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A high fantasy reimagining of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

Long ago, the cruel God of Chaos Discord ruled over the world. The other Gods overthrew him and Sealed him in the deepest Hell of the prison Tartarus, then waged war for his empty throne. The Goddess of the Sun Celestia emerged victorious, then Sealed six more Dark Gods in six more Hells of Tartarus. The remaining Gods ruled over the world’s lands under Celestia, and as High Princess her reign brought an age of peace.

A thousand years after Celestia’s defeat of Nightmare Moon, the Goddess of the Night, the mortal peoples hold the festival of the Summer Sun Celebration to commemorate her victory. However, on the eve of the Celebration a mysterious organization releases Nightmare Moon from her prison. In response, Celestia tasks her young apprentice, the sorceress Twilight Sparkle, with preventing the unsealing of any more Dark Gods. With the aid of her own apprentice and her five strange new friends, Twilight begins her mission to put an end to the return of the seven Sealed Gods- especially Discord, the dreaded Lord of Chaos.

Co-written with Day Breaking Sun. See the former cover art provided by my wonderful and talented friend, SpookyPrincesssa, here: MLP Friend is Magic Human Request.

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The ponies of Equestria and the dragons of The Dragon Lands are waging war with one another. The battles are long and brutal with the Equestrians being on the losing side. When the officials gathered together, they figured out a possible solution to their problem. They lacked knowledge of the dragons and seeing as to how no dragon was willing to tell them how they worked, Equestria decided to take the knowledge by force. Join Test Subject SP-1K3, formally known as Test Subject D-1043, and other dragon test subjects as they try to escape their lives as lab rats.

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Dragons are something of an enigma to Equestria. Those who do live within the borders are largely reclusive, either building their hoards or sleeping away the decades. So far as dragons who are active in everyday life in Ponyville go, Smolder represents a 100% increase in the population.

Twilight cannot let this opportunity slip her by. Enough time has passed for it to not be a diplomatic faux pas to sit Smolder down and grill her for much needed details on her species, not only for the sake of science, but for the benefit of the young dragon in her personal care. Naturally, the topic of death comes up.

Twilight handles that about as well as you might expect.

Discussion of death is largely academic and intended to be comedic but I've tagged it teen to be safe. No actual death or scenes of violence are shown so I didn't think the death tag itself was needed. It's also tagged for comedy as that was my intent, but only you can tell me if it's actually funny or not.

Now with sequel: Growing Up Dragon

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Rainbow Dash discovers Spike has the makings of a great archer to represent Ponyville in the next Equestria Games and decides to train him, but dragon-hating officials, and a dragon-fearing town are bent to bar him, and possibly Ponyville, from the Games.

Edited by Fan Without a Face. Huge thanks to him for all his criticism, feedback, and edits . If you ever need an editor, I highly recommend him.

A few things to know: According to the MLP wiki, there is a section of Fillydelphia where dragons live called Dragon Town.

I've had this story planned for a year now, but haven't gotten around to writing it due to personal issues. I like to think of it as a spiritual successor to my most popular story "The Measure of a Dragon" in that it deals with similar themes of isolation and being an outsider. Although Dr. Saffron and Silver Stone won't be making an appearance, I do have some new friends and foes waiting to meet our favorite dragon. The subject matter may get a bit dark at times, but I truly believe this is a story well worth telling.

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A scientist wants to take Spike and study him in hopes of understanding dragons; however, her questionable methods make Spike refuse. The scientist counter-argues that Spike is not a pony and the same rights given to a pony, do not apply to him. A trial is commenced with Twilight as Spike’s defense attorney and Cadence as the unwilling prosecutor; Twilight must prove that Spike does indeed deserve the same rights as any pony. Or else, Spike is a lab rat that she will never see again.

This is a fanfic inspired by a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode The Measure of a Man, directed by Robert Scheerer. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.
I want to thank the person who brought me into the fandom for helping me truly refine this idea and truly give it life. You know who you are!
I will say right now, updates for this fanfic may be highly irregular until I take care of certain obligations, but I promise not to abandon it until it's done.

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Once a Princess, now a Lord, Ember sends a letter to Princess Twilight to a situation that involves Spike. The letter seems serious and the dragons are already on their way. What could it entail about Ember's journey to Equestria? What does it mean for Spike?

Update: A NSFW version... has appeared! Those whom wish to explore the... freaky side, follow the link! Dragon Tails
Featured 4/17/2016!

The Follow up sequel called The Dragon Lord's Legacy can be found here! here

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