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This story is a sequel to Sugarless Gumption

Even after the capital-letter-earning fiasco that was the Sugarless Incident, Twilight just can't get the question out of her mind. Given Sunset's magical metabolism, what other culinary conjurations are made possible by harnessing Equestrian magic?

Pinkie's happy to help her find out. Her other friends just wish they knew about it ahead of time.

Note: No characters were fused in the making of this story.
Cover art by Baron Engel, used with permission.

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Youtube read by agentduck.
Correction completed.
This is getting annoying, so I must write this. I've never read "My little Dashie". I don't know what it's about, aside from people going emo over it. You don't have to believe me, but it's the truth. I have a distinguished hatred for unoriginality, which is why I like to experiment and make weird things.

Mathews Fore is a simple man. He has a decent job with decent pay. A rather nice little house at the end of the road. A "dead-end" if you will. The only problem? He hates lack of security, although everyone in his neighborhood has a tendency to watch the actions of eachother, so no theft has gone them. Due to his fears of security, he erected a very tall fence around his house that he further covered with a green cover, so nobody can see through it. His yard is pretty huge in itself.

However, he starts to feel lonely. He doesn't want a woman, nor is he gay, so he doesn't want a man. He just wants something to hug. He doesn't want a pet, but he doesn't want to adopt a kid either. He just wants something adorable to hug and kiss on the forehead. Something intelligent. But what? One night, there was the announcement of a meteor shower, so Mathews decides to take his chances and wish upon a star, just like in his childhood stories.
He gets what he wants, but is it really worth it?

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This I know: cold feet and a lousy day at work and hunger can all be solved by cuddling a pony in front of a fireplace.

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Celestia prepares for another routine day at the castle with the recent addition of teaching her new, young student. However, an impromptu structure made from books causes a slight change of plans.

Inspired by the cover art and it's description, both used with permission from the wonderful Nova Quill.

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