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Following the defeat of the Storm King, both his victims and his followers alike continue on with their lives. For some of them, the adventure is only just beginning...

(Needless to say, there will be spoilers for the movie).

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An out-of-work Tempest Shadow has opened an eye clinic near Ponyville. Nopony is sure if the doctorate hanging in her office is official or why her retinoscope features under-barrel attachment points. And most can agree that it’s best not to ask where she got a permit to perform retinal cryopexy.

Still, she seems to know what she’s doing, and all licenses to practice appear to have been filed using the correct format and proper guidelines. That makes everything okay. Right?

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Saturday was a day to unwind, a day to sleep late, to eat brunch instead of breakfast, go out to the lake, or to invite friends over for a barbeque. Unless the lawnmower was broken and Ms. Bundermann is on the prowl.

Having a unicorn friend doesn’t help fix the lawnmower, but friends of friends can make short work of the lawn. It’s technically not a barbeque if the grill isn’t on, but with a whole herd of ponies nomming the grass and musicals on the boombox, with a selection of drinks to suit everypony’s taste, it’s close enough.

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

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Double Diamond has always been forced to hide his true nature. Behind the affable mask he wears lies a stallion colder than ice and crueler than steel, only just in control of his darker impulses. That's what makes living among the changelings, who can sense all of his emotions - or lack thereof - such a delicious challenge.

Written in one hour for the Quills and Sofas 'Black Sunday' contest.

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This story is a sequel to Rainbows and jealousy

Sequel to Rainbows and jealousy and Rainbows and music This is the third story in the rainbows and stories trilogy First one was Rainbows and music.
I recommend you read those stories first cause there is quite a lot of character development in those two stories. and if you read them this story will make more sense.

After the whole Thunderlane thing was over couple of weeks ago Soarin and Rainbow Dash can finaly star their new life together. but the trade negotiations between Equestria and Saddle arabia go south and the world is at the brink of a war. Tragic love story between Soarin and Rainbow Dash whose future together is threatened by war and death.

(Rated teen for mild cursing, occasional violence and some mature themes)

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Five days ago, the Friendship Map called Rarity to a task. It called her alone. It called her to the middle of an uninhabited swamp.

Today, she's returned to Ponyville, and she's asked her friends to meet her right away.

The Friendship Map never calls without a purpose.


Originally written for the "Ot" writeoff event. Thank you to the other participants for their advice and encouragement.

Cover art by the excellent StarBlaze25.

Now available in Spanish, courtesy of SPANIARD KIWI.

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When Derpy must out of town for a week and needs somepony to take care of Dinky while she is gone, she calls for Dinky's aunt to look after her until she's back. And Dinky absolutely hates it.
Her aunt is always patronizing her by trying to protect her from things she doesn't even need protection from!
For Dinky, it's frustrating and annoying and it makes her angry. All that Dinky wants is to be treated with respect by her aunt and do the things she wants to do, but her aunt just doesn't listen.....
What lies ahead of Dinky is the worst week of her life.

For the full list of characters appearing in this fic, look at the top of Chapter 1!

01:10 AM (CET): 107 views in a little more than four hours! Thanks for letting this story skyrocket!

2016/07/06: And now "Aunt Millie" made it to Popular Stories too! Huge THANK YOU to everypony who made this possible! :scootangel:

2016/22/11: "Aunt Millie" got some fanart! :scootangel: You can view it here:


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Sparkler was a hero. For a short moment in time, she could show herself to the world while she helped saving Equestria from doom and destruction. The problem was just that the world didn't see her.

Sparkler was a shadow. She followed other ponies, made sure they were okay and was always there for them when they needed her help. But they never turned around at her. Because what's special about a shadow?

Sparkler was invisible. Always going unnoticed, no matter how much she helped, no matter how often she jumped into the breach for her fellow ponies.

It had always been like this for Sparkler. She was the invisible shadow hero of her world.

Everypony is important. But some heroes aren't meant to be noticed.

A story inspired by "The Ending of the End" from the Season 9 Finale. "Unsung Hero" contains a few references to my story "Aunt Millie", but knowledge about it is not required to understand this story.

Chapters (1)

Soarin had never noticed Rainbow Dash this way until she came to check on him after an intense crash. Now, he can't stop thinking about her. He finds out the Grand Galloping Gala is coming up and enlists his friends to get her to go to the Gala with him. It's not as hard as he thought...

Chapters (6)

Rainbow Dash and Soarin are betrothed. Rainbow doesn't like Soarin at all. Soarin does. Chaos ensues. But in the end, Love Conquers All. Pun intended.

Cover art by me
title by Dashie217
Narrator is my OC

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