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Jim Summers was a normal 14 years old school student, until one day when he was coming back home from school with his 8 years old little sister, Lizzie Summers, both of them got struck by a lighting.

When the siblings woke up they discovered that their bodies have change and that they where not anymore in their world, but now they where in Equestria. together they must find the way to return to their world and turn their bodies back to normal, but will the inhabitants of Equestria become their allies or enemies?

This was inspired by jsk244 story The Black Digi-Knight

The first story that I post here, I have already post the spanish version on fanfiction and now I decide to try to make the translated version here.

I said it before, but this is only for fun, I will try to make the work the most decent way I can do(of course, english is not my mother language so I will do the best I can), I will fix any mistake I do in time. having said that, enjoy it :twilightsmile:

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After being abandoned by her friends during christmas, Sunset Shimmer wanders the cold streets of town, alone, and with nowhere to go. After walking for hours, she eventually gives into the elements around her, only to be saved at the last second by the last ones she ever thought would help her.

Meanwhile, the truth about Anon-A-Miss has come out, and her five friends are desperately trying to find her so they can apologize for what they have done.

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A brief glimpse into the lives of anthro ponies in Equestria. Takes place shortly after the petrification of the Troublesome Trio.

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Little did I know what I was getting into when I went to the Denver Morphicon dressed as Lord Drakkon. I knew there were others who had cosplayed as the infamous “Dark Dragon” though not in the same way as I was.

Of course, I'd heard of the so-called 'odd disappearances' at the conventions, but this one isn't a comic or anime convention, so I should be fine, right?

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The saber in your hands is a pen to write it down. Words to save this world.

That was a sacred oath Twilight had been taught since birth. A descendant of one of many secret swordsmen, Twilight hoped she would never have to pick up the blade herself. All that changed when her Master was slaughtered in front of her eyes.

Like a phoenix from the ashes, another Saber rose. And now began her quest to kill the immortal Swordsman. The pen, it seemed, was just as mighty as the sword!

(Kamen Rider Saber crossover, with KR being property of Toei. Updates every Friday)

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This is the story of 4 friends who end up as the four animatronics in the alleyway in the FNAF pizzeria simulator. This story was inspired by the tweet I found about that there might be a new FNAF movie coming out in 2020 and it was also inspired by my friend fnafdragon.


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This story is a sequel to The Darker Side of Life

Shea was a young Night Elf that was killed by Celestia because of the dark magic living inside her. She wakes up a thousand years later to find a shattered kingdom named Equestria ruled by a Sith Lord known as Folteren. What will she do? What any Undead Night Elf from another dimension that can't remember her past would do.

Walk around aimlessly until she finds a graveyard. Then sets up shop.

"Who the heck would name themselves Fotlen?"

And Folteren has to deal with a rebellion, commended by some... Flash Century? And his old friend, Jackie, or as she likes to call herself: Bastila Shan. Plus, the dead are rising.

Crap, he just got the throne!

Oh, and Whitney's back. Joy.

He'll also have to deal with something he never thought of before... His immortality.

"Waffles! Get down from there!"

Rating changed due to changes in the story.

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Twilight Sparkle, Element of Magic, Hero of Equestria and first casualty in the Changeling war. When she passed she became the rallying cry for the Equestrians in the short lived war. When Chrysalis attempts a surprise attack on Canterlot a mysterious figure in armor appears and slays Chrysalis in front of the princesses. Now it's time they learn that anyone can change.

For better or worse.

Big thanks to Nightcloak for the huge help in editing this train wreck of a story.

This Story was featured on 7/28/2018
Thank you to everyone who has read this. I never thought this would happen and am honored beyond words.

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When Twilight returns Cerberus to Tartarus, the last thing she expects to find and happen is to meet the ruler of the realm herself.

Even less so when that pony, Penumbra, turns out to be an alicorn. As she spends more time with the mysterious mare, Twilight finds herself drawn to her.

Unable and unwilling to leave Penumbra alone, Twilight strikes a deal with her to allow her to leave Tartarus. A deal that will change both of their lives.

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The Elements of Harmony aren’t weapons. This is a basic fact, they are an extension of the Tree of Harmony a being that thinks for itself. A weapon is a mindless tool of destruction, there is no Harmony in destruction. A thousand years ago the two Royal Sisters fought. Nightmare Moon was a problem the Tree, nor Celestia saw coming. So at that moment when Celestia used the elements the tree guided the power to act the only way it could think of at that moment. Give the Tree of Harmony time to come up with a solution. A plan was formed and the Elements rested to build up the magic needed to save Luna, and Nightmare Moon. A thousand years later the time came to set the plan in motion...

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