorphs would escape and ravage nearby colonies, reclaiming the planet from the ponies.
Pretty soon the Xenos began to find their way onto the pony's transport ships and travel to different worlds as stowaways to wreak their havoc on other colonies.
Princess's Celestia, Luna, Cadence and Twilight sparkle, ordered the creation of the Equestrian Marine Corps to protect colonies from the Xenomorphs and sometimes against the Corporations aswell.
This story is about an Alicorn called Endless Midnight, who joined the Marines to escape from becoming a Princess.
Follow her story with the 22nd Equestrian Marines "Bug splatter" Battalion.
Plot: The 22nd and their ship, 'The Salura' are on an errand to deliver a shipment of live Xenomorphs to a Xeno research facility on LV-446 or 'Tau Tamora'.
It's a simple job to Midnight, since the crew would be in hyper-sleep for 3 months.
But a month into the trip, Viper Platoon is woken up to find that one of the Xenomorphs had escaped and evolved into a queen.
Being the last to be awoken, Midnight and her friends in Viper 2-3 fight for a week against the Xeno hoard who have control over most of the ship. After a while all the survivors come to a conclusion... They must abandon the Salura.
With nothing but the coldness of space and untold horrors lurking out there the 22nd must count on their friendship to see them through.
this is Midnight's story. These are the Equestrian Marines
Authors note: Just so you are aware, Twilight will be in this story and plays an important role in it so keep an eye out.
Also the cover art has little relevence to the story, its there because the story needed one and because it amused me

Chapters (15)

Gash was a Xenomorph, in its nature it did many things that everypony and everybody would expect a creature of his kind too do, kill. During a battle to protect the Queen that rested inside Twilight Sparkle Gash died a hero, to some.

Now that Gash is dead, is he forgiven for the things he did and in death will he be forgiven. This story is a tribute tot he characters that died in Alien: Twilight Signing Out and Alien: Twilight MIA .

We all deserve forgiveness, right?


Alien: Twilight Signing Out

Alien: Twilight MIA

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Alien: Twilight Signing Out

The Alien attack on Voluntas Station is over! Twilight and White Lightning took what they could during the escape, including Scootaloo. With death clouding their minds they all hope that it is all over, that Gash is dead and that it will all stay in Voluntas. They dream that their lives will move on and that the events will rest as memories and that they will heal and make room for new, positive memories.

However dreams are called dreams for a reason. After being rescued and brought to Fortwaid station for medical treatment and rest. The organism returns and with it, the slaughter! Twilight Sparkle, weak, hurt, and afraid must once again fight to survive. Could it be the end of the Xenomorph, or will Twilight find her own ending...in death?

Artwork Created By NSilverDraws

Chapters (14)

Shadow is a genetically engineered xenomorph who lost everything. His hive was destroyed and he was tricked into going into trap that was to get him off the ship he stowed away on. He crash lands on an unknown world and sees an opportunity to finally live without the worry of WY. When he discovers a small cottage and discovers that there isn't a human living in it but a talking pony, his life flips upside down. These creatures treat him nicer than the humans and he vows to not let WY step foot on this planet. He will start his own hive and hope to find a way to have his species strive once more. Will he succeed or will he be captured and experimented on?

Chapters (13)

Alien: Twilight Signing Out, Captain’s Control Room, Iron Will took a brave step in order for everypony else to make it out alive from the horror that was going on aboard the station. It was believed that this great captain was dead from the battle against an Alien Organism who was named Gash by a Filly aboard the station. The final blow was a fiery explosion that was supposed to take out both Iron Will and the Xenomorph at once.

We know now however that the great Iron Will survived and ever since it was a frequently asked question. How does one survive something so brutal and then live to help fight again aboard an entirely different station? It is time you get your answer, in this short story it will be explained. How did Iron Will survive Valuntas Station?

Please read the Alien Twilight Series before reading this, this is a short story to answer a big question of the trilogy I made on FimFiction. Thank You!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to Alien: Twilight's Gashing Origins

"As long as Xenomorphs exist amongst us and continue to thrive on Equis. The journey that started on board Valuntas Station will never end" - Princess Celestia

Our Story Continues!! Mistilie Flare's plan to wipe out life on Equestria has been brought to a halt by Twilight Sparkle and her allies. Once the battle was over with, Twilight Sparkle used the powers of the Queen Gene to order the attacking Xenomorphs to take refuge in the ruins of Canterlot City. This command would cause the alien attackers to no longer spread death but instead, make a permanent hive. Only attacking ̷t̷̷̶̷̷͇͇h̷̷̶̷̷͇͇o̷̷̶̷̷͇͇s̷̷̶̷̷͇͇e̷̷̶̷̷͇͇ ̷̷̶̷̷͇͇w̷̷̶̷̷͇͇h̷̷̶̷̷͇͇o̷̷̶̷̷͇͇ ̷̷̶̷̷͇͇g̷̷̶̷̷͇͇e̷̷̶̷̷͇͇t̷̷̶̷̷͇͇ ̷̷̶̷̷͇͇t̷̷̶̷̷͇͇o̷̷̶̷̷͇͇ ̷̷̶̷̷͇͇c̷̷̶̷̷͇͇l̷̷̶̷̷͇͇o̷̷̶̷̷͇͇s̷̷̶̷̷͇͇e̷̷̶̷̷͇͇

If Only Peace On Equestria Was A Real Thing

Evening slipped into the long abyss and the darkness falls onto the ponies, malicious shadows forecasting doom, for the cursed animal, inhabits the precious Equis. When Twilight looses something that kept the beast in pony control. The Xenomorphs ...


Artwork Created By NSilverDraws


Alien: Twilight Signing Out

Alien: Twilight MIA

Alien: Twilight's Final Chapter

Alien: Twilight's Gashing Origins

Chapters (15)

This story is a sequel to Alien: Twilight MIA

Twilight has been through so much, the loss of friends, the loss of a great protector, and almost loosing her self to a creator of death. Twilight is more than deserving of a break, more deserving of a life with no more stress and no more death. However, her well deserved things are too far away for her to reach when she wakes up in the arms of the Weyland Yutani Corparation.

Twilight Sparkle will be undergoing some extreme changes, she will have to once again survive. Infected with a Xenomorph Queen will witness the true power of the creatures, will see all the breeds the parasitic species has to offer. Good things will come to an end , Weyland will fall, the truth will come out and Twilight will have.....

Her Final Chapter

(Please Read The First Two Stories First Before Jumping Into This One! The First Stories are in the Following Order
Alien: Twilight Signing Out
Alien: Twilight MIA
and then you should read this one)

Chapters (17)