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I am the fastest pegasus in Equestria. I am a future wonderbolt. I am Rainbow Dash.

Or so I thought...

After the crash, I am not sure what I am anymore.

Cover art by 'Midnight Sonare'.

I am not good at writing, but I am trying. I have difficulty outside of my 'journal style' past tense format, and it isn't an easy thing for me to learn. Just bear with me as I try to write what I was essentially begged to work on even though I am not a good writer.

Chapters (4)

Twilight's life is changing very quickly and there is nothing she can do to stop it. Will Princess Celestia still look at her the same way? Will any of her friends? Is the pain worth it if they cannot accept her changes, or is it better to just join the starving?

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Twilight Sparkle: a name often associated with magic, friendship, harmony, and most recently, ascendant princess of Equestria.
Nopony, not even herself, could have thought that she would be a changeling.
Especially not a changeling princess.

*I may add more tags as the story continues on.*
*There will be no romance/dating relationships whatsoever.*
*Thanks to you readers, who managed to get this story into the Popular Stories box.*
*Old cover can be found here:*

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Hello, my name is Twilight Sparkle. My brothers are Shining Armor, captain of the Royal Guard, and a dragon named Spike that I hatched when I was little. I have five friends that help me wield the Elements of Harmony, artifacts that protect Equestria from evil. I have a few other friends that are less important, but still great ponies nonetheless.

One catch, though. I am also a changeling Queen, and the friends and family I just mentioned are all my subjects, and children as well. They don't even know it, but everything's working out alright, so no reason to tell them! After all, it's not like a giant wave of love energy could suddenly reveal all the changelings in Canterlot, right? Right?

Part 1, Revelation: Twilight Sparkle meets an old enemy that reveals a secret she's kept since she was named.

Part 2, Recollection: The Elements of Harmony try to get to the truth of the matter, changeling Queens begin their game of chess, Queen Citlali takes her Hive and runs from Canterlot.

Part 3, Reformation: Queen Citlali begins to grow her hive, Whitetail Hive takes some time to get used to the news, Princess Cadance dreams of a dark creature.

May 11-15, 2017: Featured for the maximum time... whoa.

Chapters (17)

ACT One: (Chapters 1-10)
After a fatal tragedy, Twilight wakes up in a situation unlike anything she had experienced before. How is she supposed to react when she finds herself reincarnated as the daughter of Queen Chrysalis, the very one who orchestrated her assassination? Does she give into the rage and loss of her former self, or does she hold true to the magic of friendship?

ACT Two: Synopsis incoming

Chapters (10)
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