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This story is a sequel to Breakfast at Twilight's

Twilight’s newest friend is from the human world, and knows almost nothing about Equestria.

Fortunately, Twilight has given her books.

Unfortunately, Twilight gave her books yesterday.

Additionally, said newest friend is also prone to nightmares, and does not know who the other princesses are yet.

Nothing can go wrong with this.

(Chronology Note: this story takes place between seasons Four and Five.)

(Content Note: sexual themes are discussed and explored. Contains no underage sex.)

This timeline continues in Cupid Mark Crusaders.

Part of the Sunset Rising continuity.

Chapters (3)

The final Two episodes to the Canterlot Wedding really got me thinking, why? Her family, friends, and mentor abandoned her, and only Applejack tried apologizing. What if Twilight was able to save Cadence and not herself.

Chapters (6)

Starlight Glimmer has won and Twilight and Spike are pulled into yet another alternate timeline. But everything is not as it seems.

Written for ObabScribbler's writing contest featured at Bronycon's "Them's Writing Words" panel.

Chapters (1)

"When the revolution comes, who will be the first against the gingerbread wall?"

Twilight Sparkle, Princess of Friendship, goes to Las Pegasus to attend the Great Equestrian Bake-Off. Being Twilight Sparkle, she can't have a pleasant trip, no. She finds herself in a convoluted mess of tribalism, government mandated fairness, a dying element of earth pony culture, and what just might be the remnants of the Great Equestrian Dream, a unity that might have never existed.

Left with no other choice, Twilight decides it is time to smash the system, forgetting that she is the system. Somehow, Twilight manages to lead a revolt against her own authority.

An entry in the Weedverse.

Chapters (38)

Warning: the comments are rife with spoilers!

Starlight Glimmer's attempts to stop the Rainboom pulled Twilight Sparkle into many possible timestreams.

In one, Rarity and Rainbow Dash survived Nightmare Moon's victory over the forces of light, eventually attaining positions of prominence and comfort in the Nightmare's service. But when the unexpected visit of an Alicorn and Dragon sheds light on a growing conspiracy against the wicked mistress of the night, Rarity and Rainbow Dash may yet be inspired to risk what they have gained to join the fight for a better world.

Yet darkness lingers even in the hearts of some who would oppose the Nightmare, and not all agree on what a better world would look like...

This story would not have been possible without the indescribably vast help and unwavering support of Moosetasm, the pre-reading assistance of I-A-M and Waxworks, as well as the editing prowess of OnionPie and Pascoite! Cover by Novel Idea, using Rarity by miracle32 and background by Drakizora! Featured on Equestria Daily 17Jul.2016! :pinkiegasp: Featured on FimFiction 2Feb.2017 and many times thereafter! :heart:

Chapters (40)

Sunset Shimmer's friends meant the world to her. After having recently defeated the Dazzlings with the power of friendship she felt like her friendships with those five girls would last forever. Unfortunately, those friendships are gone now. After being successfully framed as the cyberbully Anon-a-miss, Sunset loses her friends and her purpose. To make matters worse Sunset knew who Anon-a-miss was, but nobody believed her. Can she still clear her name? Does it even matter anymore?

Chapters (11)

Everypony dies, but not everypony reveals a long-held family secret on their deathbed. Now the Apple family must deal with the fallout of Granny Smith's confession, leading to a shocking discovery.

The story is complete, with new chapters published every-other day until finished.

Featured 19, 21, 23, 25 & 27 May!!!

Thanks to Rdasher12 for editing!

Chapters (7)

After a life-altering event, Equestria will never be the same. Friendships tested...hearts broken...lives changed forever.

Chapters (8)

This story is a sequel to The Cuddlequest of Earth

Before the year 2014, the notion that the scientific community would not only be unable to dispute the existance of magic, but would be researching fervently into its secrets and application would be laughable and regarded as fanciful theory making.

Not so much anymore.

Now, Twilight Sparkle assists research into the developing field of Agapízology: the science of physical affection.

In other words, snuggling scientists and test subjects for science and profit.

Chapters (1)

Based on the blogs, youtube videos and all else relating to these wonderful characters. The continuing adventures of Dan, Chrys, Twilight and all their friends in Equestria updated weekly on Saturdays. Directed by Michael Hay.
Current Episode:
Episode 19: Rad Rice: Beyond Blunderdome- Dan Vs. Fallout Equestria

In retaliation for not accepting his rule, Rice obliterates Episode 18, sending Dan and the cast three months into the future. They awaken to find Equestria under his total control, with new 'reforms' enacted that not everyone is getting along with. The kingdom has now become a twisted nightmare of post-apony-pocalyptic terror as resistance to Rice is swept away.

Determined to continue the fight, Dan vows to stop Rice even if it means trekking across the wasteland and fighting what he once loved. But things take a turn from apocalyptic to worse when Rice suddenly announces a series of games that could decide the fate of Equestria once and for all. The last of the Equestria Games will be fought with the return of some old familiar faces...

Chapters (266)
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