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So, I was living a fairly normal life, going to school, reading fanfics, marvelling at the magnificence of the internet and humanity at large, you know, a totally normal person. Then, suddenly, I wasn't. No biggie, because every brony's dream came true for me: I was reborn as a pony, an Alicorn even! That sounds great, right? Ah, aha, um, nope! Not when I'm the "son" of God-Empress Celestia of the Holy Empire of Equestria, who would make even the Imperium of 40k balk at her xenophobia and egomania. Well, I've got magic, that has to count for something, right?

If you would, please contribute to my Patreon, where you can support me and commission stories: Link

2017-07-09: Holy salmon, I've been featured. My first ever story got featured. In 3 days. I have no idea what I did to have the honour, but thank you all!

Edit: Here's a picture of the main character, Solus:

Chapters (28)

Countless millennia ago, the Alicorns sisters sealed away a creature of endless hunger and darkness. Deep below Canterlot it awaits the day when another being enters its prison, to at last be free...

Twilight is the protege of Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, she is a friend to all, a great one at that, but when her friends and family forsake her at the wedding between her brother and former foal sitter. Twilight is entrapped beneath Canterlot by Princess 'Cadence', and seeks a way out to stop whatever plans the Alicorn has for her homeland.

But before she can find a means to escape, Twilight comes across an ancient crystal prison deep in the mines. That's when IT appeared finding her sobbing at the foot of its prison...

Notice - I have changed Voidras to just Void and Twilight to her official (Twilight Sparkle) name.

Indefinite hiatus

Chapters (5)

Some realize that Trixie is not the first to bear the title of The Great And Powerful.

Few realize that it is less a title and more a curse.

The one who kills The Great And Powerful shall ever after be cursed to become The Great And Powerful.

On a related note, Twilight Sparkle is having a very bad week.

Featured, 12/04/19-12/06/19, and 12/09/19-12/12/19!

Chapters (5)

While attending his first ever convention dressed as his favorite Digimon Beelzemon Marcus runs into a magical Vendor. Now after making the mistake of buying something from him Marcus finds himself in a new and strange world. What adventures may hold for him now, find out on DIgimon Displaced Adventure.

Chapters (2)

Going to a convention was one of the things I had on my possible things-to-do list, but I never went to one because going alone seemed stupid to me, a friend invited me to a convention nearby my city and I agreed to go with him, I didn't have any cosplay nor intended to wear one, I wonder what kind of stuff I could buy, maybe some Dragon Ball items, who knows.

Featured 02/12/2019, 03/12/2019, 04/12/2019.

"♪'P' is for 'priceless', the look upon your faces♪
♪'E' is for 'extinction', all your puny races♪
♪'R' for 'revolution', which will be televised♪
♪'F' is for how ‘fucked’ you are, now allow me to repriiise♪
♪'E' is for 'eccentric', just listen to my song♪
♪'C' is for 'completion', that I waited for so long♪
♪'T' is for the 'terror', upon you I’ll bestow ♪
♪My name is Perfect Cell, and I'd like to say...hello.♪"

don't expect perfect grammar, I'm really not focusing as much as i do with my other fics here, heck some chapter will be written on my phone if anyone wants to offer to edit go ahead, not actively looking for an editor.

So.... this got featured... so by the laws of the fimfiction gods I'm getting an editor for this and my grammar will be improved a lot, dang it!

Chapters (1)

Awkward flusterment abounds in the apple orchards when Applejack discovers Spike facing one of the particular issues of growing up...

A story about frank discussions, growing up and a caring farm pony quite willing to help a young dragon through one of puberty's more pressing issues.

No romance, just friendship and yes, Spike is eighteen here.

Featured on 8/6/19, 8/7/18 and 8/8/19

Chapters (1)

Twilight sealed off her heat when she was twelve, thinking it was just a distraction she didn't need in her life. After she got her new castle, she reveals this fact to her friends. Now her friends decided to release it. After all, what's the worst that could happen?

No actual sexual content. Just some sexy implications. Twimac and Sparity.

EDIT: Featured on 11/23/2019! Thank you so much!

Chapters (1)

This story is a sequel to A Clockwise Orange

Some days are awkward for Jimmy, and require differing solutions. Such as a jar...

Chapters (1)

You are a unicorn stallion, who serves as a professor at Canterlot's Magic Academy, aiding the gifted youth in their magical training. However, due to your diligence, you have been unable to find your special somepony, something which has been weighing heavily on your mind as of late.

As Nightmare Night begins you decide to work late in the library when you hear a noise. Investigating you discover a few of your students performing a magical ritual. After sending them away, you attempt to clean up the mess. Unfortunately in doing so, you accidentally managed to complete the ritual, summoning an exotic and understandably surly creature into Equestria.

Warning! This story contains: an alternate take on succubi, suggestive content, annoyed individuals becoming friends (and perhaps more), maids and cuddles?

I've always wanted to create a story about a succubus that could also be safe enough to make it onto the Monster Mare Story List and here it is. I hope you all enjoy. :scootangel:

I came up with this story for Nightmare Night (🎃Halloween🎃), one of my most favorite holidays.

:derpyderp1: Holy Cow-pony! This story was on FiMFiction's Featured Page, 10/29/19 - 11/1/19. :derpyderp2:


Preread, proofread and edited by: Quillian Inkheart.

The cover art was made by: marking. They are a great artist. If you need some cover art, then you should totally commission some cover art from them. :pinkiehappy:

There is also a reference sheet for Silken Soul that was made by: ZettaiDullahan, which you can see here.

Chapters (1)

Equestria has thrived for millennia, led dutifully by its diarchy. Only the most capable and qualified of ponies can be responsible for such a bountiful legacy.



Cover Art by Jbond92

Proofread by my fantastic friends Rose Quill, Nova Quill, Heartshine Quill, and Undome Quill

If you enjoyed this fic and are a fan of Fallout Equestria why not check out it's spiritual sequel, Fallout Equestria is a Very Serious AU. Also check out The Enchanted Library: The Secret Chapters and The Clocktower, two other spin-offs of a similiar vein.

"What the fuck did I just read? And why am I smiling?" - Corejo

"In any case, stories with the diarchs being generally horrible people are a hard sell for me, but this does such a brilliant job of crossing the line twice (or some much, much greater even number of times) that I'm eagerly looking forward to more." - FanOfMostEverything

Chapters (12)
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