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Getting back from a business trip, Twilight Velvet decides to stop by Ponyville to finally tour Twilight's castle and maybe nag her about having a foal again. Family secrets, sexual innuendos, and Twilight murdering someone were not on her list...


Cover based on the images from:

Proofread by Ginger and Grammarly :duck:

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Throughout his time in Equestria, Anon has seen a great many things - that being said, he's in for a first. The strange behemoth is as beautiful as she is baffling, leaving the man in a bit of a pickle. What does one do when faced with a literal giant of a pony?

Artwork by AnonTheAnon (Twitter @RealAnonTheAnon)
Big shout-out to MiddyNight (Twitter @Middynight_) for help with the Scottish accent for her!

If you want to help support me, I have a Tip-Jar/Patreon HERE

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There's a little known fact about Bonbon, aka Sweetie Drops. Though she's known as a tough as nails, hard-boiled mare that has stared down monsters, she's also a notorious cuddle bug. Unfortunately, Bonbon, as with most other ponies, is ignorant to this fact. Luckily for her, Adonis is more than happy to bring this closely guarded secret to light.

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This story is a sequel to Going Somewhere...?

You have another unexpected encounter with Adagio, but something is different... Now Sunset is involved.

Author's note: You may want to read the prequel, or else you will be a little lost.

Cover art by SkycatcherEquestria.

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This story is a sequel to 'Cause I Like You, Silly!

You call each other names. You're always showing off your skills to one another. She'll poke fun at you, but you poke right back. But that's just a part of the game to see whose feelings will cave first. Once things get a little too heated on the soccer pitch, Dash will start boiling, and that's never a good sign. When Dash finally confronts you, though, you'll know exactly how "hot" she can get . . .

The fourth installment of "The Steam Collection". Second-person present-tense perspective set in the EG universe. Rated 'Teen' for some sexy, steamy moments.

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On his way to Planet Namek to save his friends, Goku the strongest martial artist on earth gets sent to Equestria thanks to an unpredictable cosmic storm. Upon arrival, he meets the magically gifted creatures of this bright and colorful world. What perils shall he face? what friends will he make? and will he be able to return to journey to Namek before its too late? FIND OUT NOW ON DRAGONBALL MLP

Edit: OMG I got featured!? My life is complete. :twilightsmile: 7/4/2019

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This story is a sequel to The Apple of My Eye

On a really bad day at school, you don't want to talk to anyone. All you want to do is lock yourself in your room for the rest of the day. You're done.

Unfortunately, the world has other plans. You receive a partner project in class, and get partnered with a girl you barely know. She seems nice, but really quiet. You've barely noticed her in class until now. Regardless, after today you want nothing to do with people.

You start working with her, and slowly realize just how nice and sweet she is. And another thing... she's really cute. Could this girl be exactly what you need to start feeling better?

4th installment of the The Cute, the Fluffy, and Romantic

WARNING: May contain lots of fluff

**Featured from August 9-10, 2016 :raritystarry:

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As a member of the weather team, Rainbow Dash always knows when the best days will be, and she made sure this would be a perfect one. The beginning of each month was always the best. She'd been putting this off for too long, but April 1st is the day Rainbow finally tells Anon how she feels about him.

He'll understand, right?
This is my first attempt at fanfiction based on a very short story idea I had a little while ago. Any advice and feedback would be much appreciated. Also, yes, I slightly missed April Fools Day.

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"Actually, scratch that. I think I'm going to keep that promise after all."

All Takato wanted to do was see his friend again. So badly in fact that when the portal to the Digital World opened up again, he went through it alone. But the Digital World is not at all where he ended up. Instead he finds himself in a whole other world filled up with these colorful talking horses who have never even heard the term "Digimon" before in their lives. And if that wasn't strange enough, his Digivice is telling him that Guilmon is there too.

But his troubles don't end there. According to the ruler of these creatures, there has been a dark threat looming over them for quite some time and they now are in need of help. Eager to help and reunited with his old friend, Takato is determined to not leave until the threat is dealt with.

Twilight Sparkle, along with the rest of her posse are about to get a new definition to the word "Friendship".

(Takes place after "Such Sweet Sorrow" but before "Runaway Locomon")

*Featured 5/20/2019 and 12/10/2020*

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Hey, my name is James and everything was going great for me. I had a nice job, great house, loving family and the bestest friends you could have, but it all changed when I went to comic-con dressed as the legendary purple dragon himself, Spyro.

There I was checking out the different booths when a man called 'The Merchant' came literally out of no where and tried to sell me a power crystal from the Spyro games. I hesitated at first, but the price was reasonable so I bought it, but right when I grabbed the crystal I started to feel dizzy and that's when everything went black.

Now here I am stuck on a strange world, not knowing if I am ever going to find a way back home. Did I mention that there are also technicolor ponies that may or may not try to kill me?

OMG!! Featured 6/21/15
Featurd 6/22/15
Featured 2/27/2018

The first installment of The Hybrid Multiverse

[Displaced Story]
(Under rewrite. Chapters will say remastered)
(Third-person and First-person Transitions)
All the characters and pictures belong to their respective owners please support the official release.

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