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A solo Anon-A-Miss story.

Diamond Tiara is ambitious. She's also the editor of the School Newspaper. The biggest story to hit is the Anon-A-Miss scandal. When evidence falls into Diamond Tiara's lap, it would be the start of something great as a partnership is born.

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One night when Sunset Shimmer is out holiday shopping, she ends up involved in a terrible accident. The next morning, Anon-a-Miss posts another embarrassing secret. The Rainbooms prepare to confront Sunset Shimmer about it when Principal Celestia calls an emergency assembly. Once they hear what happened to Sunset, all suspicion about her vanishes and they resolve to find the real culprit behind Anon-a-Miss to give Sunset Shimmer a Merry Christmas.

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Sunset Shimmer is devastated since her friends abandoned her because of Anon-A-Miss. While she tries to figure out what to do a new girl arrives in town, not knowing that she will be involved into an event she doesn't know about or has control over.

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Christmas time has come, but some people aren't really in the spirit. While Sunset Shimmer tries to enjoy sleepovers with her friends, a blogger under the name 'Anon-A-Miss' has begun posting secrets.
Unfortunately for her, they have a Secret Weapon. After all, isn't Miscommunication the real evil?

I know everyone and their cat has rewritten Anon-A-Miss, but I wanted to do a version that was, well, different than most. And how it would fit in with other stories I've made.

Part of the Rewritten Project
Part of the Cornerverse-MLP Universe
Rated Teen for swearing.

Oh my stars! Featured the day it went up!

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Right before Christmas, in the Equestria Girls world, Anon-a-Miss was cyberbullying the students of Canterlot High. Everyone accused Sunset Shimmer of bring the perpetrator. It hurt her so badly that she decided she wanted to take her own life. However, she is saved by hearing a certain holiday song on the radio. This inspires to stay strong during the holidays. Takes place during the Equestria Girls Holiday Comic.

WARNING: Contains spoilers for the comic.

Rated T for swearing and a suicide attempt.

I do not own the song.

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It's been over a year since Anon-A-Miss,the frame up, Gilda stealing Rainbow Dashes phone, that cold, cold night...

The gang at CHS have lived with the guilt of their actions, relieved that Sunset survived but desperate to break the ice wall she built between them.

Just when they thought hope was lost, Sunset contacted them and later agreed to meet with them.

And now some choice words will be given.


Based on the Anon-A-Miss genre made popular by Dainn, a type of fic I don't believe I've ever seen before.


Jesus Christ this got featured.


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Sunset's life has been completely destroyed by Anon-a-Miss. But just because Canterlot High has shunned her, that doesn't mean she has to be forever friendless... does it?

At Sunset's lowest point, a stranger comes to her defense. And this stranger is different. In fact, she's not really a stranger at all... even though they've never met before.

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by Zael

An Anon-a-Miss story.

As Anon-a-Miss turns Sunset's life a living hell, the girl endures it until something snaps inside her. She doesn't want revenge, but she wants to go out with a bang. And after a bit of thinking, she knows the perfect way to do that.

Warning: light profanity and thoughts of self deprecation and of violence

EDIT 11th July: wow, I didn't expect it to be in the popular stories. Thank you all guys! I had planned this as a one-shot fic, but I might write something as a sequel (or as a spin-off).

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anon-a-miss fic, but with a few twists

since the fall formal, sunset shimmer has always felt a heavy sense of guilt for the crimes she's committed against Celestia when she ran off, but also the high school that took her in even after she became queen bee, then into the demon.

since the battle of the bands, she thought that she could maybe finally take the weight off her shoulders, but fate is a cruel master, and anon-a-miss was born, but the universe has other plans, plans that will help sunset shed the guilt that plagued her since the fall formal.

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Sunset Shimmer has ended up wasting both of her previous oppotunities to find a new home in both universes, and with Anon-a-miss looming, will she ever get another chance?
Will she finally find somewhere to go?
And now, she is facing more of her past than ever before. But are things really as they seem, despite an all too familiar face telling her it isn't so?

Self harm is limited to Prologue, but mentions of it will continue through story.

And fair warning, the first half of this story is fairly badly written. I promise it gets better!
Edit from author over a year later: it does get better, but not by that much. Really not that well written overall, so be warned!

Burning Sunset's "A Second Chance to Find Home" is dead, and while I certainly don't want to copy their work, I wouldn't mind to see it have an ending.
Please bear in mind that this story will be substantially different, so it is by no means a replacement, or a copy of any kind. Maybe think of this as an AU to the original story.

21/10/18: Thanks for 100 likes! And 2k views somewhere along the line; I honestly didn't notice!

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