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Twilight Sparkle is the best student at Crystal Prep Academy, and while she’s pretty happy with her situation, her unofficial big sister, Cadance, keeps telling her to try and make friends. It never seems to go well for her, until Cadance convinces her to tutor the new student at Crystal Prep, Sunset Shimmer.

Pre-read by gerandakis

Featured on 9th Aug 2018! :twilightsmile:

Sex tag for:
Volume 1: references to masturbation, and talking about masturbation.
Volume 1: references to sex, and talking about sex.

Cover vectors:
Sci-Twi by aqua-pony
Sunset Shimmer by punzil504

Chapters (12)

Featured: 3/17/17

Ignorance is never bliss and it can cost you. Their ignorance almost cost us Equestria. But I saw the signs, I saw the enemy. But no one would listen. My so called "Friends" never stuck by my side as I tried to warn them of the threat to our very lives loomed over us. Instead they sided with her. Yet, whenever I can't be bothered to help them they always assume the worst or I'm just a bad friend. I'm done being a pawn, I'm done with these friendship lessons. I'm done with Equestria.

And that's how it started. A journey not for the faint of heart. A journey about duty and honor, love and friendship, Victory and defeat. In a world's darkest hour she will rise to help four friends reclaim their home. Let's get started.

Final Fantasy 15/MLP Crossover

(Just so people know I don't own either Final Fantasy 15 or My Little Pony. All rights go to there respective owners.)

Chapters (14)

Twilight Sparkle is the new student in Canterlot Academy. She was super nervous about making friends but it gets better and better when she bumped into the bad girl of Canterlot Academy. Twilight isn't scared of her in fact, she was in love with her. Wonder why she fell in love with the bad girl?. Well you'll find out in this story!

Chapters (22)

This story is a sequel to Ranger

With the fate of her friends on Earth hanging in the balance, Twilight has to hunt myths to figure out a way to cure Sunset and save Templar Laetitia.

Taking Daring Do as her guide—and accompanied by a ragtag team of griffons, a Skirmisher-turned-breezie, and Rainbow Dash—Twilight must travel across the lands at war with the Storm King, to reach Ancient Fleece, find a lost city, and obtain the legendary sword of King Disc Ovis: The Algae Photis.

Cover art created for this story by the talented: LateCustomer

Before you read: This is a side-story to Ranger.

I will provide all possible information needed for those that do not have the time—or inclination—to read the other story to still be able understand this one. It's a LOT of info, however, and I'm not just going to dump it all in one go. The backstory will emerge as the story progresses.

Chapters (2)

    Midnight Sparks lives in the room with a young girl.

    Once she manages to reach out, she4 takes the first step towards the freedom.  What this means, is for her to discover, as she is developing as a character and person.

    How does one live with, and indeed communicate; with one so utterly different, in almost every way possible?

    Who is she, and what does she want out of her life?  Can she get it, and does she manage to actually enjoy the life she is given?

Chapters (2)

As the Princess of Canterlot, the Mistress of the Sun, and the most beloved ruler of Equestria, it could be assumed that Princess Celestia was the pony who ran Equestria. Few people know that she actually doesn't.

Her assistant, Raven Inkwell, does. And Equestria would be nothing without her.

Chapters (11)


It is such a long, long way.

This world, it is an alien one, filled with colorful pastel...ponies. Very adorable and very annoying ponies. However, she seeks a way home, and she learns the ponies are ruled by a goddess who might have the means for Rachnera to return to her own world.

So... in order to find a way home, she must first save a village, solve a mystery of missing children, find a way to defeat an army of hostile bug... ponies...whatever, and earn a trip to some faraway city to petition the goddess for directions?

It is not exactly an ideal proposition.

Her only companions are a runaway chatterbox colt who is a bit too curious for his own good and an old, grumpy minotaur that thinks she would make a great trophy on his wall.

Challenge accepted.

Chapters (3)

In their quest to earn their Cutie Marks, and possibly find some answers for the strange events that have occurred, Sweetie Belle, Apple Bloom and Scootaloo soon learn they've taken on more than they can handle. How will they deal with this? And what will Sweetie Belle do now?

Sex tag is there for innuendos and references to the act in later chapters. There will be no clop.

This is a crossover with the show Danny Phantom, and a side story of Guilt of a Phantom. I would suggest reading that story first, as this story will interact with the main story from time to time. Especially in the beginning of this fic, as it will start after certain events at the hooves of our three fillies.

And click: The Baltimare Incident for the story that happened before Goap and SS, GoE.

Read them in this order.
1. Guilt of a Phantom.
2. The Baltimare Incident after the chapter: Hunting the Hunter's Hunter. Earth.
3. Silver Spirit, Ghost of Equestria after the chapter: The Day the World Looked Pink-ie Pie.

Chapters (21)

The Wolverine finds himself teleported to Equestria. He has no recollection of how he ended up there–in a world inhabited by miniature horses, or as they so eloquently call themselves: Ponies. He seeks to find his way home, but in the meantime he must deal with a culture that is innocent to the eyes of death. And in turn, they will come to learn who he truly is.

This story will take elements from both the comics and the movies. (X-Men Origins: Wolverine will be excluded).

I hope you like it!

Comments and constructive criticism are welcomed and encouraged!

Chapters (6)

Sweetie Belle wakes up to a heavenly scent. She doesn't know what it is, but she does know that she craves it.

(This isn't my usual fare, but A: I'm bored. B: Writer's Block and C: I've had this idea in the back of my head for a while now.)

Featured 3/8/19!

Click here to see all of my stories.

Chapters (1)
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