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This story is a sequel to The Dusk of Troubled Views

From the creator of "The Dawn of a New Mission" and "The Dusk of Troubled Views", this story will be pretty decent for any Leigon of Doom fan!

Chrysalis, Tirek, and Cozy Glow are reformed, and now living normal lives in Equestria. At the same time, Leo, a human-turned alicorn, must adjust to living in Equestria instead of his original world. Watch as these four experience their new daily lives, while the evil ram Grogar plots world conquest along with his evil allies.

Episode 12: Chrysabliss: Chrysalis takes what she learned from her visit to the changeling kingdom and attempts to try new things to access her inner metamorphosis. And Leo meets the Cutie Mark Crusaders.



Criticism is welcomed, but don't be too harsh. Please.

The third story in The Reformverse.

Want to see more? Be sure to press that thumbs up button and check my blog daily in case I pop up news surrounding this series. But if you feel like you won't like this, or you have no interest in this, then I advise against you reading this. Or you can just read the stories before this and get used to this timeline.

And FYI, if one of the failing factors for the story is the OOC-ness of the reformed villains, obviously none of us know what they're like when they're completely reformed. So I improv them as classic characters, with knowledge on certain aspects of their heritage/life.

Thank you, and enjoy the show!

Click here to go back to where it all began.

main-characters include: Grogar, all the Mane 6, King Sombra, and the Storm King. More will be added throughout.

Non-listed tags include: Romance (brief, due to some Chrysalis X Tirek shipping) and Dark (which will be rare but occasional).

If there would me music for this show, it would have the same theme as the Equestria Girls intro. Link is here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E6IA8AVtC98

I did use some fanart for this. What I did was simply crop a few things out, made some edits, and put it on that background. Thanks to those who did the art that I used (even though they don't know me). But I guess it's required for me to post the links, so here:


(This is all I could post. I couldn't get the other link for the art I used. Oh well. You can find it in Cozy's category on derpibooru, though it will be very tough to find).

Chapters (12)

(Slight spoilers for "The Last Crusade" for those who haven't seen it yet. Tagged Alternative Universe for obvious reasons.)

It's not every day that a big, world changing secret is shared with somepony. For Scootaloo, this is one of those days.

Her mom and dad reveal that they aren't her biological parents, they adopted her when she was a little foal. But they don't know who her birth parents are.

Not satisfied with the answers, Scootaloo (with the help of her foster parents) sets out to find the truth by embarking on a personal crusade. But will she like what she finds out about her birth parents?

Chapters (1)

King Sombra came from an old age, a time where darkness and evil were prevalent across the land. The Princesse's power and influence were weaker in those days, for the land of Equestria was divided amongst many kingdoms of lesser Princesses and Princes. But out of all their ruling neighbors, The Four Shepherds held the most power of all, even threatening Celestia and Luna's kingdom. However, all of that changed when they vanished for a thousand years, ushering in a new era of peace and prosperity. Until that is, when the Crystal Kingdom reappeared, along with one of the Shepherds. King Sombra, however, was thankfully vanquished swiftly, but the following peace of his defeat would not last as long as anypony might think. A new force sets its eyes on the recently coronated Princess Twilight Sparkle, one that seeks to restore a lost heritage and remind the land of who is the true owner of the night. For when one evil is smitten, another appears in its place. And King Sombra was only the first in line.


Set before Season 4

Note: Dark tag is meant for Light Dark

Special thanks to my editor Ladrian for his diligent and superb work. I wish I had him when I first started this story because maybe then the early chapters would have been much better.

Special thanks to Stanku for revisions and prereading this story. It would be at a much worse state had it not been for his detailed opinions to each and every chapter, and letting me know where I can improve.

10/2/2014 : Woah... it's on the featured list... *cue squealing and fist pumping* THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!

Chapters (55)

This is just a short story, it is just a scene I have always imagined. So expect a lot of things being open to your imagination. :rainbowderp:

Sometimes good ponies must break the laws to beat evil..

That was the case for Shadow Bolt, a stallion who turned into a vigilante in order to save the city of Canterlot.

After the final fight between him and his arch nemesis, he and his marefriend Rainbow Dash decide to relax, and simply enjoy the peace, and look ahead for the bright future that is ahead of them.

Only, things are are rarely that simple..

Chapters (1)

On the day he was forced to move far away from her, a young colt was gifted a single feather from the wing of his best friend and hero, a filly flying prodigy named Rainbow Dash. Now as a young stallion he may have the opportunity of his dreams... a chance to finally reconnect with the filly that he thought about every single day since their separation. What Sonic never could've dreamed, however, was just how large the implications of Rainbow's small and simple act of kindness would be for not just him, but all of Equestria.

*With any story, I believe that you get as much as you are willing to put into it and how much you invest in it - AND, how invested and how much the characters put into it themselves.*

Chapters (28)

It has been a twelve hundred years since my best friends died and one year since my royal adivisor died. One morning, I started to hear a voice similar to mine. This voice is the same as mine, but more malign, tyrannical. And the voice asks me to let my anger take control of me. And after what I'm feeling, I don't see why I shouldn't accept it. Because after all, I already lost those I loved...

Chapters (8)

Overwhelmed by her new duties as a princess, a newly-crowned Twilight Sparkle seeks solace within the quiet confines of Canterlot Castle's royal archives, where she discovers a book she'd never seen before. Within its pages was a story about both Princess Celestia and Starswirl the Bearded, as well as a mare that Twilight had never heard of.

Details of their lives, their history, and their relationships puzzle, intrigue, and even worry Twilight. The more she read, the more curious she became and the more questions that arose. But there was only one question to which she truly sought the answer:

Who was Sunset Shimmer?

Chapters (21)

Even though she's meeting him for the first time, it's the last time he'll ever see her. For Derpy though, it's the first meeting that will stem many adventures with him. Not knowing what's in store for her future, but moving boldly ahead against all warnings, can her fate be changed? Can her future change her present? Or will every action lead to the same eventual end?

Chapters (2)

the doctor has been traveling with derpy for a while now and somehow gets pulled to a different timeline one he did not think was possible.

co-writer and edited by Leapingriver and art by butterkeet

Chapters (3)

After Twilight saved Equestria from Storm King along with her friends, she feels sorry for lying to her friends and mostly screaming at Pinkie Pie. But she isn't the only one who wants to apologize.

Chapters (1)
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