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Chaos is not the opposite of Harmony but apart of it. Both chaos and order together create a balance known as Harmony. Without one you cannot have have the other and without either there is nothing.

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Two thousand years after the return of Princess Luna, Equestria's technology and magic has advanced far enough that the once far off dream of faster than light travel is now a reality.

And that reality is the ES Harmony, the pride of its designer, Princess Twilight Sparkle, and Equestria's first FTL capable starship. It is due to make its maiden voyage to travel further than anypony before it.

And yet when they receive a distress call from origins unknown, this ship's maiden voyage will become one the crew will never forget.

(Featured on 31/7/2016)
(Not a strict crossover with Star Trek, but here Equestria Girls takes place in the Star Trek Universe)

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After years of learning her new powers and growing into being an Alicorn, Twilight Sparkle has reached maturity. Her loving mentor Celestia feels she is now ready for the ultimate test, to succeed where her sister and herself failed. Celestia reveals the origin of her sister and herself, and tasks Twilight Sparkle to travel across the great sea and take the throne in the land that they were exiled from.

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What if Twilight was orphaned before her acceptance into Celestia's school for gifted unicorns?
what if she and the princess of the sun became inseparable? What if Twilight starts calling Celestia mommy after their lessons?
What if Celestia loves it?
Inspired by the cover photo

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