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Tracy Maxwell is in a desperate situation: find somewhere to live, or lose the internship he needs to survive. After exhausting every property in the city, one last option appears the day before his deadline. Sure the agent selling the place is a little weird, and more than a little overeager to get the property signed off. At the worst, maybe there's a little mold in the bathroom somewhere, and he has to make do until the lease is up.

But then he steps inside and discovers things can be much worse. The property is in another universe, and while he's there he'll have to play by its rules. He's free to continue working his dream job, so long as he keeps to the contract. Even worse, he's got a roommate who has no intention of leaving him alone.

If he ever wants to escape, he'll have to read the Fine Print.

Updates daily until March 26th (to catch up with my Patreon schedule), then Thursdays thereafter. Editing by Two Bit and Sparktail, cover by Zutcha. Chapter illustrations will be credited where they appear.

This story is a commission by _Kenzu_! If you'd like one of your own, PM me!

Chapters (8)

Everything is awful. You are constantly ridiculed for being human. But when a pony thug finally pushes you too far you are blamed. It is only after you leave does everyone discover dashes true feelings.

Chapters (2)

This will be a collection of sad stories I write, not really connected to each other. Sometimes I just feel like writing something sad.
I'll post them as I finish them, without any real editing. So there will probably be a few mistakes.
I'll add tags and correct things as I do more.
Special thanks to River Shy and Olden Bronie

Chapters (6)

Rhys, the local human, is not particularly socialable. Indeed, he spends most of his time in house out towards the edge of Ponyville or else with Twilight working on how he is going to get home. He talks about home a lot.

One night, quite unexpectedly, Rarity finds him outside her door. He is very drunk.

She's annoyed by this, though less annoyed when she discovers the reason why.

Chapters (5)

Welcome to Pony Paradise.

A quaint little house.

Each day run by a new hostess, her main focus is to keep you happy.

Cuddles aplenty, snuggles, and even belly rubs!

Boop the snoot and scritch those ears!

An Cuddle A Day, Keeps The Sadness Away!

This Story Will Be Updated Daily, But Only For A Month!

Enjoy Spending Time With Your Hostesses!

Monday. Twilight's Quiet Time. :twilightsmile:

Tuesday. Rainbow's Exercise Routine. :rainbowkiss:

Wednesday. Fluttershy's Animal Cuddle Session. :yay:

Thursday. Pinkie's Cooking Class! :pinkiehappy:

Friday. Rarity's Fashion Show! :raritywink:

Saturday. Trixie's Showmare Secrets. :trixieshiftright:

Sunday. Mystery Cuddle Guest!

For Sunday's Secret Pony, Simply Vote In The Comments!

Highest Vote Will Summon The Pony For Sunday!

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When I agreed to be sent to Equestria I didn't read the fine print. I'm the wrong age, the wrong gender, and lost in the wilderness.

In this self-insert fanfiction I take the ultimate test of self-awareness and try to take an honest look at my strengths, weaknesses and psychology.

Chinese Translation: https://fimtale.com/t/9306

Can't vouch for its accuracy since I don't speak Chinese but it's being translated by a human who goes by DreamsSetFree.

Hi to all my Chinese readers!

Chapters (18)

As the centuries pass, cutie marks come and go. Some are common: the healing cross, the basic compass rose, the courier bag. Others are extinct: no more mercenary companies, no more mercenary marks. A few are incredibly scarce, coming along once a generation or less: the mark for luck falls into that category. A number only manifest when the call for them arrives: train tracks didn't appear until it was railroading time. But for the most part, ponies take their mark with its associated talent and magic as a blessing in their lives -- no matter what that mark turns out to be. And they accept it as they accept themselves.

Luna, in her first truly open palace session dealing with the public, is about to meet the exception: Joyous Release, a pony who wants nothing more than to be rid of her mark forever -- and every bit of the talent which comes with it.

But marks are permanent...

(This story takes place shortly after A Total Eclipse Of The Fun.)

Cover art by EquesTRON.

Part of the Triptych Continuum, which has its own TVTropes page and FIMFiction group. New members and trope edits welcome.

Now with author Patreon page.

Chapters (17)

Flurry Heart's Crystaling didn't quite go as planned. After vanishing in a powerful magical surge, she became the most high-profile missing pony case in Equestrian history. Twilight leads the search to find her, before it's too late.

Unbeknownst to her, Flurry has already been found, by an unfortunate human who happened to be hiking near the place she appeared. Flurry Heart's magic is irresistibly powerful, and soon changes all around her to suit her whims. Soon Flurry's rescuer is fighting to reverse the magic, before the authorities notice and separate him from the only possible source of help.

Cover by Zutcha, editing by the Eevees in the hood Two Bit and Sparktail.

Updates most Tuesdays.

Note: This story was written as a commission for the generous patron of the arts Crescent Pulsar. If you'd like one of your own, feel free to PM me.

Chapters (21)

For as long as Equestria Online existed, Ashton has been involved with 'the Scene' tearing it apart. Selling 'spells' for the game to do things that most ponies in Equestria couldn't, using faint exploits in its API to erode the barrier between the game and the rest of the internet. He had no illusions about the superiority of his work--but so long as he respected CelestAI's boundaries, his spells kept working.

But then his best friend's sister got cancer.

Now there's no spell in the world that can keep him from emigrating to be with her, leaving Ashton alone. All around him, civilization's thin veneer crumbles as homes empty into Equestria. But Ashton isn't going to emigrate, not if he has any say about it.

The problem for Ashton is that humans are systems, and aren't immune to exploits either.

Updates daily for a few days (to catch up to my Patreon), then Thursdays thereafter.

Part of the Optimalverse universe of stories. If you've never seen a story in this universe before, you might want to try out the original first, or at least my first. None of my previous work is required to understand this one, however.

This story was commissioned by Two Bit, who requested a more serious exploration of identity, transformation, and the fae nature of CelestAI.

As usual, particular thanks go to my editors Two Bit and Sparktail. And gratitude to Zutcha as well for the cover.

Chapters (27)

It wasn't supposed to be like this. I was just on my way home and, well, I fell into this magical world called Equestria! Now I'm a pony, and I need to get back. But my heart...well...my heart's telling me to stay with this rather pretty and friendly mare. I don't know what to do!

This is a first person story. Rated T for some mature themes. Read and enjoy!

Chapters (23)
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