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This story is a sequel to Celestia's Twilight

We all know the story. One thousand years ago Princess Celestia was forced to banish Nightmare Moon to the moon to save all of Equestria, but what if Luna had been hiding something from her sister, scared of how she would react? When Luna had no other choice, she cried out for Celestia and Celestia came. For one thousand years, Luna wondered what happened when Celestia left; now she's finding out...

But is it already too late, or will Luna be able to take the role she had so long dreamed of? The dream of being a mother?

editor Don't Look At My Name Bro! and RK I am lost without you!

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Twilight did her duty. She saved everypony she could, except herself. Now trapped by an evil cult, in more pain than she has even been in before, and dying on a sacrificial altar, she calls for help. The Nightmare answers.

Will Twilight become the next evil to threaten the world or will the Nightmare simply be glad to have some freedom? One thing is for certain, Twilight's life will never be the same again.

The Editors
Cander (CH 1-Current)
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Now with an excellent reading by StraightToThePointStudio (Currently only up to CH 21)

And we even have art!
[Warning Spoilers] Twilight's Nightmare Art

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Traveling the world can be a strange and dangerous ordeal, especially when you're all but on your own.

And after one adventure ends in almost complete disaster, Twilight Sparkle has decided to take a much-needed vacation for both herself and her sole companion. Some time to themselves, some time to catch up on their reading, and some time to not almost be eaten by dragons. And fortunately, she's managed to come across a nice quiet little country town to settle her roots into for the foreseeable future.

Unfortunately, it's never quite that easy. Especially when your name is Twilight Sparkle, a pony with a knack for getting mixed up in all sorts of trouble. And the quiet little town she has found might not be so quiet after all...

--- ---

Cover art commissioned by me, from one Hoodwinked MCShelster.
Audio-version over on YouTube.
If you can't see the cover art, it's because I currently can't upload it to FimFiction. So for the time being, you can see it by clicking This Link.

Tags are subject to change depending on viewer response. For the sake of ease, here are my "subtags," placed down here instead of up there because there isn't room for them.
An alternate universe story based on some G5 rumors, this really odd dream I had once, and a few other things. Expect references/shout outs to all sorts of MLP media, such as the movie or comics, and various other fantasy works like D&D. But also expect some major instances of me changing things to further distinguish this from canon. Spike is a pretty good example. You'll figure out why soon enough.
This story is written exclusively for entertainment purposes.

Also, some chapters will be short, some will be long. Be aware.

Self-proof-read and edited. Grammarly was used, so spelling *should* be correct. If you find any major mistakes, please let me know so I may fix them ASAP. Doing so is appreciated, and makes the story better for future readers.

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Celestia had a niece once, not an adopted niece like Cadance, an actual biological niece, the daughter of Princess Luna. Sadly when Luna became Nightmare Moon her daughter took her mothers side and led the their forces against Celestia.

Princess Twilight was killed during that battle, or so history tells us...

Featured on the 11/10/2015! Thanks so much!

Chapters (12)

What would you do if your world was crumbling? What would you give up to save it? Would you sign a deal with a God of Chaos? Well Twilight is in a situation where she has to sign the dotted line, but then is this a bad thing when your signing your soul away to the god of Madness? Who knows. After all he has had other contracts.... and those worked out.. sort of
*******THE ENDING OF CHAP. TEN HAS BEEN CHANGED***** I suggest you read it... unless you wish to get lost once I throw up 11.

I would like to thank, Lurker Who also got me thinking about this story and putting some life into my mind regarding it. Thank you for your feedback!

BrainstormSurge who has taken the time to edit chapter 1 2, and 3, I never expected someone to walk up and (hopefully) be willing to edit "the contract", so thank you.

Sapphire Secrets is my next thanks, your comment gave me the idea to gut the second half of chapter three and rewrite it. So thank you for taking the time to give me feedback.

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This story is a sequel to All along

Celestia thought she knew herself. She was sure that nothing could surprise her anymore. She was certain that there was nothing more that she could possibly be hiding from herself.
One attempt to identify a changeling presence in the royal guard later, she was coming to terms with how reality had decided to prove her wrong.

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What if Rainbow Dash had been present when Discord gave the Mane Cast their first shot at him? How could things have gone different? How could this have changed things?How could this have changed Twilight?

Update Schedule Below the Break.
Now with the super editor FredMSloniker!
Now with a wonderful cover image by Conicer!
Also - Awesome Fanart -

Update Plans
December 11 - Edited versions of first four chapters
December 14 - Chapter 5
Future updates at least 1 time per week.
Total Planned Chapters - 12

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After getting use to her life back on Equestria, Luna finally finds out about what happened to her child, after she was sent to the Moon. With Celestia’s help, she is reunited with her daughter and is shocked about who she turned out to be. Luna tries to explain to her and be apart of her life.

Will it work? Will this changed their relationship, that they already had?
Find out, next time, on Dragon ball Z- I mean... Read to find out

Warning: this is my first story, so please excuse my mistakes.

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We all know the story of how Twilight learned of the fact that Nightmare Moon was returning and how she both found and became one of the Bearers of the Elements Of Harmony, but what if there was another legend she read before that. What if, the legend of 'The Phoenix Princess' was also real. And what if the legend was centered around Twilight herself.

Well Read on and find out how 'The Phoenix Princess' and 'The Legend Of Nightmare Moon' are linked and why it seems that they are converging on Twilight Sparkle.

Chapters (11)

This story takes the oneshot of Crescent Pulsar's Pamphile and expands into how Twilight will deal with her broadening outlooks and revelations, becoming an alicorn, preparing to be a princess, and the implications of being the Sole Bearer of Harmony.

Twilight Sparkle was a humble unicorn, but between her defeat of Nightmare Moon, wielding the Elements alone, and ascending all in one night? The world will come to revere her for her growing abilities, her increasing deeds, and her virtue as a Pamphile, intending to be a Friend to all beings. There will be bumps, conflicts, and challenges along the way, but Twilight never was one to shy from tests.

But the question grows, how will the Alicorn of Harmony fair as a Defender and Future Princess of Equestria? Either way, one thing is certain.

There certainly hasn't seen one quite like her before.

AN First chapter picks up immediately after the original Pamphile. I WAS going to be Pulsar's chapter- with his permission and at his suggestion- but for some reason, this site refuses to allow you to use another author's piece as an opening bit, even with their expressed permission.

7/28/16: Somehow, this got featured just by updating it. Sweet. Which lasted all of five minutes.

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