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I have spent my whole life in the hive, learning to be an infiltrator. But now Chrysalis has fled, and everything has changed. I don't know what I'm going to do next.

Let me tell you how I got here.

Written as part of a fic exchange for Flashgen.

Cover art by Shaslan.

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Shining Armor will tell you that he suffered no long-term ill effects from his encounter with Queen Chrysalis.

Nor did he experience any lingering problems from his fights with King Sombra or Lord Tirek.

None whatsoever. Absolutely not. Everything in his life is perfect. Happily married to a beautiful mare (who happens to be a princess!), Prince Consort in his own right, a kingdom of his own to help run...there is absolutely nothing wrong at all.

Shining Armor is a liar.

A side story to my Four Princesses, Four Demons series, which began with Cadance the Unbroken. Readers of that series will notice a few connections, but this story is crafted to be enjoyed independently.

Featured from 06/23/21 to 06/26/21, peaking at #1. Thanks, everypony!

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A kingdom needs a protector to defend it.
A protector needs a weapon to defend the kingdom.
A fundamental truth from the times where Luna was the hero of Equestria instead of a nightmarish fairy tail.
So now that Luna has finally returned, she is in need of a new weapon to protect the kingdom once more.

But when swinging a sword becomes a major obstacle for the princess, is it the fault of the blade, or the one who wields it?

An entry in Imposing Sovereigns III, using the prompt Luna/Kindness.

Pre-read by the always amazing daOtterGuy who as if he wasn't amazing enough, also made the cover art!

Now with a reading by StraightToThePointStudio!: Reading

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The Tree of Harmony loomed large before Gilda.

This was her one shot.

Taking a deep breath, she began her case. "Harmony, I have come to bargain."

Featured 8/19/2021 - 08/23/2021!

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Anon-A-Miss has become a plague on the halls of Canterlot High. Students are on the brink of a fight every day and tensions are rising in order to stomp out Anon-A-Miss before the winter break.

With no-one in Canterlot High to turn to, Sunset Shimmer braves it alone and decides to pull out her old blackmailing tools in order to get the job done. It might be illegal, but it's the school's last hope for order to be restored.

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This is my attempt to create a new story arch based partially in the Conversion Bureau Universe. This is a short one shot story.
The Conversion Bureaus have been successful. The ponies were victorious. The entirety of the human race had been successfully ponified... or so it seemed. The truth of the matter however is that humanity was not extinguished. A splinter group of humanity known as the Radical Dreamers had spirited the remnants of humanity away into the vastness of space. Now they make their way on a group of world ships to the distant world of Aeos and to what hopefully is the rebirth of their species. During which the Radical Dreamers intend to forever change humanity for the better.

I hope to eventually create a large story arch based on this story which will begin a thousand years after the events of this story when Humanity and the Equines will once again meet. These Equines will be from another reality and not the one's from the conversion bureau universe. So consider this my parthenian shot to the conversion bureau universe. I have ultimately decided that despite the excellent stories from users such as Chatoyance and Full Metal Pony I do not like the premise behind the universe and I find the very idea absolutely appalling and it makes both humanity and the equines look bad.

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After Celestia humiliates her at a dinner, Luna storms off and ends up snooping around in her sister's room. There, she stumbles upon the journal Celestia kept immediately after the banishment of Nightmare Moon.

Cover art by bunnish on dA.
This story now has a reading by Craft Arts. Go check it out!
Featured on Equestria Daily on August 22, 2013.

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Magic is gone. Cozy succeeded in doing what she set out to do, and now the world is perfect.

Simply perfect.

An entry in the Cozy Glow short story contest, based on the prompt "Cozy has a secret".
Cover art and proofreading was, as always, done by the great-hearted Vito, who is also on Deviantart.

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After taking the throne, Twilight had a lot of things to do - a transition that had never happened before was bound to be fraught with a thousand unexpected complications.

As part of the transition, Twilight finds herself going through Princess Celestia's old personal papers, finding secret after clue after instruction long forgotten about. And among those papers, Twilight finds a letter.

A letter addressed to My Faithful Student, Twilight Sparkle.

A letter never sent.

Special thanks to RanOutOfIdeas and SymphonicSync for proofreading!

Featured 4/13/2021 to 4/18/2021!

Now with an audio reading by StraightToThePointStudio!

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Sometimes, just being there for somepony can be enough.

Pre-read by and cover art courtesy of the beautiful and talented MelloReflections

Reviewed by the folks over at Seattle's Angels.

Aaaaaand now with a sweet reading by Flame Lionheart!

Approved by the great folks over at Twilight's Library!

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