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Rainbow Dash tries out for the Thunderway 500, a racing event that this year is being held in Ponyville. Can Rainbow hold her nerve in the knowledge that Spitfire is competing too? What do Rainbow and Spitfire discover about one another after a night of heavy drinking? Are they perhaps going too fast?
Thanks to Conicer again who was awesome enough to make some cover art for me again.

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Having joined the Wonderbolts to increase her skill as a flier and have fun seemed like a good idea long ago, but after seeing the accomplishments of Rainbow Dash, Spitfire begins to question her freedom, approaching the rainbow maned pegasus one night after a show. When Rainbow Dash is questioned about her motives to join the Wonderbolts, her answer surprises Spitfire, and the two come up with a wonderful idea.

This is my first ponyfic, so I'd like some feedback. If you have any questions I'm glad to answer. Of all the shipping I've seen this is probably my favorite, and this is my take on it.

You can find a Youtube reading of this fic as well! Here's Part One and Part Two
Picture credit goes to bigponymac on Deviantart.com

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Now with its own sequel! (http://www.fimfiction.net/story/62215/Hybrid-Rainbow.)

Rainbow Dash is one of the seldom few Ponies who know she's a lesbian and due to painful memories dating back to her time in High School, she plans on keeping it that way, bottling up emotions deep inside her. Unfortunately, mating season has started today and tonight's the big night: Her Wonderbolts initiation party! What is she going to do? Will she continue to keep all these turbulent feelings inside her like she has every other year? Will she be able to keep her cool in front of her idols, if not her hero, Spitfire? Will she seek help from her friends in this time of need? Will she have the courage to finally come out of the closet? And will she be able to conquer her fear of feelings and explore the eldritch, terrifying vistas of this terrible ancient power called love?

Read inside and find out!

RATING WARNING: There is no explicit sexual activity in this story. However, the dialogue gets remarkably suggestive at certain points. Viewer discretion is advised. Read it, it's funny.

Cover art by moi.

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This story is a sequel to My Mother is a Wonderbolt

Scootaloo has now got everything she ever wanted a family, but now she has to attend school again and Diamond Tiara wants revenge.

As for Spitfire and Rainbow Dash the pair begin to feel more and more attached to one another, as there feelings rise its a battle of will to see who will tell there true feelings first.

Editing: SolidFire & ShadowBlades

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Spitfire has everything she wants in life, like good skills and a good job. However, no pony knows about Spitfire's past.

After spending a day with her good friend Rainbow Dash and her surrogate sister Scootaloo, Spitfire finds herself getting attached to the little orange Pegasus. When Scootaloo reveals the truth about her being an orphan, how far will the Wonderbolt captain go to make sure the little filly has a childhood she could only dream of?

Editing: Enderstorm & Macho Madness
Cover art on Chapter 10: Liquid Flames

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Disclaimer: I, in no way, take any credit for this story. This is an approved repost of a user who wishes to remain anonymous. Those who know this story will know the user.

Spitfire and Rainbow Dash, an example of young love at its finest, are thrust rather abruptly into the middle of a different family's problems. How will they make it through? Only time will tell this family of mares.

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This story is a sequel to Fire & Rain

To say that the Wonderbolt's last trip to Manehatten was eventful would be an understatement. Spitfire broke her wing, met Rainbow Dash, dated Rainbow Dash, and a planned thunderstorm went out of control landing many ponies in the hospital. Now with Spitfire getting "promoted" to command of the Wonderbolt's Academy and Rainbow Dash on the mend from her own injuries, the two will learn just how much life can still throw at them.

Meanwhile, Soarin and Rapidfire must come to grips with their new roles as leaders of the Wonderbolts. Soarin doesn't know if he's up to the task, and Rapidfire doesn't know if he even wants to stay. All these trials and more await them further on up the road...

Pre-reading and Editing: LoyalLiar, The24thPegasus, SolidFire, Sorren, and Skeeter The Lurker.
I do my own cover art.

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The Wonderbolts are down on numbers for this year's Winter tour of Equestria. Spitfire captain of the team asks Rainbow Dash to help out.

Dash is overjoyed that she is finally living her foalhood dream, but little does Dash know that her idol and hero wants to be more than just friends...

Meanwhile Spitfire's brother Blazing Fire has problems coming to terms with being a caring brother.

Edited by: Michael A.
Special thanks to SolidFire for help with Editing

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When Spitfire finds herself grounded on the team injured list just before a show in Manehatten, she prepares for her life to crumble around her. The experience leads her to come across Rainbow Dash, temporarily managing the Manehatten weather teams. The two fliers will discover that sometimes it takes the darkest moments of our lives to find the brightest ones.

The Sequel: Feathers of Blue and Gold is out now!
Review in progress by Inky J
Video Review by Goomba Brony!
Video review by the wonderful ChaoticSeven!
Edited by the wonderful Taxus, Sorren, and Sojourner.
I do my own cover art.

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