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Greg, local human, is often summoned for reasons that often turn out to be ultimately rather trivial, but he doesn't mind - it's all in good fun, really, and it gets him out of the house.

Today he's dusting cobwebs, but then there's an emergency, apparently?

By a certain loose definition, as it transpires.

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History is written by the victors, but there’s nothing to guarantee they’ll be honest.

When Nightmare Moon’s rebellion tore across Equestria, leaving a trail of blood and horror in its wake, Princess Celestia knew that merely banishing her sister wouldn’t be enough. Her army was too powerful, and too bloodthirsty, to be left behind without a leader. When she finally turned the Elements of Harmony against her, she didn’t just banish Nightmare Moon. She banished thousands.

Now they’re in a race against time, to find a way to survive in an environment so alien that every aspect of it is trying to kill them. They face suffocation, freezing, boiling, starvation, radiation, meteorite impacts, low gravity… the list goes on.

Nightmare Moon thought she should be the ruler of all Equestria. Now, in a world nopony was ever meant to survive, her abilities will be put to the ultimate test.

Updates Saturdays.

Editing by the indulgent and patient Two Bit and Sparktail. Coverart by Zutcha.

Note: I intend this story to be as faithful to our current scientific understanding of the moon, and I’ve consulted for help with the aspects outside my technical purview. That said, I fully expect to make decisions that some may see as mistakes, based on their own independent interpretations.

I am a storyteller first, and I realize it’s likely I’ll eventually make a mistake, or an arbitrary decision to simplify the storytelling over accuracy. I’m doing my best here, but this isn’t a NASA white paper. Set your expectations accordingly.

This story was commissioned by Canary in the Coal Mine on my Patreon, feel free to contact me if you’d like one of your own!

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Luna has done something terrible. Can she ever be forgiven?

Cover artist is Clasherz, image used with his permission.

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"There's a creature in my closet
I can hear him rumbling 'round
The demons screaming in the distance
Creates such a humbling sound
The monster that's outside my window
He's like family to me now
The things that people are afraid of
Never let me down." -"Creature" by Jelly Roll

If you aren't careful, you can get too at home in the darkness of your own mind and forget that the light exists. Discord knows this all too well.

Inspired by the song "Creature" by Jelly Roll.

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Twilight Velvet gave birth to two kids and didn't expect much out of the ordinary. But when your kids grow up to save Equestria multiple times, it becomes very clear to the rest of the world that they are extraordinary. That means a lot of fame for her kids.

And a heck of a lot of irritation for her.

FEATURED April 30 - May 3!

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A large corporation in Manehattan hires you to fulfill the Diversity and Inclusion goals and reach the target numbers on the key metrics such as the absence of gender and racial bias. They specialize in customized spell solutions, distributed enchantment systems and cloud mana storage: three things that you, a human, didn't know even exist.

To their surprise, you are not entirely useless.

This is an RGRE (Reversed Gender Roles Equestria) story. You were warned.

Huge thanks to Vayne Hellslinger for helping me to make this stuff more readable.

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She looked bored, lying up there in the crescent moon with only clouds and ice-white stars for company. Glass slippered hooves dangled over the edge and swayed. Her chin rested on a blue foreleg.

“Hi there,” you said from the ground below and hoped you called loud enough.

Luna fluff, because I got the itch baaaad. Wonderful cover image used with permission by the cool Jopiter

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When their mother brings home an abandoned purple hatchling, and introduces him as Spike, the newest member of their family, both Garble and Smolder are more than thrilled. Garble even vows to be the best big brother he can be for Spike, no matter what he does or fails to do.

Does he really need to act like a pony though?

An alternate universe where Spike is raised by Garble's family.

Trigger Warning: Contains cute baby things for the first few chapters, shipping, a Garble that isn't a complete douche, a genuine caring relationship between siblings who are related by blood and who are adopted into a family, and the love one has for said family despite their flaws and differences.

Featured on 2/26/2020! Thank you everyone!

Chapters (4)

Since finding a portal that connects their castle to the home of a human named John, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna spend their free time exploring John's home and discovering exciting new things. But they tend to leave their diligence in the details at home. After all, it's a vacation, what could go wrong?


I don't know why I wrote this. I'm sorry. Not sorry.

#1 FEATURED 9/23/18 - 9/25/18 Thank you, everyone!

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