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coco pommel is Rarity's submissive. Twilight Sparkle is Sunset's. What happens when both their doms leave to attend a conference in Manehattan?

A whole weekend of hanging out, having casual sex, and learning more about one another than either could possibly imagine.

Oh, and maybe the blossoming of a fresh branch on the polycule.

Fourth Story of the Equestria Girls: University Series.

Proofread by Cynewulf, the mama wolf who picks me up when I fall down. Also Undome Tinwe, what more can I honestly say about him, he's the best.

Cover Art was done by iojknmiojknm, so many thanks to him for letting me use it.

A few things to note:
1) There is some funky capitalization in this fic which seems to go against proper English. It's intentional.
2) Chapter 3 references an abusive relationship (though there is no depiction of abuse or the abuser).

Chapters (5)
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